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Ronald Ajuk

Candidate ID: 1587388

Career Summary

Post Graduate with 14 years experience in Purchase / Buyer / Procurement functional area

Skill Set


Professional Information

Total Experience : 14

Nationality : Uganda

Qualification Level : Post Graduate

Job Function : Purchase / Stores / Spare Parts / Buyer

Work Location Preference : Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile


P.O BOX 23493, Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: +256-756467717
Personal Details

Date of Birth: 5th November 1982
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male
Nationality: Ugandan
Academic Qualifications

2014, August – 2018 July: Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala (IPSK)/ Uganda Christian University
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Oil and Gas Management

2011, March – 15th Feb 2017: University of Liverpool
Masters of Science (MSc.) Operations and Supply Chain Management (Specializing in Oil and Gas)

Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. (U.A.C.E)

1997 – 2000 LANGO COLLEGE (LIRA)
Uganda Certificate of Education (U.C.E)

Current Enrollments

2017, November – Todate: University of Nottingham
LLM Public Procurement Law and Policy

2018, May – Todate: Makerere University
Certificate courses in Public Private Partnership (PPP)
PPP Principles and regulatory framework
PPP Inception procedures
PPP Feasibility Studies
PPP Procurement
PPP Project Finance
PPP Agreement Management


? IFP School (April/May 2016), MOOC Oil and Gas Certification: From Exploration to Distribution

? Halliburton Contract Management (HCM 1 and HCM 2) (Halliburton Virtual University 2012)


Assessing the Capacity of Local service providers to competitively bid in the Ugandan Oil and Gas industry

Internal organizational factors that influence the adoption of strategic outsourcing in the supply chain
IAFOR Journal of Business and Management, Volume 2-Issue 2_Autumn 2017

The implication of suppliers’ collaboration on organization performance (2007)


A member of Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU)


? Educational background that fits with the job requirement i.e. MSc Operations and Supply chain (Specializing in Oil and Gas), MBA Oil and Gas, Bachelor Procurement and Logistics Mgt, MOOC certification (From Exploration to Production)
? Advance knowledge of Halliburton Procurement and Contract Management systems, with specialized training in Halliburton SAP procedures, Halliburton Contract Management (HCM 1 & 2) system, Skills of navigating Halliburton Business Warehouse
? Background and vast experience in the Oil and Gas sector, ranging across various oil and gas segments
? Advanced knowledge of certification, standards, HSE requirements for a wide range of services and products that are specific for oil and gas.
? Wide range of knowledge in other procurement rules and policies
? Specialist skills in Procurement Planning, suppliers sourcing and Management, Contracts negotiation, Suppliers Performance Management & Monitoring, Supplier Relationship Management, Suppliers failure Risk Management, Suppliers Development.
? Understanding of Taxation regimes in international setting,
? Clearing, Forwarding and Custom Documentations.
? Good Knowledge of Business Process Management with SAP R/3 and other procurement and contract management applications.
? Budgeting, budget administration and reporting writing skills
? Ability to develop and optimize the supply network strategy of a company across all tire (seamless Supply chain integration)
? Ability to manage third party Logistics and other outsourcing strategies
? Proven Leadership skills
? Experience in procurement and contract management of high value infrastructure projects
? Good grasp of Procurement and contract strategies for capital Assets

Major Projects Handled

Amongst the key projects handled are

? Total E&P Projects (Uganda): coordination of Procurement and Contract management for Oil field infrastructure projects managed by Halliburton Oil field services for operations under the following segment _Wire Line, Completion and perforating, cementing, Baroid and Artificial Lift.
? CNOOC Uganda: Mobilization of materials and services for cementing operations of Halliburton under CNOOC Contracts
? Procurement and Tendering Consulting services for Empire Tools Uganda for the Construction of 3 Valley Tanks construction in Kiboga District in the sub counties of Maggi, Kaggera and Kibanda_(Global Climatic Change Alliance (GCCA)_European Union/World Food Program Funded 2016/2017)
? Tullow Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia Exploration Projects: Coordination of Procurement Management, Import & Export Management and general mobilizations under the different Halliburton segment of Baroid, Cementing, coring, Well completion, Artificial Lift, Sperry Drilling, Wire line and perforating.
? Procurement and Tendering consulting for Empire Tools Uganda for the construction of Bukedea Gravity Flow scheme_Upper Sipi (World Bank Funded 2017/2018)
? Managing Contracts and procurement process for the Construction, drilling and rehabilitation of 498 boreholes in Uganda constructed in 2007/2008 under the funding of German Red Cross, DFID VI, European Union etc.
? Contract formulations and Management for water pans, dams and water systems in west Pokot Kenya, inclusive of procurement of related equipment for dam construction
? Procurement and Contract Management for setting up remote facilities for Halliburton in different Oil field sites across East and Sub Saharan Africa (Remote accommodation, access roads, energy provision, Mud Labs, Warehousing, Health Facilities, Laboratories and setting up of all remote management systems) in Uganda, Mozambique, South Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya


