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Candidate ID: 1678912

Career Summary

Metallugical engineering Graduate with 25 years experience in Steel Manufacturing through various routes of steel making like EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), EOF, LRF&VD/VAD ,IF(Induction Furnace) , BOF,OHF (Open Hearth Furnace),THF, Slab/Bloom/Billet Continuous Casting Machines.

Skill Set

• Manufacturing of Bearing steel, Spring Steel, Cold Heading Quality (Carbon & Boron Steel), Case Hardening Steel, Free Cutting Steel, File Steel, Low alloy Steel, Carbon steel, High Carbon Steel • Steel production through various processes & equipment viz. EAF -LRF-CCM

Professional Information

Total Experience : 25

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Production / Manufacturing

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Contact: +91-9449587049, Email:
8 Top Management (Operations) Professional Profile: Steel Industry8
Achievement-Driven/High performance Management Executive with outstanding qualifications in all phases of business operations; at ease with budget limitations, deadlines & high pressure situations and strong ability to influence thinking, forge alliances & build consensus

• Professional experience reflects creative in complex and competitive Steel industries for 25 years
• Worked at senior positions as Vice President in VISA Steel, as Vice President in SLR Metaliks, as Vice President Adhunik Metaliks, as General Manager(Head-SMS) in Gerdau Steel India
• Consistently increased production, reduced operating costs and improved product quality
• Skilled in planning implementing changes to technology, machinery, equipment, process methodology, quality assurance, control systems and reporting procedures
• Played a key role in ensuring best utilization of available resources with best yield of the product; took charge of complete plant activities involving technical and legal responsibilities / activities
• Skilled in managing / leading workforce for running successful production operations with experience of developing procedures, service standards for business excellence
• visited Gerdau (Brazil) plants of Divino Polis , Piratini , Barao De Cocais and Acominas to study the Management, Quality and Safety systems

• Manufacturing of Bearing steel, Spring Steel, Cold Heading Quality (Carbon & Boron Steel), Case Hardening Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Micro Alloy Steel, File Steel, Low alloy Steel, Carbon steel, High Carbon Steel
• Steel production through various processes & equipment viz. EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), EOF (Energy Optimizing Furnace), LRF&VD/VAD ,IF(Induction Furnace) , BOF (Basic oxygen Furnace),OHF (Open Hearth Furnace),THF ( Twin Hearth Furnace), Bloom/Billet Continuous Casting Machines, Pit side practice (Ingot Casting)
• Operations of Blast Furnace, Sinter Plant, HMPT(Hot Metal Pre-Treatment), LCP(Lime Calcination Plant, Mixer, Producer Gas Plant
• Hands on experience in managing projects (SLR Metaliks & Gerdau Steel India) right from Greenfield/Brownfield to commissioning to stabilization of operations to rated capacity.
• Six sigma, Total Quality Management, TPM,QMS, ISO /TS, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007,5S.
• Cost saving project of LPG heating system instead of diesel for tundish heating successfully implemented
• Mullite backup for ladles implemented for cost benefit and to reduce the heat losses
• Truck-wise coke moisture measurement system implemented for cost control
• Reduced the furnace(BOF) lining from 600 mm to 550 mm to increase the heat size
• Second LRF car was installed to facilitate production
• Hot Metal weighing systems were reinstated to reduce the re-blows

VISA Steel Ltd, Vice President (SMS)
(From Sept’ 2017 to June’ 2018)
Manufacturing facilities handled: - EAF (70t, SMS Siemag), LRF (70t, SMS Siemag), VD (Siemens VAI), CCM (3 Strand, 12/21 m, Concast India)
o Implementation the total of Safety culture
o Planning and meeting the production requirements
o Co-ordination with the marketing department to address the customer requirements and complaints
o Responsible for the techno-economics of the production through the 70 t EAF, LRF, VD and CCM
o Plant maintenance
o Refractory management
o Development of the SBQ/Alloy steel grades as per the customer specifications
o Support to the Quality and Management systems
o Leading the Value Engineering Team
Bhushan Power and Steel, Vice President (SMS)
(From April 17 to Sep 17)
SLR Metaliks Ltd., Hospet as Vice President (SMS)
(From Nov’14 to 8/9/16)
Manufacturing facilities handled: - SP (25 m2), BF (262 m3), EOF (35t, Minitec Brazil), LRF (35t, ABP India Systems), VD(35t, Prime Metals & Edwards pump), CCM (2 Strand, 9/16 m, SMS Concast)
? Responsible for the safety health and environment as a ’Factory Manager‘
? Commissioned and operated successfully EOF of 35T (Minitec, Brazil)
? Commissioned and operated successfully LRF (ABP Induction)
? Commissioned and operated successfully VD (Prime Metals)
? Commissioning and stabilized operations of CCM (SMS Concast, 9/16 for 130, 160, 200 sq and 160, 200 Rd)
? Establishment of laboratories for QA
? Responsible for MBF and Sinter plant operations (Revenue approvals)


