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Kashiram Dapse

Candidate ID: 729767

Career Summary

Diploma with more than 20 years experience in the field of maintenance ,project and fire and safety from AC manufacturing , Fire and safety,steel,tubes, automobile and automation industries,

Skill Set

Hydraulic , maintenance, project, Fire and Safety

Professional Information

Total Experience : 22

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Diploma

Job Function : Production / Manufacturing

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Name : Kashiram K. Dapse
E-mail :,
Mobile No. : 917420817235
DME with 25 years of experience in the field of Maintenance and projects from AC Manufacturing,fire and safety, Steel Seamless Tubes, Forging, Automation and Engineering Organizations.

? Planning for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly maintenance activities, break down, analysis and corrective actions.
? To make availability of spares, stock and non-stock items in store and tool crib.
? Improve the company’s profits by reducing rework, minimum spare parts consumption and non-value added activities.
? Plan and create routine PM and Pd.M. of equipment schedule and implement it.
? Improvements/modifications to optimize plant/equipment reliability, availability, efficiency, safety and environmental impact on plant.
? Planning for Outsourcing and liaison with various contractors.
? Implementation of TPM, ISO, TS, MTBF, MTTR and SAP.
? Preparation of Maintenance yearly Budget and implementation of it.


A C and Chest Freezer Manufacturing : -
Preventive, breakdown maintenance of following equipment.
Chest Freezer Plant :-
? Cannon P U foaming machines, Cannon door drum, Carrousel & Preheating oven.
? Thermoforming,Yangli PressBreak,wrapping, packing,Multifold sheet beding,LSK sheet bending
? Coil-winding, Galileo TP, R-600 &R-134A gas charging machines, Vacuum pumps, vacuum lifters.
? Tools , hydraulic Clinching ,Pneumatic clinching, Hydraulic LOK ring, hydraulic flaring etc.
? Powder coating plant, Mechanical and hydraulic presses, CNC punching, shearing machine ctc.

? To read hydraulic circuit and modify as per requirement. Fault finding and Trouble shooting of hydraulic problem.
? Preventive and break down maintenance of hydraulic equipment like Power pack, Filters, Pumps, Manifolds, Valves, Cylinders, Motors, pipelines, Heat exchanger, proportional and servo system.
Pneumatics: -
? Maintenance of various types of compressors, Chillers,Pneumatic valves, FRL and cylinders.
Presses Mechanical and Hydraulic:-
? Erection and commissioning of 8,500T Press Line.
? Preventive, breakdown, Online, Scheduled maintenance of 250T, 1,600T, 2,500T, 4,500T, 8,000T and 12,500T Press Lines. Godrej, Maxi, Ajax, TMP, Curimotto, Electro pneumatics, Bemco etc.
Rolling Mill:-
? Erection, commissioning and Modernization of Wire Rod and Bar Mill MH Sweden.
? Preventive, Predictive, breakdown, Routine, Online and Scheduled maintenance of above Mill.
Seamless Tube-
? Various types of maintenance of Hot Rolling Mill, Pillagers, Draw Benches, Hydro testers, furnaces etc.
? Preventive, Breakdown, Predective, scheduled maintenance of SPM, CNC, VMC, Gear Cutting, Spil ine Broach, T serretion, Groving, C Grinding Machines. Condition Monitoring and modification of Hydraulic Circuits.
? Maintenance of Billet Reheating, Induction, Rotary Hearth, Walking Beam, Roller Hearth, Harding & tempering, Pit and Open Hearth Furnaces.
? Maintenance of Compressors Low pressure and High pressure, Screw, Fire alarm, Fire Hydrant, Sprinklers, Water pumps, Cooling Towers, Heat exchangers-plate and tube types, LPG, ETP and STP etc.


? Supervisory Development Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd. At Jejuri, Pune.
? Certified course MPTA, Pune.


1992 to 1995: Mukand Ltd. Kalwe Thane. Worked as a Junior Engineer. (Project & Maintenance)
1995 to 2002: Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd Baramati/Ahemednagar. Worked as Maintenance
Engineer. (Hot mill, cold Mill and EFS)
2002 to 2004: HYT Engineering, Pune. Worked as Sr. Engineer (Service and Maintenance)
2004 to 2008 Bharat Forge Ltd. Mundhawa, Pune. Worked as Dy. Manager (Maintenance:- FMD)
Spicer India Ltd. Dharwad K.A.:- CNC,VMC,SPM, Gear Cutting- serression,
Spiline Broach, Centreless Grinding, Boring & Grooving Etc.
2008 to 2010: TATA T C Springs Ltd. Pirangut, Pune. Worked as Dy. Manager (Maintenance)
2010 to 2013: Precision Automation and Robotics India Ltd. Pune. Worked as Leader-Sr.Mgr.