Period: November 2015 to date
Company: Ron Outsourcing Ltd
Position Held: Operations and Contract Lead
Reporting to: Board of Directors

Company Background
Ron Outsourcing is a Company specialized in access controls and smart parking management system.


? Develops strategic plan by studying technological and financial opportunities; presenting assumptions; recommending objectives.
? Provide direction and support for the Operations team to ensure that any issues or concerned with delivery are addressed and all deadlines are met.

? Accomplishes subsidiary objectives by establishing plans, budgets, and results measurements; allocating resources; reviewing progress; making mid-course corrections.

? Responsible for the delivery of all service lines and maintain and develop the operational activity throughout the project area.

? Support bidding and Tendering processes by ensuring proper pricing of bid, accuracy of bid security, work plan, conformity of proposed equipment and staff, and general review of the whole tender documents in conformity to the bid requirements.

? Builds company image by collaborating with customers, government, community organizations, and employees; enforcing ethical business practices.

? Creates a detailed schedule based on strict deadlines, Developing and monitoring the operational expenses

? Developing a comprehensive procurement plan to cater for all project requirements.

? Coordinates activities that affect operational decisions and business requirements in regards to the production, procurement, and planning of daily operations

? Communicates with all relevant employees to ensure delivery times are met. Plans, schedules, and reviews workload and manpower to make sure targets are being met on a cost-effective basis

? Manages the stock control, and checks that inventory records are accurate

? Coordinate the day by day activities, ensuring contractor compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract (Scope of Work, Deliverables, Schedule, etc.) while ensuring that all aspects of the contract are complied with in an auditable manner and that cost, schedule and HSE risks are minimized.

? Provide general contractual / commercial advice to the company.

? To assist Contract Holder in all matter of tax, insurance, warranty, bond, liquidated damages, etc. and liaise with the relevant internal supporting functions (e.g. Procurement, Finance, Legal). Ensure all required guarantees, insurance and tax certificates have been received from the Contractor.

? Administer and maintain records of all correspondence, meetings, actions and decisions relating to the contract. Coordinate and maintain register of contractual and commercial issues.

? Attend meetings with Contractors at which contractual / commercial matters may be discussed. When applicable, attend the Handover meeting and verify the completeness of Contract documents.

? Prepare correspondence to the Contractors on routine contractual / commercial matters, for signature by the Contract Holder. Review correspondence from Contractors and monitor and expedite response times by Company.

? Negotiate with banks terms of bid security, performance bond, advance payment bond and all other contractual facilities to enforce effective performance of a contract

? Certify in the ERP system the actual quantity of goods/services received by Company.

? Verify the timely and correct approval of Contractor’s invoices monitoring the payment process.

? Monitor, track and keep record of the actual Contract expenditure against the planned expenditure.

? Capture and communicate contract administration lessons learned for the Company.

? Assist the Contract Holder in the Contract close-out process and consolidate the supporting documentation.

? Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.

Period: 17th April 2012- October 2015
Company: Halliburton International Inc.
Position Held: Procurement Supervisor
(Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and
South Sudan)
Reporting to: Procurement and Material
Manager, African Region
Company Background
Halliburton International Inc. is one of the largest providers of Oil field services in the world. The company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir -from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the field.


? Management and supervision of procurement related activities such as procurement planning, suppliers sourcing, managing call for Tenders, contract Management etc

? Overseeing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) across the supply chain and ensure that all HSE related incidences are reported on a timely manner.

? Ensuring proper material/Inventory Management and overseeing that different handling procedures are respected for different categories of Goods.

? Managing sub-contracting and other outsourced services, ensuring that sub-contractors adhere to company policy and respect the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) policy throughout the company supply chain.

? Responsible for optimizing the supply chain integration for the company while ensuring all round visibility from suppliers, user departments, transporters, warehouse and across all tire of operations

? Implementation of Aggregation planning together with the material team as a support tool to procurement forecasting.

? Liaise with Logistics team to ensure timely import and Export exercises, timely clearance, tax compliance, proper handling of good depending on its nature and seeking clearance for dangerous/hazardous goods before entering or leaving the country.

