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Ammar Al-Bayati

Candidate ID: 1420473

Career Summary

Engineering Graduates/PG with 17 years experience in Automotive / Auto Industry functional area

Skill Set

Sales And After Sales Management

Professional Information

Total Experience : 17

Nationality : Iraq

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Automotive / Auto Industry

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Senior management professional with over 17 years of experience across diverse organizations in the automotive segment. Rich experience in working in Nissan Dist And Hyundai Dist. in Iraq for passenger, commercial and heavy vehicles. Possess expertise in strategic planning, business development, distribution and channel management, service delivery management, client relationship management, general administration and team leadership. Proven ability in designing tools and methodologies for effective processes, higher efficiency and increased profitability. Excellent cross-functional management skills with insightful aptitude in solving major organizational problems. Seeking a senior level assignment to accelerate business growth using professional competencies gained through the years.

Board Representation, Management Decision Making, Head Service And Aftersales Lead ,Policy Change
Policy Definition and Implementation, Statutory Interpretation
Channel Development, Distributor and Dealer Management
Business Forecasting, Market Analysis, Trend Analysis
Strategic Planning, Business Process Reengineering, Competitive Edge
Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Back up Planning
Parts and Warranty Sales, Commercial Contracts in N.O.C, N.G.C, N.R.C
Vendor and Stakeholder Interaction, Service Delivery, Quality Assurance
General Administration, Resource Optimization, Budgeting, Cost Control
Performance Evaluation, Training and Development, Skill Enhancement
Liaison and Coordination, Documentation and Reporting
Customer Relationship Management, Stakeholder Management
Effective Communication, Team Leadership, Analytical and Decisive


ANWAR BABEL , ABC Automotive Trading Co. Ltd., NISSAN OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTER ,Erbil , Iraq Oct. 2015 – Present
Regional Manager – After Sales
Company Profile: Official dist. for Nissan vehicles – Iraq

1- Key Responsibilities
• Set up new 3 Service centers, parts stock yard, vehicles yard for 3 cities Erbil , Sulaymania And Duhok in KRG area as well as Baghdad technical issue supporting team as per Head Service planning. Including ordered equipments and tools , installation , System set up ,hiring manpower and interviewed , service facility setup .
• Technical support dealers and improve dealer network for all Kurdistan cities.
• Activated and Followed warranty report and items ordered till finished all requirements.
• Daily Continued with Technicians and giving simple individual training and advising to improve technical skills for many subjects ( quick service , reduce time and labor with less cost to customer, technical skills and understanding the using of repair manual, utilization from using special tools to improve job and labor time , improve communication and relation between technician and service advisor and between themselves also , improving road test and collected with listening well to customer claim and all history and how much essential to help in solve problems regarding to each jobs, customer satisfaction and loyalty .
• Improved After sales marketing program ( service contract , service package , Road side assistance , fleet contract )
• Improved Parts Departments as per Nissan Standardization to avoid daily and monthly of loaded shipments of parts .
• Improved outreach service and service clinic as per Nissan Standardization.
• Daily following customer’s issues and arranging individual meeting.
• Starting interview fleet customers for Gov. and none. Gov. Parties and fully presenting and introducing our aftersales as well as sales facilities in KRG.

2- Daily Following up;
• Greet every customer that enters our facility with hospitality and the highest level of respect.
• Present the best solution to properly repair our customer's vehicle in a way that is easy for them to understand.
• Manage the store's workflow in an effective and efficient manner.
• Advise customers about warranty protections and potential cost savings.
• Answer questions about service outcome (after consulting with mechanic if necessary).
• Consult with mechanics about necessary repairs and possible alternatives to expensive work.
• Provide customers with in-depth information about available aftermarket and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part options.
• Manage and oversee the service center's workflow and scheduling.
• Call customers to inform them of changes in service or to let them know their vehicle is ready for pick-up.
• Assist other employees as needed.
• Following Daily incoming outgoing vehicles reports.
• Following daily customers CRM reports.
• Following daily control room reports and working to improve the efficiency and productivity of workshops.
• Following daily repair orders and invoices reports with service manager of each workshops.
3- KPIs And Achievement
• For 1st and 2nd years Reduced employee’s turnover by 20% and significantly increased productivity by introducing a performance management system that recognized contribution, challenged staff to accept responsibility and empowered them to make decisions.
• Reduced the time required to respond to customer requests and improve customer satisfaction by providing front line counter staff with the skills, knowledge authority needed to resolve customer enquiries and complaints.
• For 3rd Year Reduced employee turnover by 50% by increasing salary levels and introducing performance based incentives that increased the workshops overall capabilities by enabling it to attract higher caliber candidates.
• Enabled the Executive Director to focus on high priority strategic issues by taking responsibility for the day to day administrative affairs of the office and responding to all requests for information.
• Consistently achieved a high level of customer satisfaction by exhibiting a positive attitude and building trust, by ensuring commitments are met and expectations are exceeded by offering additional information about the service and parts facilities in line with customer needs and priorities.
• Helped increase profits by devising and recommending a variety of promotions and customer incentives which significantly increased patronage.
• Increased production capacity by 15% by defining and accurate the re-selling available hours.
• Increased efficiency by reducing the actual hours to the proper acceptable rate this achieved by well trained technicians , assured parts availability , smoothly running the services jobs and provided with all necessary tools and special tools.
• Shrinking warehouse parts stocks amount from 100% to 70% in 1.5 years using material resource planning.
• Monthly Total Efficiency: 120%
• Monthly Total Productivity: 60%
• Monthly Total Man power utilization: 65%
• Monthly Total Parts sales / Hour: 95%
• P&L Responsibility: Yes
• Recruitment/Dismissal Authority: Yes
• Signature Authorization: 2nd degree
• Number of members team supervised: 35
Primary operations managed by that position are;
o Parts Sales
o Warranty
o Customer Relationship
o Training
o Dealer Network Management and Development
o Leading Service Station
o Establishing 3 New Head Service Stations

