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Imre Dr Reczey

Candidate ID: 1485250

Career Summary

Senior academic professional with 35+ years of experiences and proven track records of remarkable academic accomplishments in curriculum design and quality management in leading higher educational institutions of Europe, Australia and the UAE. His Quality Manual has become a world-wide case study.

Skill Set

HE Teaching, Curriculum and Course Development, Research, Quality Management, Strategy

Professional Information

Total Experience : 35

Nationality : Hungary

Qualification Level : Doctorate

Job Function : Other

Work Location Preference : UAE

Detailed Profile

Senior academic management professional with 35+ years of experiences and proven track records of remarkable academic accomplishments in several leading higher educational institutions of Europe, Australia and the UAE. Extensive experience in curriculum design and development based on student needs, industry demand, professional standards and national qualification frameworks; and diverse experience in monitoring the quality and the efficiency of the delivery of any academic program to meet institutional and/or program accreditation requirements. Diverse experience also includes the development and implementation of efficient academic policies, the creation of ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Manuals and complete electronic Quality Management Systems, internal and external audit, and the analysis of institutional effectiveness to make recommendations for improvements.

• Seventeen years’ experience in the UAE higher education system
• Managing physical and human resources, working with large budgets
• Planning and monitoring both academic and administrative operations
• Designing academic programs meeting NQF, CAA and requirements
• Preparing self-study reports for institutional or program accreditation
• Developing and implementing effective academic policies and procedures
• Strategic planning for academic institutions
• Designing and implementing ISO 9001 compliant management and leadership standards
• Designing complete electronic quality management systems
• Process map design and implementation
• Internal and external audits • Research & Development
• Quantitative and qualitative analysis
• Evaluating institutional effectiveness
• Executive communication
• Cross-functional and cross-cultural management
• Human resource planning
• Performance evaluation based on quantifiable KPIs
• Designing faculty and staff professional development
• Interviewing and hiring
DEGREES (1976-1985)
Master of Arts, Economics, University of Bridgeport Connecticut, United States (1984-1985: 2 semesters)
Master of Arts, Education (High School Teacher) Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary (1982-1984: 4 semesters)
Master of Social Science, Economic Expert in International Economics, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary (1981-1982: 4 semesters)
Doctorate (Dr. Oec.) International Economics, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary (1981-1982: 3 semesters)
Master of Social Science, International Business with Management Science Major, Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary (1976-1980: 9 semesters)

Ultimate Certificate in Photography UK, 2015
ISO 22301:2012 Business, Continuity Management Internal Auditor, BSI Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2013
ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems External/Lead Auditor, BSI Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2012
Diploma in Photography, Photography Institute US, USA 2011
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Internal Auditor, BSI Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2009
ISO 9001 Awareness Training, Abu Dhabi 2007
Moodle Training, HCT Dubai, 2004
International Computer Driving Licence Instructor, HCT Dubai 2002
Certified Internet Webmaster, Informatics, Dubai 2002
Licensed Secondary School Teacher, Ministry of Education, Hungary, 1984
Licensed Economic Expert in International Economics, Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, Hungary, 1982

Micro - and Macroeconomics; Managerial Economics; International Economics
History of Western Economics; History of Marxism; Political Economics
Quantitative Economics; Quantitative Methods for Business; Management Science; Business Statistics
Financial Mathematics; Islamic Finance
Excellence Models and ISO 9001

Economics: Value Theory | International Business | Economics of Natural Resources |
Modelling the Volatility of the Oil Prices | Axiomatic Micro- and Macroeconomics | Interdisciplinary Systems Theory
Higher Education: Program Design and Efficiency of the Delivery | STEM Programs for Business | Efficiency of Blended Learning | Quality Management Systems for Higher Education | Institutional and Program Accreditation | Institutional Effectiveness

DOB: Dec 1 1957 Budapest, Hungary; Citizenship: Hungarian ; Resident: UAE
Family: Married to Zsuzsanna Erzsebet Reczey (Born: 1958),
Hobby: Photography; Member of Canon Professional Network (CPN)


Six Sigma International FZE - UAE (Fujairah) 2018- current
SSI is a private limited consulting company licenced to provide management consultancy, business training, online education, publishing and creative arts services (photography and videography). Higher Education consulting services include, but not limited to, the following areas: instructional delivery, program review, program development, curriculum management, coordinated strategic planning, learning outcome assessment plans, accreditation compliance, academic program development, instructional technology, institutional effectiveness, quality assurance, quality management systems, budget management and the recruitment, assessment and development of the faculty.

Executive Director 2018- current
The ED is responsible for from strategic planning to daily logistics, including developing a strategic and marketing plan for the company and ensuring that the consulting teams provide high quality services to all customers. It is a Senior Management position with full responsibility over planning, operations and budget.

