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Jose Fernando Monteiro Lopes

Candidate ID: 1339892

Career Summary

Turnkey Projects Management ~ Strategic Management ~ Quality Creative Strategist and Leader offering an Impressive Experience of 30+ Years in Commissioning & Execution of Turnkey Construction Projects and Generating Substantial Cost Advantage with effective Technical and Managerial Inputs

Skill Set

Project Manager/ Project Director

Professional Information

Total Experience : 30

Nationality : Portugal

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Engineering

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

José Fernando Monteiro Lopes
Email:;, Mob: (+670) 78009584: Home (+351) 913053668

Date of Birth: 20th Jan 1955

Turnkey Projects Management ~ Strategic Management ~ Quality
Creative Strategist and Leader offering an Impressive Experience of 30+ Years in Commissioning & Execution of Turnkey Construction Projects and Generating Substantial Cost Advantage with effective Technical and Managerial Inputs

Career Objective: Seeking challenging Senior Level Assignments commensurate with my technical and managerial skills acquired through varied experience, in a dynamic and leading organization with an opportunity for professional growth based on performance.


My attributions like a Project Manager/ Project Director are in all the different Projects the same and eventually with some adaptation to the specifics characteristics. But is common to my activities is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project, his goals and his objectives.
I understand a project like a temporary endeavor, having a defined beginning and end (usually constrained by date, but can be by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, usually to bring about beneficial change or added value.
The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast to business and usual (or operations), which are repetitive, permanent or semi-permanent functional work to produce the same effects, respect the design and follow the client objectives.
In practice, for the management of these projects I have used different methodologies and every time adapted to the local conditions.
For this, each project requires the development of distinct technical skills and in this sequence the adoption of separate management abilities.
Displayed credentials in planning and supervising the entire project right from preparing the road map, scoping, planning, scheduling, defining technical specifications, reporting and documentation, budgeting and cost estimates, tendering, commercial operations and coordination with team members & clients, etc. and monitoring to ensure project accomplishment within defined time/cost parameters.

Professional Synopsis
• Qualified Engineering and Management Professional with an eventful career studded with professional brilliance predominantly in commissioning and testing of Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Structures in the Aviation Domain.
• Armed with a clear understanding of the international standards (IEC, EN, NFPA, FAA, IATA, ICAO-Airports) and Safety Norms while commissioning projects; demonstrated capability in conceptualizing and effecting process initiatives to enhance efficiency.

• Professional competencies in identifying, sourcing and evaluating potential vendors coupled in different areas – Civil Structures, Electricity and Mechanical (HV Electric power plants and substations); excellent skills in consensus building, price negotiation, tendering, securing contracts and estimating long term and profitable contracts management.
• Expertise in identifying the bottlenecks and critical areas while executing the projects; adept at reviewing the technical and commercial aspects of the project, preparing proposals / tenders for the project and thereby securing required budget approvals to accomplish the tasks.
• Multi-lingual (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French) and an articulate communicator, skilled at coordinating with Consultants, Clients, Counsels, and Statutory Bodies for successful commissioning of projects.
• Strong leadership traits and interpersonal skills with excellent ability to coordinate with different people at one time under difficult situations; adroit in bringing out the best in others while creating a healthy and friendly work environment, thus enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing resource utilization.
Areas of Expertise
Strategic Management ~ Operational Management ~ Budgeting - Contingency Planning ~ Testing & Commissioning
Vendor Relations ~ Client Servicing ~ Cross-functional Coordination ~ Quality & Safety Standards

Professional Experience and Accomplishments

ISQ – Instituto Soldadura e Qualidade 2018 – Today

Consultant for Oecusse International Airport – Timor Leste

• Adviser and member of supervision team for the works completion (December/2018) at the Oecusse airport.
• Reviewing Shop Drawings, changes and new implementations in order to the international recommendations of ICAO, to obtain the airport certification with the minimum remarks and restrictions.

Eptisa 2015 - 2017

Chef de Mission (Head Mission for the Supervision Team) - Port au Prince International Airport, Haiti.

• Chef de Mission, Supervision and Control (Head Mission for the Supervision Team) at Port au Prince International Airport, Haiti.

• Monitoring, the technical quality of the works, reviewing the documentation and “Shop Drawings” provided by the main contractor of the project, analyze the real needs of the project progress, to insure the construction following the international airport standards (fill out all aspects that has been relevant for the local airport’s requirements).

• Project on Hold and temporary suspended in March/2017 by missing financial budgets, in resulting of last decisions and new USA administration policies.

Hill International 2014 - 2015

Senior Resident Engineer – Development of Muscat and Shalala Airports – Oman

• The expansion of Muscat International Airport, the largest airport in Oman, includes a new terminal that will have a capacity of 12 million passengers annually. The expansion of Shalala Airport, the second largest airport in Oman, involves upgrading it from primarily a domestic airport to make it more suitable for international travelers, including building a new runway long enough to handle the A380 Airbus, and a new terminal that will improve the airport's capacity to 1 million passengers annually.