GK-AUTOS Automotive Trading Co. Ltd.,Hyundai Official Dealer Erbil, Iraq Mar 2012 – Apr 2015
Deputy General Manager (Member of the Board of Directors)

Company Profile: Official dealer for Hyundai vehicles.

Key Responsibilities
Administrative Functions
• Participated in board meetings for defining and implementing policy decisions as member of the board.
• Involved in end to end management of stores and warehouses for maintenance of inventory, reorder levels and ensured material availability across stores.
• Evaluated various reports and statistics for ascertaining organizational business performance against competition and developed effective risk mitigation measures.
• Negotiated with banks and financial institutions for facilitating retail finance customers and dealers.
• Managed logistics for transporting Hyundai vehicles from port to final destinations in Erbil - Sulaymania and Duhok.
• Optimized resource utilization, streamlined processes and implemented stringent budgetary controls for maintaining organizational bottom lines.
• Evaluated performance of team members and provided productivity enhancement feedback. Organized training sessions for team members based on training needs.
Business Development
• Collaborated with the board of directors in defining and implementing strategies for accomplishing sales targets across the wholesale and retail segment based on historical trends and study of potential market factors.
• Re-engineered business strategies based on collated market intelligence on competition, market trends and actual sales.
• Enhanced market coverage by setting up an effective dealer network across the assigned territory. Followed up with dealer personnel for consistently maintaining business and collection targets.
Customer Relationship Management
• Developed repport with existing clients and prospects for finalizing and closing potential business deals.
• Enhanced customer satisfaction by providing superior service quality and customized solutions to match with business requirements.

Autos Automotive Trading Co. Ltd., Erbil, Iraq May 2010 - Mar 2012
Deputy General Manager

Company Profile: Official dealer for Hyundai vehicles.

Key Responsibilities
Administrative Functions
• Spearheaded team efforts in managing day to day operations of the branch dealing in Hyundai cars in Kurdistan area - Iraq.
• Planned and implemented dealership operations in advance for the foreseeable future. Evaluated departmental forecasts with respective department heads for maintaining consistency with annual forecasts.
• Implemented various process improvement initiatives and streamlined processes for enhancing operational efficiency and branch profitability.
• Communicated management policies and procedures to the employees to be implemented by them in day to day business transactions.
• Conducted scheduled managers meetings to ensure that every department is operating efficiently and profitably.
Customer Relationship Management
• Built and maintained productive business relationship with existing clients and prospects for effectively closing identified business deals.
• Interacted with customers for collating and understanding specific business requirements for providing customized solutions.
• Enhanced client satisfaction by effectively resolving reported issues and providing superior service quality across the customer life cycle.
Team Leadership
• Monitored dealership management and conducted performance evaluation of dealership personnel.
• Guided team members in effectively closing critical customer issues with potential revenue impact.
• Evaluated/ approved training requests consistent with the dealership's goals for professional, technical ability and advancement.

Al-Kasid group of Companies Specialized Vehicles Trading, Iraq Aug. 2006 - Apr 2010
Service Manager - Service, Parts, Training & Warranty

Company Profile: Official dealer for Hyundai vehicles.

Designation Chronology
• August 2006 - April 2010, Manager - Service, Parts, Training & Warranty
• July 2002 - August 2006, Mechanical Service Engineer

Key Responsibilities as Manager - Service, Parts, Training & Warranty
Service Delivery Management
• Managed service operations related to parts and warranty sales for Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles, Hyundai heavy industries (HHI) and Renault.
• Participated in procuring automotive equipment and materials, parts required to maintain automotive equipment, garage and storage facilities.
• Coordinated automotive repair and maintenance services to optimize utilization of automotive equipment.
Administrative Activities
• Resolved advertising issues and standardized designs for Hyundai, HHI and Renault.
• Maintained commercial contracts in N.O.C, N.G.C and N.R.C.
• Assisted team members in evaluating and testing automotive equipment considered for acquisition based on factors like operational performance, costs, maintenance, safety and environment compliance.
Team Leadership and Training
• Evaluated team performance and provided productivity enhancement feedback.
• Organized training sessions for team members based on identified training needs. Prepared and presented training curriculum to match with market dynamics for skill enhancement of team members.