Present Job:-

Awal Gulf Manufacturing CO. BSC (C) Manama, Bahrain.
Responsibilities: - Working as Incharge (Maintenance ) for Chest freezer Plant. Tube shop and Wiring.
Total complete individual responsibility of mechanical electrical and building maintenance of Chest freezer plant ,
Planning and execution weekly, monthly, yearly maintenance activities. MTBF , MTTR,Budgeting Audit ctc

Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd. Tarapur.
Responsibilities: - Worked as Manager (Plant Engineering)
Planning and execution of Preventive, Predictive and breakdown maintenance of CNC Spinning, Heat treatment, cyclic, Hydro stretch test, Air leak test, internal & external shot blasting and Painting , Cranes, compressors, cooling tower, Hydraulic Equipments. Leading a maintenance team to achieve target production. Shutdown maintenance, modifications, optimum utilization of resources like water, electricity, LPG and compressed air etc. Reporting to G M (Projects)
Organization : Mukand Ltd. Kalwe, Thane.
Company Profile : - A manufacturer of Steel, casting & Special Purpose Machines etc.
Job profile : - Maintenance of Wire rod mill, Bar mill and Blooming mill
Project :- Worked in project department for modernization of WRM (Wire Rod Mill) MH Sweden
A prestigious Mill which is erected & commissioned within budget and in time. Erection & commissioning of following equipment:
Gear Boxes :- Aligning and leveling of foundation frame of Gear box and Motor with reference to center line of Mill by dumpy and master level. Coupling mounting on shaft of both motor and gear box.
Complete erection and commissioning of lubrication system for gear boxes and Maintaining its quality and quantity, tripping circuit for oil level and pressure etc.
Hydraulic System:- Erection and Commissioning of Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic pipelines, valve stand and equipment.
Mechanical transmission system:- Conveyor rollers, loppers, flying shears, Rotary Shear, Turning table, cooling bed, Cold shear and finishing.
In Production :- Worked for production still achieving minimum target.
Stand Assembly:- Changing of coupling and stands for above mill in scheduled time.
Maintenance:- After commissioning of Mill did various types of maintenance of above Mill such as
Preventive, schedule, breakdown, online and routine maintenance etc.
Furnaces:- Maintenance of Billet Reheating furnace, Rotary Hearth furnace, Roller Hearth furnace, heat treatment furnace and Thermax Boiler
Utilities:- Maintenance of Cooling towers, EOT Cranes, Compressor such as Khosla, LG Compressor, water pumps and Ventilation blower etc. Reporting to Dy. G.M. (Projects)
Bar Mill :- Worked for Increasing Production of Bar Mill in maintenance co-ordination with project.
Increased Production from 3,200T to 6,000T in six months by modifying existing Problems. Maximum equipment in Mill works on hydraulic system. Did different types of maintenance for:-
Hydraulic System:- Grip Tilter, Tilting Table, Pumps, Motors, cylinders, Valves, Filter and Hydraulic
Press, Filtration Units, Quality of oil.
Mechanical transmission system:- Gear Boxes, Conveyor Rollers, Cold shear, flying shear, Furnaces, Grip tilter and cooling bed.
In General Shift:- Assembly of Grip Tilter, Tilter head, repairing of hydraulic valves, pumps & motor, cylinders and Conveyor rollers.
End Finishing:- CO2 welding m/c, cutting m/c, straitening m/c, CNC m/c, Furnaces, spot welding etc.
Spare Planning:- Ordering, follow up and keeping spares ready for breakdown and preventive maintenance. Attending any problem of breakdown in night shift with shift Engineer.
Awards :- Awarded for excellent and dedicated work done in bar mill maintenance. A Letter of appreciation in project for modernization of wire rod mill, as project completed within budget and in time.
Award under Mukand Master Mind skim. Reporting to Mgr. Maintenance.
Organization: Precision Automation and Robotic India Ltd.
Worked as a Leader (Sr.Manager) BT-2 Operation Mechanical
Responsible to handle a team of 13 Engineers and Managers for planning, executing, building, proving and commissioning of various Project in budget and time. All activities of Automation till commissioning of Projects. Ball screw alignment in 5 to 20 Micron, Hydraulic presses for Automation
Material follow up, planning under CCPM, assembly, flow back. Modification and commissioning of projects. Gantry, conveyors, gauging machines, NDT, engine assembly line & BARC projects etc.
Organization: TATA T C Spring Ltd. Pirangut, Pune.
Job Responsibilities:-
Planning &execution of manpower and maintenance activities.
Preventive predective ,breakdown and scheduled maintenance of plant.
Attending daily meeting with CEO, planning work and solving problems.
Shut down planning, improvements, ISO, TS work.
Complete spare planning, modification to solve repetitive problem.
Reduced the consumption of LDO 35% by modifying the furnace during Recession.
Successful shutdown of modifying of Walking beams and extractors reduced the 10% rejections.
Maintenance of 18 no of CNC Bending machine,Coiling, LPG Furnaces, Powder coating & Utilities.