Intertechne 2013 - 2014

General Technical Coordinator – Viracopos Internacional Airport, Campinas - Brazil

• The design and the engineering work was done in a fast-track system where the execution of engineering and construction follow the same pace. The daily requirements on the site and the necessary adaptations to the construction growing are one of the most exciting tasks.

• Coordinate the different specialties and provide the necessary documents, keep tracking of every meeting with changes, to be included at the new plans, those are my new Challenges.

Hill International 2012 - 2013

Senior Technical Manager – Jeddah International Airport

• Entrusted with the responsibility as the Technical Manager, for the expansion and Development of KAIA (JED) King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. (GACA adviser)

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed the contract with HILL INTERNATIONAL, to provide to the project management oversight services for the $1.5 billion King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (KAIA) improvement program in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The one-year contract has an estimated value to Hill of approximately SAR 14.2 million ($3.8 million).

Secondary School and Engineering Institute 2010 - 2012

Invited Teacher

Teaching disciplines on:
? Secondary school: Mathematics and Physics.
? Engineering Institute: Management Process, Quality Control and International Standards, Rules and Norms.

ADPI – Aéroport de Paris Ingénierie 2009 – 2010
Tripoli International Airport – Libya. 20M/pax Value 1.800M €

Deputy Project Manager

Required from the client, the Engineer (Project Management Team) studies the process to be developed to minimize the impact and the delay in the End of the works. To do this, we have define the important issues to be discussed, as follow:

? Introduction and Background.
? Chronological Sequence of Events to November 2009.
? Estimate of costs to date and remaining liability under cost plus until February 2010.
? Delay to the Completion of the Works at 22 October 2009.
? Historic Analysis of ODTC JV cost proposal(s).
? Benchmarking.
? Addendum and Annexes Analysis.
? Estimate of the Costs in the event of Termination.
? Re-commencement of Negotiations.

After more them 2 months of meetings, documents analyzing with the criteria and rules defined from the client, we close the negotiations and we formally present a new contract to be sign with the Contractor, for the conclusion of the works.
Important Project numbers:

Design and construction of:
• Two terminal buildings.
• including (48) lifts,
• (26) elevators,
• (160) check-in counters,
• (12) baggage handling carrousels,
• (32) fixed and
• (64) Mobile passenger boarding bridges.

• Control Tower 54metrers

• VVIP Building

• Cargo Building

Benina (Benghazi) International Airport – Libya. 5M/pax Value 640M €

Team Leader
Project Manager - Resident Chief Engineer


• Campsite and mobilization of the project constructions.
• New Passenger Terminal Buildings with a total 5MPax capacity for the opening phase.
• Keep the existing passenger terminal operational during the works.
• Build corresponding new facilities of the Airside; Apron, Exit Taxiways and Main parallel Taxiway.
• Build corresponding new facilities of the Landside; Main Access Road, Recycling Bridge, Viaduct, Service Road, Landscaping and Car parks.

• Services Works Including:
• Waste and Drainage Treatment Stations.
• Water Treatment Stations.
• Fire Fighting Stations
• A strategy to align development with the organization’s broader objectives with the LCAA – Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, the local client Project Manager and the contractor Project Manager.
• Standards for new systems
• Project management policies for timing and budgeting. Analyzing and approve all the Contractor invoices in the Coast Plus or in a Lump Sum process.
• Approval for quantity of working Days/Months for the used Equipment from 15th
September 2008 until three signs, 30 April 2009 parts (Client, Engineer and Contractor), completed and closed.
• Procedures describing the process.
• Evaluation of quality and quality control
• ADPI lose this contract and I did the Handover to the new Engineer Contractor.

CONSULASIA – Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão Limitada (RAE Macau) 2006 – 2009

• Expansion of Macau International Airport –12M/pax Value 620M €

• Entrusted with the responsibility to execute the expansion of Macau International Airport - actively associated as the Member of the Specialist Advisory Board to GDI for the Project Development;

Project Manager - Construction Projects
• Car Park and Garden at Seng Tou Avenue, Taipa Island; Value 1,8M€
Design and Construction of: Civil works, electrical and mechanical

• Design and construction of a car park for 2,000 cars and 1,400 motorcycles.
• Garden and Leisure area in 30,000m².

• Low Cost Residential Complex (2,000 apartments) at “Ilha Verde”, Macau Peninsula; Value 3,5M €
Design and Construction of: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• 2 blocs B and C;
• each one with 4 Towers
• 36 floors.
• Garage in two floors for 1,500 cars.
• Garden and facilities at the 3rd floor for the residents.

• Car Park and Garden at Av. Concordia, Macau Peninsula; 1,1M €
Design and Construction of: Civil works, electrical and mechanical

• Design and construction of a car park for 1,000 cars and 800 motorcycles.
• Garden and Leisure area in 20,000m².

SIEMENS, S.A. – Siemens Dematic Division 2000 – 2005

Group Manager of Project Management

As a Siemens team leader of the Project Management, I have also the responsibility in preparing proposals / tenders for the projects. Negotiate budgets and construction time schedules with the Client (government).
Negotiate with the subcontractors in different specialties (civil, mechanical and electrical) to give to the client a complete set and present a Turnkey Project.

