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naser ali

Candidate ID: 1481955

Career Summary

family medicine specialist (Arab Board of Family Medicine)Medical Professionals with 7 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area -

Skill Set

arab board of family medicine

Professional Information

Total Experience : 7

Nationality : Iraq

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : UAE

Detailed Profile

Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Naser Ali Abdul Hussain Al Sabbagh
Specialist in Arab Board in Family Medicine
MOH license Specialist in Family Medicine since 19/11/2018
E- mail:
Mobile: +9647808315553
Personal Information :-
Gender: Male
Date & Place of Birth: 4th August1981 / IRAQ
Status: Married with 1 children
Religion: Muslim
Nationality: Iraqi
Visa Status: Not resident in UAE
MOH License Specialist Family Medicine since 19/11/2018Academic Education:-
1. FABHS.FM (Iraq) (Fellow of Arab Board for Health Specializations
in Family Medicine) .Baghdad 29 April 2017
2. Awarded the degree of M.B.CH.B. In medicine and general
surgery, College of Medicine, Babylon University / Iraq
3. High school was completed in Iraq / Karbala in July 2000.
Experience Summary:-
1. Specialist in family medicine in Primary Health Care Center in
Kerbala governorate / Iraq from 2017 until now
2. Family medicine permanent in Baghdad Teaching Hospitals from 1st
November 2012 till 6th July 2017 . These years were the training
program of Arab Board for Health Specializations in family medicine
included: -The training program is distributed into four years according
to the following table, which demonstrates theoretical and practical
sheets required in program and the total duration allocated:
Sheet Name Time Duration
Entrance to Family and Community Medicine 2 months
Internal Medicine 5 months
Pediatrics 4 months
Obstetrics and Gynecology 3 months
Surgery in all specialties including Orthopedic Surgery 3 months
Ophthalmic Diseases 2 months
ENT Diseases 2 months
Dermatologic Diseases 2 months
Psychiatric Diseases 2 months
Emergency Medicine 2 months
Radiology and Laboratory (diagnose procedures) 1 month
Community Medicine 2 months
Family Medicine (continuously in the training center) 9 months
Optional programs and selected subjects in primary care 5 months
Annual vacations 4 months in total one month for each year
Overall training time duration 48 months3.General Practitioner in primary health care center in Kerbala
governorate ,IRAQ 2011 -2012
4. Permanent in Family Medicine in AL Hussain Medical City in
Kerbala Governorate IRAQ 2010-2011.
5. Medical Intern in Al Sader Teaching Hospital in Al Emara
Governorate 2008-2010,iraq
- Languages
1. Arabic (native language)
2. English (speak and write fluently)
- Computers: advanced user windows and Microsoft office internet
and hospital registration system networks.
Therapeutic and Diagnostic Procedures Performed:-
? Pap smear
? Vulvar biopsy
? Bartholin’s cyst management
? Remove corn/callous
? Drain subungual hematoma
? Skin staples
? Fungal studies (KOH)
? Laceration repair with tissue
? Remove warts, fngernail, toenail, foreign body
? Incision and drainage of abcess? Simple laceration repair with sutures
? Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation
? Program, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced
? Life Support in Obstetrics, Advanced Trauma Life Support
? Initial management of simple fractures
? • Closed reduction
? • Upper and lower extremity splints
? Foreign body removal
? • Ear, nose
? Ring removal
? Fish hook removal
? Phlebotomy
? Peripheral venous access
? Eye procedures
? • Fluorescein exam
? • Foreign body removal
? Anterior nasal packing for epistaxis
? Lumbar puncture
? Fine needle aspiration of mass
? Slit lamp exam
? Endotracheal intubation
? Thoracentesis
? Paracentesis
? Arterial line
? Peritoneal dialysis
? Bone marrow aspiration & biopsy
? Pleural aspiration & biopsy
? Peritoneal aspiration & biopsy
? Lumbar puncture ( cerebrospinal fluid aspiration )? Exercise cardiac stress test
1. Member of Iraqi Family Physician Society.
2. Member of Iraqi Medical Association from15/2/2008 until now
Research Experience:-
Published research
Journal of International Medical and Biological
Sciences (JIMBS).
‘Knowledge of self-care among type 2 diabetes patients in
Al-Hussain medical city in Karbala’
Naser Ali AlSabbagh2