Bharat Forge Limited, Mundhawa, Pune.
Job Responsibilities.
Erection and commissioning 8000T, 1600T Presses, Induction Heater, Material handling system, Hydraulic power pack, its pipelines and valve stands etc.
Preventive maintenance, Scheduled maintenance, breakdown maintenance, Spare planning. Keeping spares and assembly ready for preventive as well as breakdown maintenance. Implementation of TPM.
Under Ramdrand System:-
MGRS : Maintenance Group Activities. DOTS : Daily Operators Tasks.
ODRS : Outstanding Defects Report. Weekly off Plan & Modifications.
Equipment:- Rotary Hearth Furnace. Induction Heaters. ABB, Glama, and FANUC Robots. Hydraulic
Presses. Mechanical Presses. Descalar Pumps. Heat Exchanger (Plate type & Tube type) Cooling Towers. Conveyors, Gear Boxes, Reduce Roll & Pneumatic equipment etc.
Organization: Indian Seamless Metals Tubes ltd. Baramati.
Company Profile: A manufacturer of Seamless Pipes.
Job Profile :- Worked as a “Shift In charge” for both Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance to lead a shift of 04 Engineers and 11 workers. Attending breakdown, preventive, schedule, routine and online maintenance of Following equipment: -
Rotary Hearth Furnace, Hydraulic & Mechanical press and equipment, conveyor roller,
Mill proper, Walking beam furnace, GKW St. Machine, Roller furnace, Sizing mill, Hydro pressure, CNC machine, grinding machine and machines in machine shop.
In General Shift :- Complete responsibilities of lubrication system “auto cycle GREASE SYSTEM” of Mill and other equipment. Scheduled lubricating, greasing, oil changing, maintaining quality and Quantity of lubricant in equipment and improvement..
Spare Planning:- Maintaining spares available for breakdown and preventive maintenance. Ordering and follow up for spares with purchase and maintaining it. Did assembly of conveyor rollers, repair of pumps, valves and cylinders.
Utilities:- Maintenance of compressors, high-pressure water pumps, descalar pumps, ventilation Blower, water pumps, combustion blower, cooling towers and overhead cranes etc.
Ahmednagar (Division)
Job Profile :- Worked as an Engineer (Maintenance) in cold section.
Doing various types of Maintenance of Pillagers, cutting machines, gearboxes, St. Machine, Sizing mill, Cranes, Push pointing machine, Furnaces, Draw Benches and grinding machines
Assembly:- Responsible for assembly of choke, pinion shaft, crank shaft and conveyor rollers etc.
Hydraulic System:- Maintenance and repairs of pumps, valves and cylinders etc.
Utilities :- Compressors, water pumps, slug pumps, cranes and sewage treatment and ETP plant etc
Organization : HYT Egg. Co. (P) Ltd. Bhosari, Pune
In charge of South Zone
Job Profile:- Erection, commissioning, service and maintenance of Special Purpose Machines
Starting from foundation work till Handing over machine to Indian Railway & taking performance certificate. Providing training to Engineers, Technicians and operators of Indian Railways.
Maintenance of Godrej 400T Hydraulic Press break. Hydraulic circuit problem. Overhauling of pumps & different type of valves. Attending of break downs of Machines. Maintenance of CO2 welding machine.
Organization : Spicer India Ltd, Dharwad, Karnataka.
Designation : Asst. Manager (Maintenance.)
Job Profile :- Preventive and breakdown Maintenance of various Machines. Responsibility of Hydraulic equipment maintenance. Trouble shooting and solving of hydraulic problems. Modification of hydraulic circuits. Assembly of spindle, Material handling equipment like lifting table, forklifts, and pallets etc.
Equipment: CNC, VMC, CG, SPM, Induction Hardening, Rob drill, Spline Broach.
Awards and achievements
? Seven no. of modification done in five months for a repetitive break downs under Kizen. (Continuous improvement program) Bharat Forge ltd. Pune.
? Learnt for attending Electrical problems & Electrical maintenance for SPM’S
? A Letter of appreciation in project for modernization of wire rod mill, as project completed within budget and in time
? Award of excellent work done in BAR MILL maintenance.
? Award under “MUKAND’S MASTER MIND SCHEME” for improvement in repeating breakdowns.
? Award under CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) for improvement in Hot Mill, In Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd. Baramati.
? Solved breakdown in Railway, Hubli workshop for Hydraulic press break and hydraulic leakage out of duty hour.
? GKW St. Machine, assembly of gearboxes for saving bearing.
? Assembly of TRG rollers in time in night shifts (highest output).
? Award “Best Student’s Teacher”, and N. C. C.
Educational Qualification:

Sr. No. Exam School/ College Year of Passing %age of Marks
1 S.S.C New English high school Akola. 1984 83.42%
2 D.M.E. Govt. Polytechnic Pune.-16 1991 62%
3 PLC training MPTA , Karve Road, Pune 2013 Completed

Permanent Address Corresponding Address
At .: Kolar, Post : Hiwara Tal : Manora, Dist: Washim Pin-444406. Mangal Bhairav A-9, 602, Nanded City, Sinhgad Road, Pune – 411041
Date of Birth : 1st June 1969
Passport no : L6851981
Mobile No : 7420817235
Pan Card No : ABIPD0379E
Salary Drawn : - 15 L P A + Incentive. Salary Expected : As per company’s Rule
Notice Period : Can join as per requirement of company.
Dapse Kashiram . K.