? Uttamsurakshapuraskar 2015 to SLR Metaliks by National Safety Council
? Felicitation by BKRISE for the contribution in the field of safety
AdhunikMetaliks Ltd., Rourkela as Vice President (SMS)
(Since Mar’14 to Nov’14)
? Responsible for the operations of Steel melt shop-1 equipped with one EAF (40t), two LRFs one VD, one 6/11m billet caster and one 12/16/24/48m bloom caster to produce alloy steels (Carbon/Forging/Bearing/Micro alloy/ Free cutting/Spring/Case carburizing steel etc.)
? Responsible for Steel melt shop-2 which is facilitated with 2 Induction Furnaces (17t) , one BOF (18t) and one continuous caster of 6/11m to produce mild steel grades
? Responsible for the operation of Lime plant (85 tpd) and PGP (3 units).
? Refractory management operations handled successfully
? Responsible for the operation of 100 tpd Oxygen plant
? Responsible for Maintenance and safety

Gerdau Steel India Ltd., Tadipatri as General Manager (Head SMS)
(Jun’08 to Mar’14)
? Managed commissioning activities for successful start-up of SMS
? Guided Heat size improvement project for 35T of Steel-Project
? Project prepared for slide gate of BOF tap hole to control slag carry to steel ladle during tapping
? Project study for Desulphurising station
? Served as:
• Vice Chairman of KGSL & GSI sports committee for four years
• Management Representative of CSR committee of KGSL
• Process owner of Molten metal path
• Leader of Gerdau Volunteer Programme
? Paid official visit to 5 Gerdau Steel plants for 5 weeks in Jan’11 & Jun’12 – Jul’12
Roles and responsibilities: -
o Rendered support to sinter plant, Power plant and Rolling mill Projects
o Imparted training to Manpower to improve their technical & managerial skills
o Ensured modifications in SMS to achieve 0.3 MTPA (50 % MS + 50 % SBQ) by carrying out modifications in existing facilities
• Hot metal charging ladle’s modification
• New ladles procurement for VD
• Steel cars modifications to suit VD ladles
• Procurement of Second Casting crane
• Installation of vacuum degasser
• EMS and AMLC facilities at caster

o Looked after plant operations along with expansion plan of 1 MTPA (Rolling mill, Sinter plant & Power plant)
o Managed manufacturing mild steel with 2X30 t converters, 1 LRF & 1 Billet caster (130X130mm); switched over to alloy steel production
JSW Steel Ltd., Tornagallu as Manager –SMS (Operations)
(Apr’06 to Jun’08)
? Looked after activities of BOF & LRF to ensure good input to Caster
? Liaised with units of SMS to achieve production targets including quality and quantity
? Handled commissioning of CAS-OB
? Ensured mixer & HMDS Activities for Hot metal Management
? Served as In-charge of HMPT (operations)
? Green belt leader for Six Sigma project of “ Reduction of Reblows in Converter”
? Managed LP bay activities for preparation, repair & management of Hot metal & Steel Ladles

Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd., Nigeria, as Manager –SMS (Operations)
(Dec’04 to Apr’06)
? Oversaw revision & commissioning of Bulk Material and Ferro-Alloy Systems
? Handled wire rod mill operations
? Liaised with agencies to complete all pipe lines left over jobs connecting to SMS
? Finished waste Heat Boilers leftover jobs in coordination with internal & external agencies
Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai (SAIL)
(Sep’94 to Dec’04)
As Shift Manager, SMS II
o Supervised mixer, LP bay and converter to achieve production mile stones as per PPC
As Tapping In-Charge: Deputy Manager, SMS II
o Ensured availability of hot metal and scrap supply to converter to achieve targeted production without fail
As Blower: Assistant Manager, SMS II
o Worked on converter to make steel by blowing the Oxygen as per requirement
o Looked after habituation of reduction inreblows
o Successfully maintained > 10% Mgo, Basicity > 3 and Feo< 20% in BOF slag
As Twin-Hearth Furnace In-Charge: Assistant Manager, SMS I
o Handled production of 250 T capacity twin-hearth furnaces in the shift
o Ensured:
o Bulk material, scrap and hot metal availability for twin-hearth furnace
o Maintenance of hearth of furnace, tap hole and launder
As Twin-Hearth Furnace In-Charge: Junior Manager, SMS I
o Managed charging, melting & refining of Steel in 250 T capacity twin-hearth furnaces in shift
o Monitored oxygen lancing, sample taking and temperature aspects
o Ensured maintenance of hearth of furnace, tap hole launder
o Pivotal role in getting Uttam Surakha Puraskar(Best Safety Award) for SLR Metaliks from National Safety Council
o Recognition with the certificate of appreciation by BKRISE-2016 for the contribution towards Industrial Safety and Health, as a Factory Manager
o Recognition by KGSL for the commitment towards the development of communities in Tadipatri
o Worked as a Management representative and conducted public hearing of 1 MTPA Expansion of Kalyani Gerdau Steels Limited
o Distinction of handling CPCB for 1 MTPA Expansion
o Accredited with Nehru Award twice (2001 & 2003) for achieving production target and converter maintenance at SMS II, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai

B.Tech. (Metallurgical Engineering) from Regional Engineering College (NIT), Warangal, Andhra Pradesh in 1991

Date of Birth: 20th Jan 1969
Languages Known: English, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada
Passport No: Z3043093
Validity: 18.12.2024
Permanent Address: S/o Late M. Anjaneyulu, Punuru (Post), Parchur (Via.), Prakasam (Dist)- 523169, Andhra Pradesh
Present Address: Plot No: 36, Annapurna Badavane, Chitwadgi, Hospet (TQ), Ballari (Dist)-583201, Karnataka