Higher Colleges of Technology – UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) 2001 - 2018
HCT is the largest Government higher education institution in the UAE providing free education for Emirati nationals. It has 20,000+ students with 1000+ faculty in the areas of business, information science, health science, education and engineering. I worked for HCT for 17 years. Based on my excellent performance I got promoted regularly. I started as a business faculty, and my last position was Dean of Academic Operations of a large campus.

Dean of Academic Operations at Abu Dhabi Women’s Campus 2017- 2018
Member of the Faculty of Business and Dean of Academic Operations of Abu Dhabi Women's Campus, on assignment by the Vice Chancellor, managing and overseeing the execution of all facets of operations needed for the delivery of all academic programs and curricula for 2800+ students. It is a key Senior Management position that reports directly to the Campus Director with ultimate responsibility for ensuring all campus academic operational goals are accomplished with the aim of delivering quality learning experience for students. The DOA also acts as a Director in case of his/her absence.

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully acted as a Member or Chair of several college committees, including
o Member of the Campus Council
o Member of the Campus Management Committee
o Member of the Campus Budget Council
o Member of the Campus Health and Safety Committee
o Chair of the Campus Strategic Planning Committee
o Chair of the Campus Academic Council (Research and Delivery)
o Chair of the Campus Academic Support Services Committee
• Effectively supervised the resource allocation and the actual delivery of foundation programs, as well as all Bachelor Programs offered in the following disciplines:
o Business (Accounting, Finance, Tourism, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management)
o Engineering (Electronic Engineering and Industrial Engineering)
o Information Technology and Science (Networking, Business Solutions, Application Development)
o Applied Media (Video Production, Graphic Design, Corporate and Media Communication)
o Education (Social Work, Early Childhood Education),
o Health Science (Medical Laboratory Technology, Health Information Management)
• Effectively supervised the resource allocation and the actual delivery of several academic functions that provide the infrastructure needed for effective academic operations, namely:
o Operation of Labs and Workshops
o Academic Services and Academic Advising
o Learning Resources (Library and Educational Technology Services)
o Operation of the Student Success Centre
o Career Advising, Work Placement and Scholarships
• Directly monitored and evaluated the yearly performance of six Division Chairs and five Support Department Managers, and indirectly all Faculty (220+ Faculty members)
• Successfully standardized academic processes across the six divisions to ensure consistency in delivery and student experiences
• Implemented a unique HR Planning system that calculated the faculty needs of all programs of all six divisions, and in case it was required, established a three-year plan to replace faculty according to the needs of CAA requirements
• Acted as the of Head of the Quality Assurance of all program at campus level, monitoring and reporting on all campus level KPSs required by HCT Central Services
• Improved the academic performance of the students through re-organized academic advising and direct communication with all ADW students. As a result, the number of at risk students from 120+ in 201710 was reduced to 70+ by 201720
• Created a Student Success Centre as part of the Library and organized scheduled tutorials for the most needed subjects across all six divisions
• In the absence of campus director acted as the campus director and managed all non-academic departments

Acting Associate Dean of the Business School 2015-2016
Provide leadership for and coordinate all academic programs offered by the system of 17 colleges, including budgeting, strategic planning, resource allocation, implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement. Oversee the development of course curriculum and assessment tools as per accreditation and international standards. Participate in the recruitment and selection of Program Chairs and Faculty and ensure the effective management and development of staff.

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully acted as a Member or Chair of several system-wide committees for the Business Divisional Academic Team (17 campuses), including:
o New Program Design Committee
o Strategic Planning Commmittee
o Quality Assurance Committee
o Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee
o Programs Review Committee
o Programs Accreditation Committee
• Ensured the alignment of Division’s academic programs were aligned with NQA, national and international program accreditation standards (ACBSP and CAA)
• Monitored and led the development of over 200 course outlines and developed the first version of over 40+ course outlines in a few days that needed minimal adjustments by the content experts later
• Participated in the development of strategic plans, priorities and objectives, and ensured the effective implementation of plans within all academic programs.
• Supervised and complied with policies and procedures related to the development of new programs across 17 campuses.
• Consulted with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to develop valid and reliable system-wide assessments that are to be conducted on all campuses at the same time.
• Managed, coached, monitored, evaluated, and set the directions for the management team in the Division particularly Programme Chairs and Coordinators.
• Contributed to the development of the budget for the division of 5,500 students and approximately 230 teaching faculty.
• Developed a new central exam development and deployment procedures and a secure file sharing system through Blackboard Learn to distribute centrally designed exams across 17 campuses

Standard Chartered Professor of Corporate Finance - Business Programs Chair 2006-2017
Managed the Business Department of Abu Dhabi Men’s College, supervised 25-30 faculty members, 6-700 students in 4-6 different programs at Diploma, Higher Diploma, BAS and Master’s Levels.

