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nadeem ashraf

Candidate ID: 89264

Career Summary

MMUP Certified & Professional civil engineer had more than 9+ years solid experience in major infrastructural projects in India & Doha (Qatar). Mainly work career on projects in various stages from start to complete. Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015 Certified # PMP Trained # NOC Available

Skill Set

Project Management, Construction Management , Site Management, Client Management, Contract & Billing Management, People Management , Steel & Reconciliation Management

Professional Information

Total Experience : 10

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Site Engineering / Projects

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Responsibilities and work execute by me as on my work experience:-
Office and Documentation - System works-
? Prepare Daily Reports - Safety, Quality, Environment, and Instrumentation & Progress of all site activity (Civil, MEP & ARCT). Maintain records and report to superior to carry out a good working environment for the project.
? Preparing work progress log to track the progress v/s CPM and Rolling Programmed. Ensure that quality & progress are effectively monitored and tracked throughout the program periods. Maintain the plan Schedule planning index (SPI).

? Prepare logs for track commented IRE, NCR review, MAR, MS, and ITP status. Generating reports to meet the client’s requirements. Checking of entire laboratory testing Reports and prepare logs for variation. Also prepare data information & reports required by the project manager (including labor, supervisors, engineers, plant and equipment, status, site progress, photographic report, amendments, delays, etc.) for submission to the Client.

? Ensure that the shop drawings are coordinated with another discipline of the project before proceeding with any work and highlight to the project manager any discrepancies for the necessary corrections.

? Issuing Work Observation and NCR/NCN for their non-comply work with Specification and Approved drawing.

? Carrying out continual Monitoring and controlling the project progress against the Project documents, Baseline Program concerning Schedule, Scope, Quality, Quantity and Time via Letters, Meetings.

? Assisting/coordinating with my Project Planner for the successful Preparation of Project status / Monthly progress reports and reviewing/discussing the Mitigation plans. Interfacing with Tunnel, Station, Road Work, traffic Diversion, MEP & Architecture disciplinary. Having Close coordination with the Procurement team for getting the Material delivery to site.

? Preparing a Weekly, Bi-weekly, Lookahead program based on the Main contractor work schedule/program and meeting the target. Preparation of mobilization and demobilization plans. Conduct the Progress meeting and handling the Client, Main contractor, Consultants and sub-contractors to escalate and review site issue & progress activity.

? Preparing project Punch list / Defect Report / Snags / Outstanding works report for proper Control and monitor as well as to include in the Work Completion Certificate.

? Organize and conduct for a briefing on Kickoff, MS, ITP, Safety Induction & training, pre-construction & Lesson learned.

? Maintaining a Record for Material consumption, Progress, Over Time logs, Additional works due to variations, and Red markups for the changes/deviations. Certifying monthly invoices, Variation Claims.

? Providing Concise and relevant comments substantiating with Site Taken Photos, Specific requirements clauses from relevant Contract Specification, Codes and Standards to avoid any conflicts, thus, saving time and achieving progress.

? Ensure all project conditions are met in regards to documentation submissions, approvals, handover for STKID. Completed with all works related to all STKID & STTO on Date schedule.

? I have been handling all emails and meeting on behalf of my Manager during his absence. RE has entrusted me responsibility in his absence like RE Daily Reports, NCR review, prepare MOM, Interface issue and Other Progress Recorded Sheets.

Site monitoring work-
? Carryout inspections (Request for Inspection and Test-RFIT) on Structural, Architectural, Landscape, TTM, and MEP work. Witnessing for Concrete temperature, slump, compressive test on the cube, steel test, field density.

? Daily visits to Project site for monitoring of site activities in respect of Quality, Safety and Progress and solution of findings, area of concern and corrective action.

? Frequently site walks, capturing the Non conformities, Site Deficiencies against the project requirements and report / intimate through agreed communication procedures / documents like NCR/N, SDR, Observation Reports, Letters, Workshops and e-Mail messages with clear explanation of such deficiency with supporting documents to avoid rejection of the works as well as to increase the productivity.

? Having close coordination with all contractors and sub-contractors in all the aspects and ensuring that No activity is hindered due to lack of other activities.

? Monitoring Safety and Quality and ensuring implementation of Project Quality Procedures (PQP) and Safety management systems (SMS) at Project sites in coordination with relevant department heads.

? Prepare for a Mockup installation, getting Client Approval and subsequently prepare the delivery schedule to avoid more shortage of space and associated costs.

? Ensure that all required testing & commissioning are conducted successfully. Attending the Defects during the DL Period on-call basis.

? Attending the QCDD, Client’s HSSE inspections, Risk management meetings and circulating the Comments matrix, among the project stakeholders, arranging the Follow-up action / Open issue meetings to monitor the status of completions/compliances.

? Identifying Snags at the site, raise SnagR on Data-Base & correction follow-ups.

? Overall, Effectively managing the project by eliminating the improper / Inadequate order of Materials, Excess Manpower deployment and ensuring proper utilization of resources on time and Value Engineering process within the given budget and time. I hold the distinction of being recognized as the top performer of the project.

