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Rizwan Mallick

Candidate ID: 1749675

Career Summary

Instrument Engineer/Supervisor with 12 years experience in Instrumentation & control systems, ESD ,FGS, IPS,SIL as a commissioning/Maintenance in various fields of oil and gas industry like- Troubleshooting, FAT, SAT, function testing, PM/CM, Calibration, PLC,DCS,SCADA, HMI, Tuning & PID controller

Skill Set

Commissioning, Maintenance, Repair, Overhauling, PLC,DCS, calibration, ESD SYSTEMS,FGS,IPS,CONTROL VALVE,SCADA

Professional Information

Total Experience : 12

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Installation / Maintenance / Repair

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Mobile: +91 9006081086
+91 6203313297
Post Applied for: Instrument & Control Engineer
Over 11 years of experience in Instrumentation & Control system as a commissioning/ maintenance in Oil & Gas & Petrochemical industry
Career Summary:
To enhance my skill and potential by working in an environment that is conductive to learning, hardworking and creative thinking and I want to apply my academic and practical knowledge to challenging tasks leading to growth and development of the organization. To join a progressive & reputable company as an Instrument Technician to apply the relevant knowledge, expertise and experience acquired in previous employment & Contribute significant progress. To implement fully the quality control procedure & inspection and test plan in order to meet project specification requirement without causing delay to finish mile stones & HSE Concerning.
Educational /Technical Qualification:
• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Instrumentation in 2013
• Advance Diploma in Industrial Automation from Technocrat Automation
Computer Skill
• Proficient in MS Office Packages like MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, etc.
Skill / Strength:
• Disciplinary exposure and experience in all aspects of Project Execution.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to effectively work in Multicultural Teams as a member.
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
• A good technical grasp.
• Systems approach to problem solving
Technical skills :
• PLC & Programming languages such as LD(Ladder Diagram) & FBD (Functional Bloc diagram)
• Hands on Practical exposure in brands as Siemens, Allen Bradley , ABB , GE-FANUC,KEYENCE,OMRON
• SCADA – Screen Designing, PLC interface, Data Collection and storage
• VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) – Commissioning and Troubleshooting.
• PAC(Programmable Automation Controller) DCS (Distributed Control System)
• Pneumatics & Field Instruments (Control Valve, Sensors, Level Transmitters, Flow Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Switches) & Knowledge in Panel wiring
• Troubleshooting - PLC Programming, Control Panel (Power wiring & Control wiring)
Total Experiences: 12 years in Inst. & Control Oil & Gas / Refinery / Water Treatment Plant as commissioning & Maintenance Projects.


Company JGC(KSA)
Project HOUT Crude/Gas Onshore Upgrade facilities(KJO)
Position I & C Engineer
Period 10 Jan 2023 to 20 Mar 2024


• Responsible for the technical aspect of the projects, including responsibility for the engineering function and engineering methods.
• Planning and managing all Instrumentation and Control engineering activities. Understand the scope of work, prepare man-hour estimates, finalize document list, deliverable schedules and project execution strategy.
• Provide technical support to procurement and subcontractors.
• Reviewing and commenting on all instrumentation documents issued by the EPC Contractors (e.g. technical reports, specifications, procedures, drawings, etc).

• Prepare and review all instrumentation engineering deliverables such as design basis, specification, data sheets, instrument index, I/O schedule, logic diagram, cable / JB schedule, Instrument Datasheets and sparing strategy
• Monitoring all Construction activities in accordance with Project ITP (Inspection Test Plan)
• Assessment of the compliance of instrument design documentation with ENI Corporate and International standards, and QA/QC specifications.
• Participation in all project studies such as HAZOP, HIPPS,SIL Study
• Review and understanding of communication protocols like Mod bus, Field Bus, TCP and General Process Automation Protocols
• Supervision of a team delivering Start Up, Commissioning, and Pre-Operations work scope through the project lifecycle at various locations as required.
• Safe delivery of Start Up, Commissioning, and Pre-Operations activities to the required level of quality in line with the processes.
• Experience in I/O testing, Loop configuration, modbus list Cable scheduling and Preparation of Termination drawings, ILD, time synchronization, PLC/DCS Panel, ESD system and IPS cabinet

Company HSSJV
Project Mina Al-Zour Refinery ,NRP5(KIPIC)
Position Instrument Reliability Engineer (OFFSHORE)
Period 02 Jan 2021 to 10 Dec 2022