? Training of Suppliers and Vendors on company policies, empowering their capacities to ensure they are competitive to provide world class services locally and provision of support where necessary in receiving international and industrial certifications/Accreditations as assurance towards quality adherence.

? In charge of capacity building and empowerment of staff under my supervision in areas of training and general work empowerment.

? Generating periodic reports on procurement status, delivery status, suppliers performance, KPI adherence, amongst others

? Contract formulation for different categories of products and services while at the same time observing conformity to different localized legal policies for different respective countries.

? Processing of purchase Orders in SAP, Linking outline agreements in SAP with web based Halliburton Contract Management system.

? Task with the responsibility to see that different departments adhere to procurement policies, rules and procedures when placing orders for purchases.

? Conducting world wide / International sourcing of items not found in local markets and ensuring that the goods are delivered on a timely manner to the destination country

? Registration, managing, and deletion of Vendors in SAP and updating the vendor data where necessary.

? Creation of Material numbers in the system and frequent monitoring of the market pricing of items.

? Compliance Checks on all vendors being engaged by the company to ensure they are not blacklisted both internally and internationally (M.K. Denial List)

? Seeking approvals for all the Item that exist on the Highly Controlled Goods List such as Nuclear and Radioactive materials, and other highly controlled chemicals and Explosives.

? Carrying out Lease/Buy analysis for capital Equipment to determine whether they should be out rightly purchased or just hired using FAS13 accounting and procurement rules.

? Approvals of Payment Term Exceptions in cases where the company standard and desired payment systems is being deviated from.

Period: April 2010 – Sept 2011
Company: Agency for Technical Cooperation
and Development (ACTED)
Position Held: Country Logistics Manager
Reporting to: Director Horn of Africa

Company Background:
ACTED is an international NGO based in more than 30 different countries, and involve in emergency relief, food security, health promotion, education and training, economic development, microfinance, advocacy and institutional support, cultural promotion amongst others.


Procurement and Contract Management
• Procurement planning on a monthly and per project basis
• Management of National and International Call for Tender
• Management of all customs related activities for goods procured from out of the country with activities ranging from clearance, custom documentations ensuring compliance to government custom rules and ISO standards
• Preparation of bidding documents such as Terms of reference, bid adverts contract development amongst others
• Management of suppliers, ensuring they are compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
• Overseeing the prequalification exercise, and subsequent frame work contracts
• Developing and execution of contracts and some time amendments to suite specific terms of reference and in accordance to procurement laws
• Follow up of bid securities, performance bonds, advance payment bonds etc with insurance companies, banks and other authorized institution as a guarantee to protect against contract failures
• Management and addressing conflicts and disputes in contracts and related activities
• Ensuring compliance of procurement procedures in all areas of Operations

Taxation Issues Related to Procurement and Contract Management
• Pursuing tax exemptions from the government for all items procured where necessary
• Ensuring tax exemptions for equipments and Motor Vehicles and other motorized assets
• Ensuring that all procurement are in conformity to the countries tax policy.

Delivery Management
• Plan the schedule for all freight deliveries, ensure security of frights while in transit and accountable for all compliance of delivery Management procedure as per the ACTED Manual

Passenger (Staff) Travel
• Organize ACTED staff travel arrangements (In and Out), communicate and confirm travel arrangement between ACTED staff and carriers, ensure that safety and other related procedures are fully complied with in my area of jurisdiction.

Assets and Property Management
• Ensure the safety and effective use of all ACTED assets and property, responsible for the maintenance and repair of these resources, and accountable for overall compliance with assets, property and premises management procedures.

Fleet and Fuel management
• To ensure proper utilization , maintenance and follow up of the ACTED fleet throughout the region, control and manage the cost of fleet and accountable for overall compliance with the fleet management procedures, such as proper log book usage for all motorized assets and transport report for ACTED Uganda/Kenya
• Ensure safe operation of the fleet through driver selection and training, quality maintenance to include routine checks and regular service and establishing / enforcing local fleet operating procedures
• Ensure appropriate use of vehicles by all staff (e.g. use of seatbelts, adherence to speed limits, vehicle booking process and movement monitoring system)
• Report monthly on fleet management according to ACTED Logistics Reporting policy.
• Management of Spare parts and ensuring proper servicing of equipments
• Overseeing the general Logistics operations ranging from Vehicle schedule, vouchers billing of vehicles to none core activities, and fuel allocation management.
• Establish tools for vehicles follow-up: log books, technical check-ups etc
• Calculate and check the monthly cost of each vehicle (fuel consumption, repairs) in coordination with the standard rules of the organization
• Identify companies for the transportation of stock;
• Complete and file waybills ;
• Drafting and maintenance of contracts for vehicles repairs

• To complete and consolidate timely monthly motorized asset running cost, asset registry before submission to the Headquarters in Paris -France
• Review all reports from the field offices and ensure compliance are respected as per ACTED procedure

Staff Management
• Controlling the work of all staff under my department, Organize daily and weekly work of logistics Department, monitor and evaluate staff and their commitment to the Organization and providing capacity Building to my staff to take more responsibilities in the organization.