Execution of Civil Work –
? Earthwork –Trial trench, Utility, Guide Wall, Diaphragm Wall, Pile Structure, Plunch Column, S-pile, dewatering borehole, Anchoring works, short creating, Capping Beam & Blinding works, Backfilling Compaction.

? Structure work - Suspended Slab Construction (Roof, Mezzanine, Base), External & Internal Wall, Core Wall, Vent shaft, Main & Fire staircase, lift Shaft & escalator hanging slab, Machinery Base special foundation, Water Tank, Sump room and Pit, Tower foundation, Popups, Subway by box pushing and open cut and cover, Tunnel Eye, Head Wall, Capping Beam, Mass Fill.

? Tunnel work - Ring fixing in tunnel work with full coordination of ring supply from casting yard to the execution site, the staging of all ring as per serial no., lowering of ring segment, transportation of ring with proper signaling and erecting of the ring segment.

? Construction of launching and retrieval shaft for TBM, cross passagework, shuttering and concrete work, main sump with drainage system, tunnel first stage concrete (invert concrete) with shear connector, construction of three types of tunnel eye, tunnel walkway and water pipeline system

? Road Work – Traffic diversion work, excavation and backfilling with different layer compaction as required in MS and drawing, supervision of infrastructural network such as drainage, sewer, storm water, potable water & irrigation water line, GRP Pipeline, Clay & ductile iron pipeline, bedding, testing and backfilling, precast casting and erection for installation. Concrete work for Manhole, inspection chamber, catch pit basin & irrigation tank. (also alignments, geometrics, staging, utilities, roadside safety, quantity calculation, contract documents, constructability)

Execution of Architectural Work –
? Floor Work - Floor Drains, Screed, Touch Voltage Membrane, Waterproofing In Wet Area, Primer, membrane brass divider strip, application Cementitious Terrazzo, Sealants, Tile finishes, Carpet installation, Tactile Strips & Studs-Linear Strips, Balustrades & Handrails, Bump Rails Installation, Permanent precast Furniture installation.

? Wall Work - Wall Substructure, Gypsum board lining (Moisture Resistant & Fire Rated), Cement Board, Mineral Acrylic fixing with polishing, GRG Ceiling, Pearlescent Tiles, and Metal cladding, Glass cladding, Natural Stone cladding on gypsum board, Column Cladding, Skirting, Movement and Expansion Joints, Doors Signage (Way Finding), Sliding Doors, Roller Shutter Installation, Polymer Render, Aluminum Louvres, Perforated Metal Screen & Fence M55

? Ceiling Works - Secondary Steel Structure, Substructures for Vault, Vaults Tiles, Petal Ceiling, Air Curtain, and Metal Paint finish

? Shelter Work - Structural Steel, Fireproofing to Structural Steel, Secondary Steel (brackets for GRP and façade), Corrugated Sheet, Shelter Cladding GRP, Exterior Glazing Skylight Frame, and Glass.

Landscape work – Earthwork Filling & Grading (Cut & Fill) & Sub-base Work, Geo Textile, Road & Paving Works – (Kerbs Stones, Subbase/ Base / Wearing course work, Interlocks, & Traffic Signage’s, Precast slabs), Finishing -Drainage Works (Install Manhole, Catch Pits Soakway, Precast Hidden Drain and Gully Covers), Fire Standing, Security Bollard, Way Finding, Highway Signage, Cycle racks, Plaza Light, Light Bollard, Feeder Pillar.

Environmental Testing – Noise monitoring, De-watering Water Test, Waste segregation and Management, EMS inspection.

Mechanical and Electrical installation work – Inspection for (HVAC, Plumbing-Water supply, Drainage, Fire Protection, Fire suppression system, Irrigation, Fuel oil system, Tie-ins to centralized utility services, FCU, AHU, Fire Pump, Dewatering Pump, Booster Pump, MCC ,DB ,SMDB,MDBs, Switchgear, Transformer, BACS, Fire Telephone, Fire Alarm System, FM 200 System, Room Integrity Test etc.) Co-coordinating with QDC (Qatar Design Consortium) for inspection of Emergency Light, Fire Fighting System, Fire Rated Dusts, Gas Suppression System (FM200) & other Safety Equipment.

MEP Equipment Installation work - MCC (Motor Control Centre), SMDB (Sub Main Distribution Board), DB (LV Distribution Board ), LIFT, ESC (Escalator), TRA (Travator), AHU (Air Handling Unit), FAHU (Fresh Air Handle Unit With Thermal Recovery Wheel), FAN, FCU (Fan Coil Unit), DAMPER, CRAC (Computer room Air Conditioning), TUN(DB) (Tunnel Emergency Distribution Board, ACD (Access control door), ASD (Auto / Sliding Door), CBS - GATEWAY (Central Battery System), CD-2 (Condensate Collection Transfer Pump), CHW (Chiller Plant Manager, CWM (Chilled Water Meter), DAC (Door Air Curtain), DWM (Domestic Water Metering Tank, DWP (Dewatering Pump), FAS (Fire Alarm System), FEP (Domestic water supply system), FSCP (GSS Protection Panel), FSCS (Fire Fighter Smoke Control Station), LIG (Lighting System), SC (Smoke Curtain), SWP (Sewage Pump), VRV (Variable Refrigerant System), VRV GATEWAY