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Firas Hadi

Candidate ID: 1427020

Career Summary

Post Graduate with 5 years experience in Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty functional area

Skill Set

• Language: Arabic/English • Computer: MS office • Administrative Communication • Language Interpretation, Transcription, and Translation

Professional Information

Total Experience : 5

Nationality : United States

Qualification Level : Post Graduate

Job Function : Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Address: 624 S Brady, Apt 307, Dearborn-Michigan 48124
Mobile: (313) 455 9692
Skype ID:
ountry: united States of America
Status: single
Passport: American issued , No: 565062326. Expired 03/Feb/2027.
Summary of education
Language and culture mediation isn’t simple the field of my expertise and professional interest, but is part of my lifestyle. Coming into contact with foreign cultures and discovering habits and traditions different from mines have fascinated me. I’m motivated and driven result Iraqi translator with solid knowledge of both language Arabic and English and culture. I have B.A in English art and just recently I completed Master of education, M.ED, in English as a second language. Through my graduate master project, I focus on translating items, English vocabulary and sentences into our mother culture language that will help students, companies and other people acquire and understand the targeted culture and language.
My goal as a teacher of English as a second language is to make students capable of mastering speaking, reading, writing and listening skills so that they can appreciate the target culture and use it to communicate with others. I want to incorporate culture into the foreign language classroom through communicating with students. Teaching a foreign culture is not only requiring learning inside the classroom, but also it is requiring interacting and communicating with foreign people and teachers.
Education Detroit, MI, united states
Wayne State University May 2016
Master of Arts-Bilingual Education G.P.A: 3.64
Major: English as a second language/Minor: English
Thi-Qar University
Bachelor of English arts, Major is English language Nassiriya, Iraq
and literature and minor is Education. July 2006
Academic related work project
WSU college of Education-Master Graduate Project
Placement: Bridge Academy East Detroit, MI, united States
• Assisted Arabic- speaking students new to the united states with learning English

• Language: Arabic/English
• Computer: MS office
• Administrative Communication
• Language Interpretation, Transcription, and Translation

Professional Education Service group City, Michigan
Teacher assistant (40 h a week) July 2016-july 2017
• Assist students with disabilities on a daily basis
• Help students with their classroom assignments.
Non profitable organization
• Teach Arabic immigrants inside the school City, Michigan

• Teach immigrants at the church. July-2016-Dec2017
Ministry of Education, Iraq (40 h a week) Jan 2008-Aug 2011
• Teach seventh and eighth grade students English as a second language

Interpreter (74 h a week) Aug 2008- Dec 2010
Global Linguist Solutions 1155 Herndon Parkway
Suite 100,Herndon, VA 20170
• Translated documents from English into Arab and vice versa.
• Trained Iraqi army and policemen.
Personal Achievement
• Change students’ grades from 60% to 85 % and make them spend less money on tutoring