• Receives work permits, participates in tool box talks and job hazard analysis, evaluates the scope of work to determine the tools, test equipment and spare parts required to carry out the task with minimum supervision.
• Assist the Package Vendor for Installation, Testing & commissioning activities. Preparation of as-built drawings and site Modifications.
• Experience in I/O testing, Loop configuration, mod bus list, Cable scheduling and Preparation of Termination drawings, ILD, time synchronization, PLC/DCS Panel, ESD ,F&G system and IPS cabinet
• Working knowledge of Honeywell Experion PKS DCS system comprising of C-300 controller, ESVT server, EST station, HMI Web display Graphics, Alarm management, Alarm setting & tripping , NTP SERVER
• Review of BOM’s and Engineering/Configuration/Installation Drawings for Instrumentation and Control Systems
• I am well familiar in DCS systems like Honeywell TDC 3000, Honeywell TPS 3000 & Honeywell Experion PKS (R-400) system, PLC Logics(SIEMENS Simatic Manager( S5 & S7), SCADA(SIMATIC WINCC/PCS7)
• Create documentation and procedures used in the department for software installations, server configurations, or troubleshooting
• Actively participating in Root Cause Analysis (RCA), using Trends and Sequence of Events (SOE) to identify and rectify failures on equipment. Providing diagnostic support for resolution of issues by performing Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and recommending improvements to control system hardware, software, logic, HMI and Procedures.
• Maintains, troubleshoots, and navigates Process Logic Controllers (PLCs) for automation systems and repair of process control systems
• Participate in FAT, SAT & support in Troubleshooting of Control System & equipment at Vendor facility & Commissioning /Start-up Interface and provide clarification and guidance and technical support to
construction sites and commissioning engineers, provide start-up assistance as required. Perform departmental duties as and when directed by Direct Supervisor to develop Standards/Data Sheets/Other tools to improve productivity. Work with engineering and design team for the provision of the detailed design and providing solutions to site and interfaces, as required on the project
• Work closely with operation and in-house teams to ensure the delivery of quality service.
Provide presentations and training sessions to operation team regarding the use of the application/product.
• Supervision of Site activities for installation and commissioning of Field Instruments like Level Transmitters, Weight Systems, RTD, Thermocouple, Control Valves (Motorized, Pneumatic), Pressure & Flow Transmitters.
• Experience in Calibration of Process Instruments like Pressure, Temperature, Flow and level switches, sensors, Transmitters and Control Valves.

• Hands on knowledge of completion of field instrument redlines on documentation such as loop diagrams, datasheets, wiring diagrams etc.
• Hands on knowledge of carrying out instrument field support for interlock testing, instrument field support for logic testing, C&E testing, commissioning vendors as required and instrument field support for dynamic equipment runs
• Draft a process flow for each system application with all interconnecting components, servers, switches and any PLCs/DCS. Maintain and control process analyzer operations. Apply benchmarking system to ensure and validate the quality of analyzer generated data. Connect process analyzers with Advanced Process Control (APC) systems..
• To do isolations and energizations understanding the scope as per instruction received from commissioning engineer ,To do cold and hot loop checks as per procedures and prove integrity of installations before commissioning.
• To do operations of equipment/Instrument during commissioning till hand over under the guidance and instructions of Commissioning Engineer
• Observes all safety and fire rules and regulations, practices good housekeeping and keeps worksite and workshop areas clean and safe.
•Company Heavy Engineering & Industrial Shipbuilding Company
Project Maintenance movements for oil
Position Instrument Engineer
Period 30 Aug 2016 to 01 Jan 2021

• Carries out routine maintenance tasks, maintenance programs and specific check lists on all process control instrumentation.
• Having experience in SAP PM, CMMS and knowledge of troubleshooting techniques, performance analysis and the ability to solve field problems and familiarity with measurement and control devices from major vendors
• Point and logic configuration in DCS and ESD system, and Graphics Modification.
• Calibration , loop checking , Pre-commissioning, commissioning, safeguarding checks, Preventive Maintenance, Fault Finding & Corrective Maintenance of various instruments/electrical and systems.
• Tasks include checking for leaks on impulse lines, cleaning and calibrating field devices like transmitters, transducers, pressure switches, control valves, ESD valves, checking and calibrating control loops and replacing faulty equipment and spare parts.
• Carries out under supervision routine preventive maintenance tasks related to Turbo Expanders, Recycle gas compressors, Condensate pum ps, ESD systems, Fire & Gas systems and DCS control systems.
• Hands on experienced in Simulation, Logic Development, Troubleshooting, Loop tuning and Graphics of Yokogawa Control System CS-3000 DCS.
• Installation of Redundancy setup with Experion & C300, C200 Controllers.
• Having Good Experience in Basic and Detail Engineering of DCS/PLC, I/O Lists / Instrument index/ Wiring & Junction boxes schedules / Cable schedules preparation from PID’s, Panels and Hardware Engineering, Errection and commissioning experience of SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 System.
• Familiar with Mark V1e GT, HRSG, BOILER, GTP, Desalination, BOP system, loop checking, function test, interlock, and other commissioning activities.
• Assists in overhaul of various instruments in the workshop, repairing, checking, replacing and recalibrating equipment.
• Carries out function checks and calibration checks on equipment and ensures all equipment is working correctly before handing back to production.
• Participates and assists in regular visual inspection of all instrumentation and associated control systems in assigned area, to monitor condition and operation and to locate potential problems.
• Carries out under supervision, various maintenance tasks like removing, calibrating, reviewing and reinstalling process control instrments.
• Keeps workshop common tools available and proposes new or substitute tools as and when required.

