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Ahmed Ali Elhassan Abdelkawi Hassan Amer

Candidate ID: 1773464

Career Summary

Engineering Graduates/PG with 12 years experience in Automotive / Auto Industry functional area/Lead Auditor ISO9001:2008, Quality Management, Project Management, Automitve Maintenance, Automotive Management

Skill Set

Project Management, Quality Management, Automotive, Training, Vocational Education

Professional Information

Total Experience : 12

Nationality : Egypt

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Automotive / Auto Industry

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Detailed Profile

Curriculum Vitae

Objective Joining your team work to increase my practical experience and finding a suitable job which meets with my Educations and my old experiences
Ahmed Ali Elhassan TQM, PMP, Six Sigma, RMP, SCM and Lead Auditor

Personal Data

Name Ahmed Ali Elhassan Abd_Elkawi Hassan Amer.
Birth Date 28-8-1981
Marital Status Married 3 Kids
Military Service Cancelled
Nationality Egyptian
Gender Male
Birth Place Alexandria – Egypt
Working Place Alexandria & Kafr Elzayat
I. 5 Years Technical School Diploma - Year: 2000
5 Years technical school Diploma in the area of AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING and certified as Technicians Super Visor from Moharam Bey Technical School – Alexandria
Graduation Grade Very Good
Project Grade Excellent
Project Scope Complete Comprehension between Automobiles according to the drive axle (Front wheel drive Vs rear wheel drive) and studying its behaviour on the road, engine assembly, gearbox and final differential
II. Mechanical Engineering Bachelorise – Year: 2006
I graduated from FACULTY OF ENGINEERING and certified as a Mechanical Engineer (Automotive Section) – Year: 2006
University Ain Shams University
Graduation Grade Pass
Graduation Projects
Item Project name Project Grade
1 Complete Brake System without ABS Excellent
2 Complete Engine Overall Excellent
3 Automobile accidents analysis due to TIRES DEFECTS (MAIN Graduation Project) Excellent
Current Study and development plan
MPA from Brooklyn/Canadian Academy by the end of 2019
Item Description Year
1 BMW Service Center – Alexandria Branch 2004
2 FIAT Service Center – Cairo Branch (Ghamra) 2004
3 Ekhwan Maar Service Center – Cairo Branch 2004
4 BMW Service Center – Bavarian 2006
5 Quality Management System ISO9001: 2000 Awareness & Internal Audit Training Course Certified By SGS 2008
6 Quality Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor training Course (Successfully completed by Passing the written exam and continuous assessment) Certified as Lead Auditor by ERICA, IPC, British Quality Foundation and SGS 2008
7 5S Training Course 2008
8 OHSAS 18001 Awareness & Internal Audit Training Course Certified By SGS 2009
9 OHSAS 18001 Auditor/Lead Auditor training Course (Attend the course Passing the continuous assessment) 2009
10 TOT (Train of Trainers) Training Diploma– Steep Germany 2012
11 Train-The-Trainer – NASS ACADEMY- Steep Germany 2014
12 TQM: Total quality management system –Brooklyn Academy 2014
13 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Brooklyn Academy 2015
14 PMP – Project Management Proffisional - – Brooklyn Academy 2016
15 RMP – Risk Management Proffisional – Brooklyn Academy 2016
16 Primavera – Brooklyn Academy 2016
17 Certified Assessor at city and guilds (Automotive Technology Exams)
18 7 Waste – Self Study 2016
19 6 Hates – Self Study 2016
20 Poka Yoke – Self Study 2016
22 FMEA – Self Study 2016
23 Assessment Board Member at AHK 2019

Current Job: School Project manager @ Ghabbour Foundation
Item Company Name Company Scope Job Description
1 Ghabbour Foundation
(2017 - Now) Ghabbour Development Corporation is a non-profit; aiming to contribute effectively to the development of vocational education in the Arab Republic of Egypt. And thus works to narrow the gap between the graduates of technical education and skills required in the labour market as well as cooperation with government agencies represented in the interest of productivity under the umbrella of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
The Foundation is an independent entity, but it was established on the initiative of GV Auto, its founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Raouf Ghabbour.
• Imbaba School Project manager (2017-2018)
• Alexandria School and Kafr Elzayat School Project Manager (2018 - Now)
• Duties
o Monitoring training performance in school
o Following up budget Implementation in Schools.
o Managing School warehouse and reporting its current status.
o Supporting German Experts and providing them with their needs
o Evaluating School Team
o Monitoring and controlling school expenses.
o Consolidating School budget in cooperation with SIS & GB Foundation Team to be approved.