AL-Kasid Group of Companies Specialized Vehicles Trading, Iraq Jul 2002 - Aug 2006
Mechanical Service Engineer

• Conducted training courses at Hyundai Technical Service Training Centre in Korea two between 2002 and 2004.
• Visited Renault used trucks in Paris and Lyon in France for procuring Renault Trucks for the organization.
• Participated in testing Renault passenger vehicles in the United Arab Emirates.
• Underwent pre-training in Renault after sales documentation, Renault immobilizer system, Renault electrical system and visited Renault work shop at Lebanon.

Key Responsibilities as Mechanical Service Engineer
• Spearheaded team efforts related to maintenance and repairing various Hyundai models like buses, cargo trucks, heavy trucks, excavators, jetting scavenging, vacuum trucks, HD65, HD72, county, Aero city, Aero town, HD260, HD700, HD900
• Defined and implemented procedures for warranty and post sales service for commercial vehicles.
• Organized training sessions for customers, dealers (in and around Baghdad), drivers and engineers in the ministries for mechanical and electrical systems.
• Guided team members in maintaining, repairing and overhauling diverse range of Hyundai diesel engines (D4DA, D4AE, D4AF, D6DA, D8, power tic).
• Set up maintenance strategies for setting up equipment, evaluated and diagnosed faults and monitored critical equipment repair.
• Involved in developing, testing and evaluating theoretical designs, planning and designing new processes for streamlining activities.

Nahas Company – Syria, Baghdad, Iraq Aug 2001 - Jun 2002
Supervisor Engineer for Gen Set Service

Company Profile: The company supplies generator sets (100 KVA - 2000 KVA), vehicles, elevators, railway, trains and others.

• Oversaw the maintenance and repair of generators provided to various ministries in Iraq, and ensured that these ran in satisfactory operating condition.
• Organized and conducted training regarding maintenance, repair, and warranty of generators for customers; resolved technical issues promptly.
• Key equipment of the gen sets like engines were from Duets, Volvo, Perkins and MTU; alternators were from Stamford, Leroysomer and FG Welson.
• Paid regular visits to ministries in and outside Baghdad where gen sets were supplied to check their operational performance; oversaw maintenance, repair and warranty.
• Responsible for maintenance and repair of automatic change-over and electrical circuits when needed.
• Analyzed contractual agreements reached between the company’s HQ in Syria and its suppliers, and ensured that contractual terms were duly followed

Al-Mahawer Company, Baghdad, Iraq Sep 1997 - Jul 2001
Senior Engineer

Company Profile: The Company supplies heavy engines, generators, water pumps and electrical boards.

• Supervised workshop operations and implemented the daily working plan for the workshop.
• Led one engineer and four technicians, assigned daily tasks and responsibilities and ensured that daily objectives were met.
• Key tasks managed included assembly and maintenance of diesel engines and generators, and repair and maintenance of heavy engines and pumps.
• Took stock of spare parts of heavy engines, identified requirements of the workshop and placed purchase orders to suppliers.
• Oversaw welding and grinding operations, and installation of change-over for electrical circuits.

Al-Nahreen (Saddam in Past) University College of Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq May 1996
Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Development
• Service training of CUMMINS Engine., Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korea, December 2009
• Electricity Diagnosis training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Center in Chonan, Korea, November 2009.
• What Is My Coaching Style, GCT, Chonan Korea, July 2009.
• Advanced TTT Course (train the trainer), Hyundai Technical Service Training Center in Chonan, Korea, July 2009
• H45 Koloes Technical Training Program, Renault Samsung Motors Technical Training Center - Dubai, March 2009.
• Universe Bus Technical Training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Center - Africa & M/East OTC, February 2009.
• New Model BK & PB Training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Course - Africa & M/East OTC in Dubai, October 2008.
• New Service Manager Training, HMC Hyundai motor company Head Quarter in Seoul KOREA, March 2008.
• New Service Manager Training For Truck and Bus, HMC Hyundai motor company Head Quarter in Seoul- KOREA, March 2008.
• TTT Course for New Instructor (train the trainer) training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Center in Chonan, Korea, March 2008.
• System Service Training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Center in Chonan, Korea, October 2004.
• System (Engines and chassis, electrical) training, Hyundai Technical Service Training Center in Chonan, Korea, October 2002.

Kurdistan Engineering Society in Kurdistan - Erbil
Membership/Role: Consultant Engineer
Member since: September 2006

Iraqi Hunting club
Membership/Role: Member
Member since: September 2002

Iraqi Engineering Society in Baghdad
Membership/Role: Member
Member since: September 1996

• Birth Date: 5 February 1974 (Age: 41)
• Gender: Male
• Nationality: Iraq
• Born: Baghdad
• Residence Country: Erbil – Kurdistan - Iraq
• Languages: English, Arabic & Kurdish