• Recommends new common tools that can improve the maintenance service provided to production.
• Carries out other similar or related duties which includes : assisting in the development and implementation of modifications to systems through the installation of modified transmitters, controllers, pressure, level and flow switches and additional control elements;
• Co-operating with vendors or contractors personnel during major shutdowns or maintenance problem solving and ensuring effective utilization and care over the use of specialized materials, tools and equipment.
• Completes equipment history cards and checks lists and carries out simple calculations and analysis of circuits as requested.
• Involved in installation and calibration of fire and gas instrument like open path detector, IR point detector, smoke detector, UV/ IR detector, flam detector, heat detector, toxic gas detector.
• Also involved in shutdown and break down jobs in compressors (off gas, flash gas and booster), turbo expander, and re - compressor, separators, stabilizers & reactor
• I have also worked on heavy rotating equipments like pumps, Gas lift compressors which consist of vibration equipments like Radial (x/y) & Axial. Monitoring the status on system through Bentley Nevada Panel
• Steered maintenance of various types of process control instruments undertaken measures for preventive measurements like as Pressure transmitter, flow transmitter (DP, vortex, and magnetic), level transmitter (displacer, interface, radar and differential pressure) temperature transmitter (T/C and RTD) of different makes like Rosemount, Honeywell, magnetron, Yokogawa, ASS, Foxboro, micro motion). Control valve (masonelien, fisher and Valtek), ESD valve and damper valve
• Comprehensive knowledge of P&ID, hook-up, loop logic drawing.
• Actively support a working environment based on respect for health, safety and environmental issues and maintenance of a high level of asset integrity

Company IMCO
Project KOC Telemetry Projeccts, Kuwait
Position Instrument Supervisor
Period 20-12-2014 to 05-07-2016

• Calibration, Loop Checking Pre-Commissioning, Installation, Maintenance, of all process Instruments Like Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Level Transmitter, Flow Transmitter, Pressure Switch, Level Switch, Pressure Guage, Temperature Gauge, Level Troll, Control Valve, Safety Relief Valve, Shutdown Valve,
• Knowledge of Fire & Gas troubleshooting and all call out duties, knowledge of all types of Instrument drawings like P&ID, ILD, Cause & Effect, hook up drawings, Control & system, instruments data sheet, loop drawing, cable schedule, termination details.
• Installation, testing and commissioning of 230 KV, GIS & 69KV, GIS, Installation, testing and commissioning of Air Insulated Switchgears of 13.08 KV, 6.6 KV and 415 V, LV switchgears Installation, Termination, Jointing, Testing and energization of 220KV, 33KV, 6.6KV and LV cables, Turboshooting,
• Experience in I/O testing, Loop configuration, mod bus list, Cable scheduling and Preparation of Termination drawings, ILD, time synchronization, PLC/DCS Panel, ESD system and IPS cabinet
• Awareness of Smart technologies such as Field Bus, Wireless etc...

Project C.P.C.L Refinery,Manali (India)
Position E&I Engineer(Trainee)
Period 14.05.2012 to 20.11.2014

• Team Leading, Commissioning, Loop Checking, Panel Installation of Panel in MCC Room, Work with Vendor, Glanding & Termination, Continuity Checking, Meggering, Motor Testing, Fire & Gas Alarm Glanding & Termination, Hotter Installation. Glanding & Termination for all types of Motor & Panel, Internal wiring, connection in all FT, PT, LT, TT, RTD, Control Valve, Solenoid Valve, MCC Panel Wiring, Loop Checking,

Star Delta Connection, Light Wiring, Light Installation Cable Meggering
• Loop checking , Field Calibration in Construction Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning project, Testing & Inspection of primary Isolation valves leakage, Removal of faulty Instrument, Damaged Impulse line & Re- installation of the instrument, and Checking of Individual Instrument loop, glanding, termination etc.
• Calibration of Pressure, Flow, Temperature, & Level Transmitter. Calibration of Pressure and Temperature Gauges.
• Calibration of Control Valve (Globe, Butter Fly, Ball Valve) & I/P Converters.
• Calibration of Switches Level Switches, Pressure Switches, Flow Switches, Temperature Switches and limit switch.
• Construction jobs responsible of all types of installation as transmitters & switches (P.S.H.H, P.S.L. L, L.S.L.L, P.S.L & T.S.L) Level Troll, Thermocouple, controller control valve, supports, brackets , airline & instruments tubing.
• Able to interpret various instrument drawings such as P & I Diagrams, Hook-Up Diagrams, Lay-Out Diagrams, wiring drawings etc.
• Carry out all works in accordance with HSE, PTW & Quality Requirements of the project and company.
• Comply and enhance the company HSE rules, regulations and standards.

Personal Information:

Name : Rizwan Mallick
Father’s Name : Amaan Mallick
Date of Birth : 1st January 1992
Religion : Islam (Muslim)
Place of Birth : Jamui
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Languages Known : English, Hindi & Urdu

Passport Details : Passport No. : X7049014(NEW)
Date of Expiry : 10-05-2033
Place of Issue : Patna (India)
Declaration :
I hereby declare that the above particulars furnished by me are true to the best
of my knowledge and belief.

Rizwan Mallick