Key Accomplishments:
• Appointed to be the Standard Chartered Bank Program Chair and Professor (Corporate Finance) by HE Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology (2008-2017)
• Became the Member or Chair of several college and system-level committees, including:
o Member of the HCT system-wide Business Divisional Academic Team (17 campuses)
o Member of the HCT system-wide Applied Media Divisional Academic Team (17 campuses)
o Member of the ADMC Strategic Planning Committee
o Member of the ADMC Academic Budget Committee
o Member of the ADMC Quality Assurance Committee
o Chair of the Abu Dhabi Industry Advisory Boards for Business and Media Studies
o Chair and Chief Academic Officer of the HCT system-wide MBA Program Committee (17 campuses)
• Grew the Business Department, which started with 200+ students by 200% in 7 years, by creating and offering popular majors based on consultations with the industry about their qualification/skill needs
• Created the Executive MBA Program, wrote all course outlines and supervised the operations of the EMBA Program across the UAE, coordinated delivery with the Chairs, Deans, and Associate Directors of other colleges.
• Led the development of new BBA Programs in the areas of Quality Management and Real Estate Management.
• Played a key role in defining and re-designing all BBA Programs as well as developed several new sponsored programs for CERT, i.e. the Centre of Excellence and Applied Research and Training in Abu Dhabi.
• Led the development of an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the Business Department, which received the ISO 9001:2008 International Certification for Quality Management and Leadership from BSI (British Standards Institutions) in March 2013. This success has achieved a worldwide attention when we have become a worldwide case study supported by the certifying body, the British Standard International.
• Invented a new quality assurance approach where the processes for the P-D-C-A cycle have a mini P-D-C-A cycles in themselves. It means, that our P = planning process is also broken down to planning, doing, checking and acting, then our D = delivery processes have the same four sub-cycles etc. As it was a unique achievement world-wide, ADMC Business Department has been awarded the certificate by the global CEO of BSI, and the department has become a world-wide case study

Business Faculty of DMC and System-Wide Curriculum Leader for Online Education 2001-2006
Taught at Higher Diploma and Bachelor levels only, developed online support for all taught courses. This was years before HCT started to use BBLearn, the Internet has just started.
Key Accomplishments:
• Became a member of the HCT system-wide Business Divisional Academic Team (17 campuses) as a Curriculum Leader for Online Education
• Developed two new in-house textbooks for HCT: "Economics of the UAE" for the Engineering Management Program, and "Financial Mathematics" in the Bachelor of Business Administration program. Both books were published twice and used by 17 campuses
• Contributed to curriculum development as required and ensured that new curriculum is proposed and appropriately validated in accordance with College procedures.
• Promoted online textbooks and curriculum management systems, developed file sharing solutions for the Business Divisional Academic Team, supporting 17 campuses.
• Developed system-wide processes to evaluate the development of online delivery across 17 campuses
• Managed the system-wide Internet server supporting pMachine and later Moodle.

Technology Management Centre - Singapore 1998 to 2001
Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator
TMC was a Chinese-owned subsidiary of Australian and UK universities providing face-to-face delivery of the bachelor’s and master’s programs of those universities in Singapore, without assessing the students. Assessment happened on the Embassies of the respective universities and were marked by the mother institution. TMC’s performance was assessed based on the success of the students.

Served as an Assistant Professor for Technology Management Center (TMC, Singapore) and as a Program Coordinator in a distance education centre for Monash University and Deakin University (Australia) and Staffordshire University (UK)

Key Accomplishments:
• Managed the faculty course allocations of a Monash Program and monitored the delivery as well as.
• Taught quantitative courses at bachelor’s and master’s levels and developed course materials (in house textbooks) for one economics and two statistics modules.
• Played a key role played as a Coordinator at Monash University to ensure that he standards of the delivery meet the requirements, and TMC, as an organization, meets all quality assurance expectations of the main campuses



Duke International Group - Budapest 1996 to 1998
Vice President | International Marketing Executive Officer
Duke was a Chinese-Hungarian joint venture specialized in selling garments, controlling the whole supply chain from manufacturing to retail. They were also the exclusive licensee of Playboy Enterprises, USA, allowing Duke to manufacture/sell garments with the Playboy rabbit head logo in Eastern Europe
Marketing Plan Development, Operations, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Warehouse, Product Development.

