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Candidate ID: 1236752

Career Summary

Doctorate with 13 years experience in general and laparoscopic surgery, ex[erienced in the emergency as well as elective procedures and patient care, worked previously in big hospitals e.g. Ain Shams Specialized University hospitals, and Wadi El-neel Hospital in Egypt

Skill Set

general surgery consultant (open & lap.)

Professional Information

Total Experience : 13

Nationality : Egypt

Qualification Level : Doctorate

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile


NAME Ahmed Zakaria Amin Mahmoud
D.O.B. 16 – 7 – 1981
Place of Birth Cairo, Egypt
Tel. Num.:
• Mobile…(in KSA)

• Home (Egypt)
• home 2
Mob. +966 0534461898 (in KSA)
Mob. +966 0554012336 (in KSA)

0554 495085 (in Egypt) (Mob. 0020 1140833523 )

02 26393874 (in Egypt) (Mob. 0020 1140833923 )
Religion Muslim
Nationality Egyptian
Military service Exempted
Marital status Married

Address 1

Address 2

Address in (KSA) (at present)
Region n.30, piece n. 48, block 2, 10 th of Ramadan city, El Sharkia governorate, EGYPT

N.1 Zaki Yonis St. Masaken El Helmeya, Ain Shams, Cairo, EGYPT

Hassan hassanin street GHULAIL district , JEDDAH, KSA

Work Address Previous work places:

AIN SHAMS UBIVERSITY HOSPITALS (DEMERDASH) Lotfi elsayed street, Abbasia square, Cairo government – EGYPT

WADI EL NIL HOSPITAL Wadi Elnil street, - Hadayek El kobba, Cairo, Egypt

ARAB CONTRACTORS MEDICAL CENTRE, Nadi Elsekka, Madinat Nasr, Cairo, Egypt


At present:
ALHAYAT HOSPITAL - Ghulail distrct, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia (K.S.A)
E-mail address
Qualifications Dec. 2004:

M.B.B.CH. Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Surgery … (graded Excellent with honor)
Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University
May 2009:

Master Degree in General Surgery,
Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University
May 2013:

MD Doctorate Degree in General Surgery,
Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University
Residency (3 years) (full time) (Sep. 2006- Sep. 2009)

Experience in all various surgical procedures including hepato-biliary, laparoscopic surgery and various oncological surgery Also, involved in various casualty cases.

Post residency (Sep. 2009 till present)

General and emergency surgery specialist
• 10/2009 till 12/2016
• 8/2010 till 12/2016

• 8/2010 till 8/2016
General and emergency surgery specialist in:

• SHOBRA general hospital CAIRO – EGYPT
• WADI EL NIL hospital (as full timer G.S. specialist senior registrar)- CAIRO – EGYPT
• Arab Contractors Medical Centre (as part timer G.S. specialist) CAIRO – EGYPT

General and emergency surgery consultant

• 10 / 2013 till 12 / 2016
• 1/ 2017 –till present
General and emergency surgery consultant in:

• ZYTON Specialized Hospital. (since October 2013 till December 2016) CAIRO – EGYPT
Experienced in (dependable):
• UGIT surgery including reflux surgery and oncologic surgery
• Colorectal and anal surgery (open surgery)
• Oncologic surgery
• Breast surgery
• H.B.P surgery (including management of complicated cases)
• Endocrine surgery
• Trauma & casualty surgery
Experienced as first assistant in:
• Bariatric surgery (open and laparoscopic)
• Vascular surgery (including major operations and endovascular management)
• Pediatric surgery
• Plastic surgery
Residency - Ain Shams University Hospitals; involved in the preparing teaching lessons programmed for undergraduate class presenting cases for their midterm examinations.
In residency Trained in the casualty department taking 24 hours care of various procedures like explorations cases of internal bleeding, appendectomies, obstructed hernias, MCA and head injury.

Wadi EL-Neel Hospital & Zyton Specialized Hospital Involved in trauma team taking care of the casualty department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of various poly-trauma patients.

English advanced degree (IELTS score 7)
Germany (deutsch) moderate degree (level B2 certified from Goute Institute, Cairo, Egypt)
BASIC life support (BLS) ………………………….…(2 – 2017)
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) ……………(11-2017)
Senior registrar in general surgery (Saudi commission of health)
Consultant general surgery (Egyptian Syndicate)
1 st part of MRCS …………………………… (9/2017)

1- Prof. Dr. Alaa abd allah
Prof. of General Surgery
Ain Shams University
Ex- Head surgery department in Ain Shams university hospitals
Mob. : +2 01222124640 in Egypt
2- Prof. Dr. Nabil Said (MD)
Prof. of General Surgery
Ain Shams University
Head Casualty Department in Ain Shams Specialized Hospitals
Head of surgery department in Ain Shams university hospitals
Mob. : +20122221047 in Egypt
3- Prof. Dr. Mahmood Metiny (MD)
Prof. of General Surgery Ain Shams University
Head of Liver Transplantation Unit in Wadi EL-Neel Hospital
Head of in Liver Transplantation Unit Ain Shams university hospitals
Mob. : +20122129686
4- Prof. Dr. Amr abd Elaal
Prof. general surgery ain shams university hospitals
Consultant liver transplantation surgery
Mob.: +2 0123108501 in Egypt
5- Prof. Dr. Sherif Omar (MD)
Prof. of Cancer Surgery
Ex-Dean of National Cancer Institute (Cairo)
Mob. : +20101382382 in Egypt
6- Prof dr Gamal Emira (MD)
Prof. of Cancer of Surgery
National Cancer Institute (Cairo)
Mob. : +20101401170 in Egypt
7- Prof. Dr Hatem abd Elazeem
Prof. of general and vascular surgery El Menofia University hospital
Mob. +2 01001413403 in Egypt
8- Dr. Mohammed Hakky
Consultant of Laparoscopic Surgery
Egypt Air Hospital – Wadi Elneel hospital
Mob. : +2 0122111897 in Egypt
9- Dr. Ihab Ali Hassan
Consultant of general & laparoscopic surgery
Wadi El-nil hospital, Cairo Specialized Hospital
Mob.+2 01222118417 - +2 01140565555 in Egypt

10- Dr mohammed abd El kawi
Consultant general surgery Wadi Elneel hospital
Mob.: +2 01005100587 in Egypt
11- Dr Amr Kamel
Prof. of General Surgery- Ain Shams University
Consultant of general & laparoscopic surgery Arab Contractors Medical Centre
Mob.: +2 01005199536 in Egypt
12- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Gamil Elsharkawi
Prof. of General & Plastic Surgery Cairo University
Ex- Head of surgical departments Cairo University
Mob. : +2 01222173841 in Egypt
13- Prof, Hasan abd Shakoor
Professor of general surgery in Zakazik University
Consultant general surgery HAYAT hospital Jeddah KSA
Mob. : +966 0582018844 in KSA