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Rushdi Mohammed

Candidate ID: 1649874

Career Summary

Doctorate with 3 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area

Skill Set

Orthopedic surgeon

Professional Information

Total Experience : 3

Nationality : Norway

Qualification Level : Doctorate

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Curriculum Vitae
Personal details
Name :Rushdi Mohammed
Adresse: Doctor Wendt's gate 4
Mobile phone: +47 96664393
Date of birth: 3/15/1980
Work experience
2020-03 – Diakonhjemmet hospital.
Spesialist doctor in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology
2018-Sep - 2020-Mar Helse Bergen (Health authority region West. Norway).Haukeland University Hospital . Kysthospitalet i Hagevik Hospital
Resident Doctor in orthopaedic surgery . Hip and Spine section
2013-Jun - 2018-Aug Førde Central Hospital . Helse Førde (Health authurity in Førde Region.Norway)
Resident Doctor in orthopaedic surgery spesialization
2013-Feb - 2013-May Skjåk Medical Office. Skjåk .Norway
General Practitioner doctor
2012-Sep - 2013-Jan Vardø medical office.Vardø. Norway
General Practitioner doctor
2012-July - 2012-Aug Kuben Legekontor. Leknes/Lofoten.Norway
General Practitioner doctor
2012-Feb - 2012-July Vinstra Medical Office. Vinstra. Norway
Physician doctor as General Practitioner doctor

2011-Aug - 2012-Feb Innland Hospital . Gjøvik Hospital Surgery / Orthopedics department
Resident doctor in residency
2011-Feb - 2011-Aug Inland Hospital .Gjøvik Hospital .Medicine Department
Resident doctor in residency
2011-Jan - 2011-Mars Surgery Dep. Vendsyssel hospital .Hjørring. Denmark
Resident doctor in surgery Dep.
2010.July-2010-Des Medicine Dep. Vendsyssel hospital. Hjørring. Denmark
Resident doctor in Med.dep
2010-Jan-2010-June. Pediatric dep. Vendsyssel hospital. Hjørring. Denmark
2009-June-2009-Nov. Medicine Dep . Moss Hospital. Østfold regional hospital. Norway
Resident doctor.Medicine Dep
2006-Jan - 2006-Jun Al-kyndy University hospital. Baghdad-Iraq
Resident doctor in surgery Dep.
2005-Jun - 2005-Dec Al-Kyndy University hospital . Baghdad-Iraq
Resident doctor in Medicine Dep
2005-Feb- 2005-Jun Sheik Zayed Hospital. Baghdad-Iraq
Rsident Doctor in Orthopaedic clinic
2004-Sep-2005-Feb Al-Elwiya university hospital. Baghdad-Iraq
Resident doctor in Gynecology and obestetrics

1998-09 - 2004-07 Al-Nahrain University ( ex.Saddam medical University) . Medical college . Baghdad.Iraq
M.B.CH.B Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery

2013-June-2020-March Norwegian board speciality in orthopaedics and traumatology
2020 –Apr Qualification of Swedish wellfare authority as orthopaedic specialist
2011-Apr Qualification of Danish health board as general practitioner

12/9/2019 - 12/13/2019 Norwegean medical association
Couse in adminstration and leadership
4/24/2019 - 4/24/2019 Norwegean medical association
Expert work OBL -Net course. Patients cases
4/9/2018 - 4/13/2018 Medicine college . Bergen University
Course in Spine surgery and neurotraume
3/19/2018 - 3/23/2018 Medicine college. Trondheim university .Norway
Course in Arthropalsty &orthopaedics infections
2/11/2018 - 2/16/2018 Medicine college. Oslo university
Course in Advanced fracture treatment .Oppdal.Norway
10/25/2017 - 10/27/2017 Norwegian Medical Association
Orthopaedic annual meeting. Oslo.Norway

4/24/2017 - 4/26/2017 Norwegian Medical Association. Oslo.University
Course in Elbow surgery
1/29/2017 - 2/3/2017 Norwegian Medical Association
Course in joint injuries and arthroscopic surgery
10/26/2016 - 10/28/2016 DNLF
Orthopaedic annual metting..Norwegian Medical Association
10 .9/5/2016 - 9/9/2016 Medical college. Bergen University .Norway
Course in hand and reumatic surgery
9/5/2016 - 9/7/2016 Norwegian medical association. Oslo University
Course in Fot and amputation tekniques
.4/25/2016 - 4/27/2016 Norwegian Medical Association
Course in Pre,peri,postoperativ medicine for orthopaedics
12/6/2015 - 12/11/2015 Davos .Swiss
AO basic principlers. fracture management.Davos
14 . 11/2/2015 - 11/5/2015 Rikshospitalet Oslo
Course in pediatric orthopaedics and tumor surgery

3/4/2015 - 3/6/2015 OUS Advanced Traume Life Support ATLS Course

5/27/2014 - 5/28/2014 York. England

Course in knee arthroscopic and cruciat lig surgery

3/10/2014 - 3/14/2014 Norwegian medical association . Voss.Norway
Primary fracture management

12/9/2009 - 12/9/2080 Østfold politidistrikt class B
Language skills
Danish Spoken : Good Written: Good
Norwegian Spoken : Excellent Written: Excellent
English Spoken : Good Written: Good
Arabic Spoken : Excellent Written: Excellent
Turkish Spoken : Some Written: Some
1.Dr .Bengt Hallmans
2.Dr. Svenning I Lida
3.Dr.Martin Brangstrup .Consultant Dandred Hospital .Stockholm.Sweden
4.Dr. Per Olof Berntson .Consultant Falun hospital.Sweden
5.Dr. Navid Beigi .Consultant .Forde Central hospital
6.Dr. Holger Muchow .Overlege.Cosultant in arthroplasy section. Forde Central hospital
7.Dr. Hamid Reza Haj Hassany .Consultant in Charing cross hospital .England
8.Dr Rune Birketvedt.Spine surgery consultant . Kysthospitalet i Hagevik Hospital Norway.
9.Dr. Gina Toskedal.Orthopaedic specialist .Kysthospitalet i Hagevik.Norway
10 Dr. Per Aga.Consultant in arthroplasty.section. Kysthospitalet i Hagevik .Norway
11.Dr. Andreas Seip.Senior consultant in spine surgery. Haukeland university hospital.Norway
12.Dr. Haldor Valland.Orthopaedic consultant .Diakonhjemmet hospitalt.Oslo.Norway
Additional information
1.You can find my Norwegian registration information in
HPR (Register for Health Personnel) 7536828
2. Danish registration
Authorazation ID: 08DWG