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Candidate ID: 1715348

Career Summary

Medical Professionals with 8 years experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Laproscopic surgeon.

Skill Set


Professional Information

Total Experience : 8

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Curriculum Vitae
Office Address:
Consultant, Department of Obstetrics &Gynecology, Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital, Ambattur, Chennai , Tamilnadu , India

Date of Birth: 14-06-1983
Email Id:
Educational Qualification: MBBS, MD (OBS/GYN)
Contact No: +919884146369;+919361771613
Home Address: Moonlight Apartments, A-203, No:16, Hospital road, Chozhapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Nationality: Indian
Eligibility letter:DHA eligibility letter


1. (MISTI - Minimal Invasive Surgery Training Institute in Gynecology) 25th February 2013 to 2nd March 2013 at Lifeline Multi Speciality Hospital, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamilnadu.
2. TLH – Total Laproscopic Hysterectomy hands on training course from 26th June 2015 to 29th June 2015 at Centre for Advanced Laproscopic Surgery, Sunrise Hospital, Cochin, Kerala.

POST GRADUATE (Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology)
May 2008– October 2011 M.D. (OBS/GYN)
ISO & KGH, Madras Medical College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
August 2000 – February 2006 M.B.B.S.,
Chengalpattu Medical College (ChMC),
Chengalpattu, Tamilnadu, India,

REGISTRAR – Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital,Ambattur, Chennai,Tamilnadu, India.
28th Febraury 2012 - Till Date

Presently working as Senior Consultant & Registrar in Obstetrics & Gynecology in Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital,Ambattur, Chennai,Tamilnadu, India.


Attended weekly post emergency rounds.

Managed Outdoor Patient Department (OPD)

· For patients with gynecological problems

· For pregnant women as a part of routine ante natal OPD

· High risk OPD for pregnant women

· Family planning OPD patients

Took Ward and emergency department rounds on emergency days (Weekly)

Actively participated in academic sessions in the department:

· Journal Club meetings

· Clinical case presentations

· Inter hospital clinical meets

· Seminar presentations

Took clinics and lectures for house officers and under graduate students

Presented a paper AICOG,Jaipur 2009.
Gave an oral presentation at AICOG,Jaipur 2019.
Has done thesis in Prediction of threatened Preterm Labor by TVS assessment of Cervical Length.

Clinical Skills:
1. Well versed with various Obstetric and Gynecologic emergencies. Can independently deal with all emergencies viz.
Eclampsia, Post partum hemorrhage, Post abortal bleeding, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, Abruptio placentae, Obstetric shock, Septic shock, DIC, HELLP, ARF, AFLP etc

2. Well versed with performing vaginal deliveries. Have assisted in more than 500 vaginal deliveries. Have independently performed more than 1000 vaginal deliveries.

3. Well versed with performing Caeserean Sections. I have performed more than 1000 Caeserean sections independently. I have also assisted more than 100 Cesearean sections. I have also supervised more than 1000 Cesearean sections.

4. Have performed over 10 complete perineal tears.

5. Well versed with diagnostic obstetricultrasonography.

6. Well versed with performing outlet forceps applications. Have performed more than 100 outlet forceps applications.

7. Well versed with performing vacuum applications. Have performed more than 20 vacuum applications.

8. Well versed with performing abdominal hysterectomies. Have performed and assisted in 250 abdominal hysterectomies.

9. Well versed with performing vaginal hysterectomies. Have performed and assisted in over 60 vaginal hysterectomies.

10. Well versed with performing diagnostic laproscopy . Have performed and assisted in over 300 laproscopic procedures including performing Total Laproscopic Hysterectomy, Laproscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, Laproscopic tubal ligation, Laproscopic ovarian cystectomy, laproscopic salpingectomy, Laproscopicsalpingostomy

11. Well versed with hysteroscopy. Have performed over 20 hysteroscopy procedures including hysteroscopic IUCD removal, Hysteroscopic polypectomy.

12. Well versed with surgical procedures like Bartholin cyst excision/ marsupilization, Repair of rectocele, cystocele, MTP.

13. Well versed with performing diagnostic work up for infertility.

14. Attended 1 month laproscopic training course.

15. Attended 1month obstetric USG training course. Well versed with performing TVS and obstetric ultrasound.

16. Well versed with performing various other procedures viz. Dilatation and Curettage, Tubal ligation, Ectopic pregnancy.