For each one Project I need to plane and use different tools to analyze and determines the risk points that in generally consists of:

• determining how to plan (by level of detail or rolling wave);
• developing the scope statement;
• selecting the planning team;
• identifying deliverables and creating the work breakdown structure;
• identifying the activities needed to complete those deliverables and networking the activities in their logical sequence;
• estimating the resource requirements for the activities;
• estimating time and cost for activities;
• developing the schedule;
• developing the budget;
• risk planning;
In the End, finalize all activities across all of the process groups to formally close the Project, the Project Phase, do the Handover to the client and sign the contractual acceptance document.

Project Manager for the following Airport Projects:

• Faro Airport: 8M/pax Value 380M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Passenger Terminal Building.
• New Apron.
• Repairing the existing runway with the new pavement layer.
• New taxiways
• Access roads and Viaducts.
• All the Infrastructures and Facilities.

• Funchal Airport (Madeira Island) Phase 3: 8M/pax Value 50M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Passenger Terminal Building.
• All the Infrastructures and Facilities.

• Horta Airport (Azores Archipelago) 2M/pax Value 30M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Passenger Terminal Building.
• New Apron.
• Repairing the existing runway with the new pavement layer.
• New taxiways
• All the Infrastructures and Facilities.

• Lisbon Airport 15M/pax Value accumulated 200M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Passenger Terminal Building.
• Repairing the existing runway with the new pavement layer.
• New taxiways
• Access roads and Viaducts.
• Adapt all the new infrastructures and Facilities.

• Porto Airport 15M/pax Value 900M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Passenger Terminal Building.
• New Apron.
• New runway.
• New taxiways
• Access roads and Viaducts.
• All the Infrastructures and Facilities.

• Doha Airport (Qatar)1,5M/pax Value 5M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• Temporary Passenger Terminal Building.
• Full working PTB to be used during the construction of the new airport.

• Dubai Airport (terminal 2 and 3) value 500M €
Construction: electrical and mechanical works

• Baggage Handling System
• Lighting system
• Electrical supply and distribution
• Building Management System
• Field lighting and control system

PROMAN– Centro de Projectos, S.A. 1998 – 2000

Project Manager
Construction of Funchal Airport Phase 1 and 2 – Value 100M €
Construction: civil works, electrical and mechanical

• New Runway in a concrete structure (platform 65 meters over the water)
This structure and the complex civil works are considered a “state of art”.
• New Apron.
• New taxiways
• Access roads and Viaducts.
• All the Infrastructures and Facilities.

EXPO’98- Exposição Mundial de Lisboa 1997 – 1998

Senior Engineer (Design & Erection)
• Responsible for various activities - design and the assembly of the Telemetry, design of the Public Illumination
• Directed Technical Services for the Technical Installations and Maintenance Areas during the Exhibition.
• Managed design, supervision and construction of Electric Substations and Power Plants.

LISELECTRICA – Instalações Elétricas, Lda. 1996 – 1997

General Manager
• Organized and managed activities in various sectors - Natural Gas and Electricity: High, Medium and Low Voltage.
• Involved in the construction of several Power Stations in Lisbon and North of Portugal.

TECNIQUITEL – Engenharia de Segurança, Lda. 1994 – 1996

Manager (Design & Erection)
• Responsible for integrated safety systems and design and installation of systems to fire extinguish by Inergen.
• Transgás (Portugal): integrate security, detection of explosive atmosphere in the pumping stations of the National Gas Pipeline (Natural Gas).

TESEL – Sistemas de Segurança, Lda. 1987 – 1994

CEO General Manager
• Managed and coordinated the following constructions:
- Expo'92 (Seville) - Pavilion of Portugal
- Hotel Villas of Sesimbra (Sesimbra) – 500 Apartments.
- CGD Bank – Headquarter – 120.000m².
- BNU Bank– Headquarter. – 60.000m².
- Design and construction of Power Stations for each Project.

Earlier Employment Details

RONDA – Serviços e Sistemas de Segurança, Lda. 1984 – 1987
Technical Director

DITRONIC – Dispositivos Electrónicos, Lda. 1982 – 1984
Technical Director

C.N.P. – Companhia Nacional de Petroquímica 1979 – 1982
Site Engineer and Process Engineer in the Storage Harbor at SINES (Propylene, Ethylene and Butadiene)

Academic and Professional Credentials

2nd Year of Bachelor Degree in Law, 2007/2008 – 2008/2009
Faculty of Law of University of Macau - Law Programs in European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law in English and Portuguese Languages

Formation in Project Manager – Siemens, 2000

Course and Formation in Quality and Quality Tolls - ISO 9001– APQ/1996

University Degree in Energy and Power Systems, by I.M.P.E (Portugal), 1968/1977

Certified Electrical Engineer
Direcção Geral de Energia Nº 35.006 (Grade 1 - Max level in HV - for construction and exploitation).

Computer Proficiency
MS-Word, MS-Project, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Visio, SAP, P6, ACONEX.

• Assistant Professor in the Engineering Institute and Teacher in the Secondary School
• Participation in Seminaries and Workshops – analyzing different construction sources, methods and solutions.
References: Available upon Request