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Jasen Beattie

Candidate ID: 1392618

Career Summary

A highly driven and successful professional, currently part of special project team in Riyadh delivering all aspects of a major upgrade to the Technical Institute for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Project Manager on a Major London construction project, project Nova.

Skill Set

Project Managment, telecommunications and construction

Professional Information

Total Experience : 28

Nationality : United Kingdom

Qualification Level : ITI / Vocational

Job Function : Telecom

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Home: 01959 576930
Mobile: 07764 190521


A highly driven and successful professional, currently part of special project team in Riyadh delivering all aspects of a major upgrade to the Technical Institute for the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Project Manager on a Major London construction project, project Nova. Previously 23 years of exemplary service in the Royal Signals of the British Army, with a proven record of achievement as a middle manager, gaining expertise in Information and Communications Technology. ECS (Electrotechnical Certification Scheme). Recently out of date DV (Developed Vetting) security clearance. A strong technical background in secure voice, satellite and data networks system management and administration, focusing on designing and implementing complex projects, which deliver stability, security and functionality. A dynamic team player and manager: thriving on the challenge of continuous self improvement, enjoying working at all levels, inspiring confidence amongst peers and senior management.


• System/Process Development & Evaluation
• Strong communication and interpersonal ability
• Team Leadership & Performance Management
• Communications and Information Systems
• Building Management Systems (BMS)
• Health and safety

• Ability to analyse and troubleshoot
• Network technology
• Cryptographic Material Management
• Logistics


Oct 2016-Present Capability Delivery Manager (GPT), A company of Airbus

• Capability delivery manager for the Technical Institute overhaul in Riyadh KSA, including the building of a large scale teaching institute and the provision of long-term telecommunications training to the KSA National Guard;
• Involved in all aspects of project delivery;
• Liaising and negotiating with sub-contractors ,high level MoD officials and Saudi Arabian National Guard;
• Overseeing all aspects of training delivery involving complex timing and deadlines, scheduling, costs management and budget planning;
• Overseeing logistics involving delivery, storage, issue and accurate record keeping and reporting.

Feb 2015-Oct 2016 Project Manager (Lloret Control Systems)

• Project manager on Project Nova Victoria, which was a large scale construction project of luxury apartments, shopping mall, cinema and gym in the heart of Central London ;
• Involved in all aspects of project management within BMS (Building Management Systems);
• Working to tight deadlines, whilst liaising, negotiating and maintaining relationships with sub-contractors and all levels of the main contractors and client team;
• Provision of accurate reporting and record keeping on all aspects of the project status;
• Overseeing all aspects of logistics involving complex timing, storage and issue of equipment.

2012 -2015 71 SIG REGT (V) London

• Organised all military training for the unit;
• Booked training areas and all the equipment necessary to complete training objectives;
• Booked courses for all and track career progress;
• Managed the training of all soldiers on all unit communications systems and equipment recording all competencies;
• Maintained unit transport fleet military and civilian and managing the fuel account;
• Assisted instructors and where necessary stepping in when needed to complete tasks;.
• Record keeping for audit purposes of any financial related history

2010 – 2012 line manager and SQMS (Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant) 10 SIG REGT Aldershot

Key Features of Role:
Time management of 60 plus soldiers and equipment on 3 hours notice to move to assist blue light services on any UK based operation involving military liaison. In this period deployed for 8 months to Afghanistan in support to Operation Herrick as the ET (Equipment Table) SNCO (Senior Non Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities & Activities:
• Ensured that all employed voice and data communications networks functioned at optimum performance;
• Unit Health and Safety Advisor;
• Planned for and managed the timely delivery of new network installations by both internal and external agencies, including the associated hardware, software and cryptographic equipment and keying material;
• Acted as the local administrator for all systems employed within the formation, ensuring the strict adherence of the respective systems’ Security Operating Procedures, by all account holders;
• Maintained all I.T equipment and software registers, documentation and electronic media libraries in accordance with the rules laid down by the MOD;
• Managed all cryptographic equipments and keying materials, ensuring encryption carried out on high grade networks;
• Facilitated secure and insecure Video Teleconferencing utilising both ISDN and satellite, enabling users to converse with other parties worldwide;
• Whilst deployed was solely responsible for managing the equipment table for all the British Military deployed on northern Afghanistan, accounting for all equipment ranging from weapon systems, vehicles, clothing to screw drivers and nuts and bolts.

2008 – 2010 71 SIG REGT (V) London

As above

2007 – 2008 12 Regt RA (Royal Artillary) Thorney Island Southhampton

Key Features of Role:
Employed as the Rear Link Detachment, role as the only Royal Signals soldier posted to the unit to assist in all things communications related.

Responsibilities & Activities:
• Planned, deployed and monitored digital HF, VHF and UHF communication assets in order to provide a seamless command and control backbone;
• Deployed and installed both fixed and man-portable satellite systems in order to facilitate communications reach forward and back from operational locations;
• Surveyed future deployment sites and carried out testing in order to provide optimum HF and VHF network communications;
• Drafted and integrated suitable training packages for personnel on standby for operational deployment, including tailored communications training;
• Managed all cryptographic equipments and keying materials, ensuring encryption carried out on high grade networks.

2004 – 2007 System Manager 3 (UK) Div Bulford Wiltshire
Key Features of Role:
Deputised as the YofS (Yeoman of Signals) for most of my time at the unit, while being the BSM Bowman System Manger responsible for the Divisional communication planning

Responsibilities & Activities:
• Planned and conducted tailored training packages in order to enhance formation’s communications capability;
• Provided strategic communications advice to senior management personnel in order to shape future planning;
• Acted as 1st and 2nd line support for all communication and cryptographic equipment users;
• Deployed to Canada as Bowman System Manager, where I managed and maintained the communications Network.

1992 – 2004 Communications Operator (Further information on this period can be provided) British Army


Career Qualifications Educational Qualifications

• Tactical Satellite Communications Manager • ‘GCSE’ Level English
• Cryptographic Material Custodian and accountant • ‘GCSE’ Level Math
• Bowman System Manager (Formation)
• Unit Health and Safety Advisor • ‘O’ Level Technical Drawing
• ‘O’ Level Physics
• SQMS (stores)
• MSI (Military Ski Instructor)
• SAA (Skill at Arms instructor) weapons and tactics
• EFP (Education for Promotion)
• ML (mountain Leader)
• NBC (Nuclear Biological and Chemical) instructor
• Electrotechnical Certification Scheme(ECS)qualified
• First aid at work
• ITIL Foundation