• Ensuring that security SOPs are well respected for the safety and security of all the premises, staff, vehicles, trips etc
• Coordinate security meetings for the organization with all other parties involve and also plotting and mapping security incidences in the manner of their magnitude for a proper future prediction of security situations
• Ensure proper IT equipment maintenance, usage and management of IT service providers

Major Projects Handled and Achievements

• Modernizing the Fleet of ACTED throughout the Horn of Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Somalia) through installation and execution of Fleet Management system (ZON Control) i.e. Monitoring usage of Vehicles, fuel consumption, speed and automated reports, Vehicle tracking amongst others
• Contract Management under P4P project in partnership with World Food programme, funded by Japanese Government (JICA). Main activities includes but not limited to procurement of post Harvest handling Equipments, Infrastructure development (warehouses, roads etc) amongst others
• Management of contracts under Early warning systems (EWS) for environmental change activities
• Contract formulations and Management for water pans, dams and water systems in west Pokot Kenya, inclusive of procurement of related equipments for dam construction.
• Setting up the structure of Logistic support team throughout Kenya, Somalia and Uganda to ensure coordination of procurement activities.
• Setting up a computerized contract and procurement management system for proper follow up and automated up dates as per the progress of procurement/contract implementation
• Managing 48 stuff in the Logistics Department, ensuring their improvement through regular training and empowering them with more responsibilities as a way of ensuring efficiency in the Logistics Department
• Procurement of seeds, food items, insecticides and household items in the fight against famine in Somalia.

Period: March 2007 – July. 2009
Company: Uganda Red Cross Society National Headquarters
Position Held: Procurement Officer
Reporting to: Logistics Coordinator

Company Background:
Uganda Red Cross Society is an NGO enacted by the ACT of Parliament and Geneva
Convention towards Dissemination and implementation of International Humanitarian Law aimed at saving lives, supporting livelihoods and promoting human dignity.


Procurement and Contract Management
• Supervision of all procurement related activities ranging from suppliers sourcing, evaluation of bids, negotiation, purchase order preparation, contract management and payment of services provided.
• Undertake purchases and storage of supplies;
• Set up and maintain a database of local suppliers, detailing criteria of quality, price, service, ethics etc; after prequalification exercise.
• Manage the presentation, circulation, filing and archiving of procurement documents,
• Identifying and computing Tax components in all bills of quantity (BOQ) and invoices under non taxable donor funded projects (specifically DFID projects).
• Advising user departments on specifications of goods and services and providing budget estimate for each requirement.
• Price monitoring of market trends for goods and services commonly used by Uganda Red Cross society.
• Drafting of contracts and making regular up dates in accordance to the actual implementation.
• Writing Tender Minutes, Preparation of local purchase order.
• Preparing advertisements, issuing bidding documents, receive bids and provide bid clarification and preparation of quarterly reports
• Liaise with the warehouse on pending deliveries so as to ensure prior preparation for storage.
• Preparation of request for quotation and bills of quantity.
• Work closely with the Finance and Logistics Coordinator to ensure compliance throughout the procurement process against both internal policy and donor requirements (Ensuring that branch procurement are within mandated capacity and following different procurement procedure in accordance to specific donor requirement)

Human Resource Management
• Oversee the team and undertake appraisals of directly supervised colleagues; (Especially volunteers in procurement section, transport section and the warehouse
• Ensure training and capacity building for Volunteers in transport, procurement and warehouse sections under the Logistics Department in order to increase the level of technical ability and skills within the department and at the same time prepare them for formal employment and deployment within branches of Red Cross.
• Coordinate the activities of all volunteers involve in distribution exercise in various regions

Clearance, Custom Documentation, Disposal Management and insurance management

• Ensuring timely clearance, forwarding and custom documentation of all goods being imported
• Management of Disposal activities ranging from Valuation of Assets exercise, calls for expression of interest, bid opening, evaluation of bids, transfer of assets with proper documentation while adhering to set standards and basis of disposal.
• Following up matters related to insurance and quarterly evaluation of insurance impact on the organizations assets
• Ensuring that all staff members and volunteers traveling abroad are insured against accident and death