Key Accomplishments:
• Developed a successful marketing strategy on how to introduce a new brand in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, and as a result contribute to the success of the new venture considerably
• Successfully managed the operation of the Head Office of the Group in Hungary, starting from managing Human Resources through Warehouse Operation, to Marketing and Sales; and tripled the number of employers in 2 years as the business grew successfully to the satisfaction of the owners and the licensor
• Designed the artistic concepts of brochures and promotion materials related to all operations of the Group in relationship with their products, and managed the development of the materials from photo shoots outs till approving prints in the press house

Andromeda Finance Limited - Budapest 1991 to 1996
Partner and Managing Director
Andromeda Finance Limited was my own limited liability company specialized in financial services.
Financial Consulting, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis of New Projects, Develop Loan Applications for Complex Projects, Consulting on New Ventures.

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully started a new company with three employees for financial consulting, and developed a niche business that supported about a 100 new ventures in Hungary over 5 years
• Developed a business club/community that provided professional development for new the managers of many new SMEs in the area of financial planning and management, and developed training materials for them
• Sold the company to an external international investor at the peak of success with high profits. At that time the company had six full time employees and dozens of sub-contractors.

International Credit Bank Ltd. - Budapest 1991 to 1992
Deputy CEO, Member of the Board of Directors
ICB was a new international joint venture with a starting capital of USD 20 million
Led the set-up of a new commercial bank, a joint venture between the Hungarian Credit Bank and a foreign investor, from signing the cooperation agreement till the opening of the new bank. One-year assignment.

Key Accomplishments:
• Successfully completed the project in 1 year, starting from finding and appropriate real estate in Budapest up to leading the hiring of 90+ staff
• Customized all HCB internal rules and regulations for the new organization
• Developed a new five-year business strategy for the bank
• Handed over my role to the appointee of the foreign investor

Hungarian Credit Bank Ltd. - Budapest 1987 to 1990
Advisor to the Chairman and CEO | General Manager
HCB was the largest commercial bank of Hungary financing the companies that produced 40% of the Hungarian GDP
New Banking Products, International Business Development, International Joint Ventures, Financial Analysis of Special Development Projects, Strategic Planning

Key Accomplishments:
• Starting as an English/Hungarian interpreter, participate in all high-level international business meetings between the Hungarian Credit Bank and international investors or Governments across three continents
• Having been successful in the previous role, successfully managed the international affairs of the Secretariat of the Chairman and CEO, supervising all projects between the clients of the bank and international investors.
• Travelled around the Word, many times alone, visiting 40+ countries in search for investment partners of the largest clients of the bank, promoting the Hungarian investment opportunities for international audiences
• Led the development of a subsidiary of the bank that was specialized in supporting emerging SMEs in Hungary, developed new banking products for them and also a marketing strategy for the bank

Ministry of Industry - Budapest 1985 to 1987
Advisor the Minister of Industry | Senior Research Fellow
The Ministry of Industry had an academic subsidiary specialized in applied industrial research
Key Accomplishments:
• Managed the Laboratory of Economic Cybernetics, i.e. a small team of scientists developing a new theoretical mathematical model in the borderline area of economics, physics, mathematics and computer science to serve as a basis of industrial modelling
• Developed a theoretical Dynamic Macroeconomic Input-Output Stock-Flow Mathematical Model
• Led the development of an applied Dynamic Industry Model to support the five-year-planning requirements of all industrial sectors of Hungary

Corvinus University - Budapest 1981 to 1985
Assistant Professor
Key Accomplishments:
CU was established in 1920 and it was the main university in Hungary offering only master’s and doctoral programs in various fields of social sciences at that time
Lecturing to Large Audiences, Tutoring in Small Seminars, Developing Course Materials, Writing Textbooks
• Introduced a new course and new textbook for the Theory of International Trade, based on my Doctoral Degree, that has become part of the core curriculum
• Developed training materials for the professional development programs of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and taught in many of their Professional Development programs and courses
• Supervised many Master’s and PhD Theses of the students of the university


Sandybayev, A.; Houjeir, R.; and Reczey, I. (2018). Exploring Trends in Tourism Motivation. A Case of Tourists Visiting the United Arab Emirates. Noble International Journal of Social Sciences Research ISSN(e): 2519-9722 ISSN(p): 2522-6789 Vol. 03, No. 01, pp: 01-08, 2018
Forogh, S., Dansanayaka, S., Al Serhan, O., Alariki, A., Houjeir, R., Reczey, I. (2018). Service Quality Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Afghanistan’s Mobile Telecommunication Industry. International Journal of Economic Perspective. Vol. 12, Issue 3, ISSN: 1307-1637

Reczey, I.; Houjeir, R.; and Al Saka, M. (2017). QMS in Implementation in Higher Education,
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QMS in Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi Men’s College UAE:
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