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Gopal Varma

Candidate ID: 95449

Career Summary

Doctorate with 25 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area

Skill Set

General Surgery, Gastrointestinal& Laparoscopic Surgery

Professional Information

Total Experience : 25

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Doctorate

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma

Sharjah, UAE .

Personal Details:
2/1/1964 .
Trivandrum, India .
Male .

General Surgeon / Senior Consultant Surgeon

Seasoned and detailed oriented general surgeon with demonstrated specialization in gastrointestinal and
laparoscopic procedures within high pressure environments. In-depth experience providing care with minimal
facilities and engaged with patient and caregivers for provision of quality care. Innovative leader within
multidisciplinary teams providing successful and efficient care. Expertise in research, conference presentations,
and journal publications. Motivated towards learning novel methods and improving patient care.

Interested in joining the corporate hospital environment as a surgical department manager allowing for use of
skills, growth, and implementation of improvements focused on patient and family compliance.

Surgical and Consultant Competencies

General Surgery .
Mentoring Multidisciplinary Teams
Laparoscopic Surgery .
Training and Development
Gastrointestinal Surgery .
JCI Regulatory Compliance
Patient and Caregiver Education .
Research and Publications

Career Experience

Prime Medical Centers, Sharjah, UAE
Chairman of Surgery and Senior Consultant Surgeon, 2015 – Present
Direct all department operations and financials. Coordinate, facilitate, and manage implementation of department

improvements with multidisciplinary team. Develop policies and procedures as per regulatory guidelines and
medical center policies. Pursue further professional growth as well as team member education. Engage in patient
and family education regarding preoperative preparation and postoperative follow up.

Key Contributions:
Spearhead surgical procedures and endoscopies through day surgery department. Provide patient

management strategies consulting patients, families, and other hospital staff providing care.
Deliver quality inpatient care and surgical services for of site facility, Zulekha Hospital.
Devise and implement training and development for general physicians, surgeons in training, and nursing

Implement process improvements based on thorough analysis of department performance, staff
suggestions, and patient feedback.
Ensure safety practices and policies are followed and provide follow up feedback and counselling for


Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma .
Page 2

Ministry of Health, Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Senior Consultant General Surgeon, 2012 – 2015

Coordinate surgical and general department administrative assignments. Create policies and procedures according

to regulatory requirements. Provide education for patients, families, and physicians in training.

Key Contributions:
Led surgical procedures and implemented patient care management strategies.
Develop training programs for department staff.

Zulekha Hospitals, Sharjah, UAE

Senior Consultant Surgeon, 2011 – 2012

Coordinate surgical and general department administrative assignments. Create policies and procedures according

to regulatory requirements. Provide education for patients, families, and physicians in training.
Key Contributions:
Led surgical procedures and implemented patient care management strategies. Develop training programs
for department staff.

University of Sharjah Hospital, Sharjah, UAE

Senior Consultant Surgeon, 2010 – 2011

Engaged in minimal surgical procedures and general clinical care.

Key Contributions:
Developed further surgical skills focusing on laparoscopic procedures.
Generated training materials for surgeons in development and provided instruction through Royal College
of Surgeons.
Actively participated on multiple workshops and seminars to further enhance surgical knowledge and

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh, India

Consultant Surgeon, 2009 – 2010

Engaged in acquiring experience in complex surgical procedures and general clinical care.

Key Contribution:
Performed multiple general surgery and laparoscopic procedures.
Successfully performed liver resection, total colectomy with ileoanal pouch and laparoscopic
cholecystectomies in pregnant women.

Noorul Islam Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Consultant Surgeon, 2009 – 2009

Engaged in surgical procedures and general clinical care.

Key Contribution:
Delivered surgical services for gastrointestinal and laparoscopic cases.


Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma .
Page 3

Sohar Hospital and Oman Medical College, Sultanate of Oman
HOD, Senior Consultant Surgeon and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, 2003 – 2009
Delivered surgical services and endoscopy procedures under the Ministry of Health providing care for more than

thirty percent of the population in that region. Coordinated procedures with other sixteen surgeons in order to
achieve high efficiency with high volume environment; over two thousand procedures yearly.
Key Contributions:
Engaged in patient care for most trauma patients, performed advanced laparoscopic procedures, and
prepared patients for AV access for dialysis.
Developed and executed training for medical students through the medical college.

Holy Cross Hospital, Kottiyam, Kollam, India
HOD and Chief Surgeon, 2000 – 2003
Engage in daily surgical procedures and provided training for surgeons in development.
Key Contribution:

Spearheaded the creation and implementation of the gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery
department Training program received recognition for excelling in education of post graduate education in

The Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich, UK
Specialist Registrar, 1994 – 1997
Achieved expertise in general surgery including gastrointestinal procedures, vascular procedures, and laparoscopic

Key Contributions:
Engaged in further training for specialized gastrointestinal, vascular and laparoscopic procedures.
Furthered experience in colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures. Gained training in breast surgical
procedures including mastectomy due to malignancy.
Assisted with high complexity procedures such as abdominal aortic reconstructions and femoropopliteal

Provided student training for undergraduates from Cambridge University.
Acquired laparoscopy surgery diploma from the European Institute of Telesurgery.

Medical Trust Hospital, Trivandrum, India
Specialist, 1991 – 1992
Performed general surgery and thoracic surgery for large private hospital recognized as diplomate of board

Key Contributions:
Charged with independent evaluation of emergency cases and determination of need for surgical
intervention. Followed up on all cases and determined patient management strategies.
Intervened regularly on complex limb trauma. Assisted on multiple thoracic surgeries and performed some

simpler thoracic procedures independently.
Engaged in nursing education and presentation through the journal club.
Completed and passed Dip NB.

Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma .
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Various Locations, UAE, UK and India

Training and Development

Provided innovative health education for medical and nursing students through various employment positions.
Key Contributions:
Engaged in undergraduate student education utilizing the integrated method curriculum which allows for
bedside lessons and hands-on examinations. Proficient in new methods including MCQs, EMQs, and
DOCEE evaluations.
Senior clinical lecturer for undergraduate students attending Oman Medical College. College is associated
with the University of West Virginia.
Delivered surgical education for post graduate students training at prestigious Holy Cross Hospital.
Trained senior residents in performing endoscopies and laparoscopic procedures. Trained undergraduate
students at prestigious Cambridge University in the UK.
Delivered medical training at Medical Trust Hospital and Trivandrum Medical College for undergraduate,
post graduate, and nursing students. Engaged students in bedside clinics for hands-on training.

Additional experience in surgical services, from 1988 to 1993, through multiple locations in the UK and India.

Education and Credentials

Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery

University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

FRCS (Gen: Surgery)

Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow, UK

Diplomate of National Board (Gen:Surgery)

National Board of Post Graduate Education, India.

MS (Gen: Surgery)

Kerala University, Trivandrum, India.


Kerala University, Trivandrum, India

Research Thesis submitted and accepted by Kerala University in July 1991 -“Postoperative Infections following Abdominal
Surgery” as part of the requirements for MS degree in General Surgery

Publications and Key Courses
1) Torsion of appendiceal epiploicae, rare case report in Oman Medical journal December 2009


Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma .
Page 5

USS & clinical correlation in diagnosis of acute appendicitis, published in Oman Medical journal in
December 2007

Mucocele of appendix, a case report published in Oman medical journal, January 2005

Extra adrenal pheocytochromas: published in KMJ Dec 1992

5) Intestinal carcinoids: paper published in KMJ 1992

6) Microorganisms in diabetic ulcers: study published in KMJ 1991, July.

Pneumatosis Cestoides Intestinalis: a case report published in the Kerala Medical Journal Aug 1990

Key Courses

1) Royal College Instructor of Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course on 15th & 16th April 2011 by Royal
College of Surgeons of England at Sharjah Surgical Institute
2) Participant in “Train the Trainers” course on 28th and 29th of March 2011 conducted by Royal College of
Surgeons of England at Sharjah University
3) The Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Course, 5th & 7th March 2011 at Sharjah Surgical Institute conducted
by Prof Heine Van der Walt, University of Pretoria, South Africa
4) Three day CME at Arab health Congress on General & Bariatric Surgery on 25, 26 & 27 January 2011
5) Two-day advanced laparoscopic workshop on “Hernia solutions” at the Sharjah teaching institute on Oct
14, 15, and 2010
6) One day symposium on “Tissue handling in Bariatric surgery” at the Sharjah teaching institute on Oct 11
7) Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery course with hands on experience at CORDS (Centre for Obesity & Diabetes
support), Mumbai under Dr Lakadwala, Feb 19 to Feb 25, 2010
8) Blunt abdominal trauma, paper presented at the International Surgical Conference organized at Sohar
hospital by Oman Medical College, April 2009
9) Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) course organized at Sohar hospital, November 2008
10) Basic cardiac life support (BCLS) course organized at Sohar hospital , October 2008
11) Chief organizer of “Live workshop with hands on training of Laparoscopic Inguinal & ventral hernias at
Sohar hospital, April 2008 by an International faculty
12) Laparoscopy, Sohar experience. Paper presented at National CME in Surgery at Sohar hospital, Oman on
March 8th 2007
13) Three-day course on Health professions education at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat.
14) The First International Gastric Cancer workshop, Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai, India, Nov 2000

Dr Gopala Pillay Narayana Varma .
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15) Recipient of Traveling Fellowship from Royal college of Surgeons of Glasgow to attend the Diploma
course in Laparoscopic surgery at EITS (European Institute of Telesurgery), Strasbourg, France, Oct 1997

16) Advanced Laparoscopic surgery course, St James University hospital, Leeds, May 1997

17) Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) conducted by Cambridge university, Sept 1995

18) Radiation protection course at Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge, Sept 1995

19) Advanced Colorectal workshop conducted at St Mark’s hospital, London, May 1995

20) Anastomotic workshop at the Royal college of Surgeons of England 1995

21) Advanced Laparoscopic surgery course at Adelaide hospital, Dublin 1994

22) Course on upper & lower GI scopy at Joyce Green hospital, Dartford, Kent, UK 1994

23) Basic skills in Laparoscopy, Hope hospital, Salford, UK

24) Diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopy workshop conducted by the Gastroenterology Dept, Medical College,
Trivandrum 1989.

25) Annual conference and CME programmes. Association of Surgeons of India 1988,

Professor Dr. Debadatta Panigrahi .
Mr., I H K Scott
Vice Dean, College of Health Sciences, Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon
Sharjah University, Sharjah, UAE The Ipswich hospital, Ipswich
Phone + 971502096070 UK. Phone: +441473721532
E mail
Professor Aravindan Nair
Dep. of Surgery, Oman Medical College. .
Dr. Joseph Maliakkal
HOD CMC, Vellore, India Consultant Urologist
Phone: 00919442019555(GSM), Sohar hospital, Sohar
00914162282079(India) Oman. Phone: 0096899076272
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