• Management of Technical Equipments: inclusive of IT Equipments, Communication equipment (telephones, HF and VHF radios), Power supplies equipment, Stocks, Supplies and other Assets by organizing the installations and train staff in the use of such equipments;
• Responsible for the appropriate selection, installation, use and maintenance of equipment across the following technical disciplines: Information Technology, Communications, Mechanics, Energy & Electricity,

Financial Management:
• Manage the expenses for the logistical department petty cash and urgent demands pool

• Participate in development, review, implementation and monitoring of Uganda Red Cross Society’s security measures within the operations Area
• Making Security cross checks with all Branch field Coordinators and field staff prior to any Visit by Head quarter Management, Delegates and Donors
• Mapping and analyzing security incidence and trends within all operation areas

Major Projects Handled
• Handling of Humanitarian procurement during floods Operation in Eastern and Northern Uganda 2007-2008 funded by World Bank, DFID, ECHO, International federation of Red Cross, MTN, EU etc
• Coordinating of proper inflow of Humanitarian Aid to Uganda during the floods operation by ensuring effective and timely tracking, follow ups, storage, clearance, custom documentation and distribution of Aid to the affected community through the Red Cross Regional office in Nairobi, via Busia to Uganda Red Cross Warehouse in Soroti.
• Managing Contracts and procurement process for the Construction, drilling and rehabilitation of 498 boreholes in Uganda constructed in 2007/2008 under the funding of German Red Cross, DFID VI, European Union etc.
• Managing of Contracts for the Constructions of Red Cross Branches in different districts like in Bundibugyo, Pader, Kotido, Mukono Youth Centres, Busia, Lira and Wakiso.
• Managing contracts in relation to installations of Solar Powered water Pumps in IDP Camps of Northern Uganda under the funding of DFID VI.
• Procurement of Assorted Humanitarian equipments for the fight against Hepatitis E in Kitgum, Pader and Gulu, Ebola operations in Bundibugyo, amongs others
• Procurement of Seeds and Agricultural Tools for the resettlement of IDPs and Flood affected people in different parts of Uganda.
• Procurement of many Consultancy services most especially before implementations of major projects and after implementations to assess the impacts.
• Procurement of monthly Food items for HIV affected persons in Uganda funded by CSF
• Procurement of blood donation kits funded by PEPFAR throughout Uganda to be use regularly during blood donation in Uganda

Period: October 2005 – Feb 2007
Company: Nile Basin Initiative (Sio Malaba
Malakisi River Basin Project)
Position Held: Research Assistant
Reporting to: Research Consultant

Company Background:
The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to equitable and sustainable management and development of the shared water resources of the Nile Basin across the Nile Countries.

• Collecting and entering data on water sources into the system.
• Educating the locals on the best way of utilizing their water resources
• Making weekly reports to the senior research consultant
• Analyzing data on water related activities, ensuring interpretation and eventual presentation
• Validate quality of data elements/data editing
• Diagnose and problem solve as it relates to the research project
• Conduct literature searches
• Prepare samples for analysis by various instrumentation
• Develop and maintain research databases

• English –Excellent in both spoken and written
• Luo- Mother tounge

• Microsoft Office Applications. (Word, Excel, Access, Power point, Outlook.)
• Internet and e-mail
• Good at Database Management skills.( Ms Access)
• Basics of Navision Accounting Software
• Advance Knowledge of SAP and ERP Applications


• Traveling
• Learning New ideas
• Social interactions
• Working in a multi-cultural environment.
• Business ventures


Providing objective performance through out my career pursuit with strong adherence to professional codes of conduct and objectively contributing to attainment of Organization’s strategic goals and objectives while practicing the great principles of Accountability, Transparency, Competitiveness, Non-discrimination, Confidentiality, Effectiveness and Efficiency.

1. Dr. Joel Serubanja
Public Health Specialist
Medical Research Council/UVRI
Plot 51/59 Nakiwogo Rd, Entebbe, Uganda UGANDA
Tel: 0774447131, 0750124222

2. Steven Namanya
Director Operations
Ron Outsourcing
Tel: 0783692840

3. Okalebo Juma
Multicon Associates
Tel: 0701835336/ 0772053515/0782570354

I the undersigned certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this data correctly describe my qualifications, my career and me.
Ajuk Ronald Jimmy
+256 756467717 / +256782123456