Work Experience
Item Company Name Company Scope Job Description
1 Cablex For Engineering Industries
(2007-2008) This company produces automotive cables and wires such as Brake cables, Clutch Cable, Accelerator cables…etc I worked for 1 year as a production Engineer and my responsibilities during this period was preparing Control Plan, production plan, FEMIA, Operational Process Sheet and feeding my assembly line with all needed information and missing parts which are manufacture the products…etc
2 Mercedes Service Center
(1 month in 2008) It services Mercedes Automobiles I worked their little time as a Reception Engineer and my responsibilities during this period as follow :
1- Meeting customers, understanding and writing faults in their cars.
2- Sending their cars to work shop and finally deliver it again to the customer after repairing at considered time.
3 Alfa Romeo and Seat Service Center
(1 Month in 2008) It services Alfa Romeo and Seat Automobiles I worked their little time as a Workshop Engineer
And my responsibilities during this period were receiving cars from reception Depart. With its Job Order, distributing cars on technicians according to its faults, follow up cars during repairing, feed technicians with needed materials and any technical support and check cars after repairing and deliver it again to reception Depart.
TEMSA Global
Temsa Egypt For Bus Manufacturing

(2008-2013) It produces and assemblies buses I joined them at June 2008 as a production Engineer and responsibility in first 6 months as follow:
1- Mechanical Assembly line
2- Electrical Assembly line
3- Feeding 2 lines with parts, technical support and product specifications
4- Follow Up Missing parts and solving all problems that may affect production line speed
5- Follow up and solving technical faults in buses (electrical installation, Engine, Air piping systems, Automated systems, Suspension, Trimming noises/problems and power train).
6- Follow and achieve Production plan
After 6 months I become responsible about some additional tasks for 15 months:
1- Trim assembly line
2- RW assembly line (repairing bus problem that are found by quality such as FRP problems, painting problems, body repair problems, mechanical problems and electrical problems and mechanical Problems)
3- PDI complaints Follow up.
4- Technical Support for after sales in electrical problems related to buses electrical diagnosis VIA diagnostic scanner or wiring diagram.
5- OHSAS 14001 & 5S Internal Auditor.
6- ISO9001: 2000 (QMS) Internal Auditor.
7- Internal Customer Complains follow UP
8- Finding preventive and corrective actions for production problems (Quality By Production)
10- After sales Workshop Manager

11- Service & Training Manager and Dealer Development
(Master Trainer, Automotive School manager and Quality Manager) @ NASS Academy
Master Trainer & Quality Manager
(2013-2017) NASS is an initiative of Egypt’s private sector in collaboration with international partners to become a channel for developing a new culture of professional technical personnel who can compete on the international front, and can lead regional industry towards higher productivity and efficiency. The quality and effectiveness of NASS programs is differentiated by its comprehensive approach to personality building in addition to skills building, within a technology conscious approach. 1- Planning and organizing training courses.
2- Prepare new training materials for new courses.
3- Delivering courses in line with NASS standards and course objective.
4- Evaluating trainees and students according to NASS Standards and course objective.
5- Improving training courses in accordance to aftersales evaluations on trainees.
6- Preparing regular course evaluations and reports to administration.
7- Assisting in administrative responsibilities of the department.
8- Proposing and preparing new courses and upgrading current ones.
9- Working on upgrading skills and knowledge base.
10- Establish QMS in accordance to ISO 9001.
11- Measuring training performance and for continual improvement.
12- Ensuring that Courses meet with customer expectations and NASS Academy policy
13- Automotive School Development.
14- Partner Development (Consultant) in Quality Assurance & training automotive centres establishes.
15- Project procurement management
16- Following up projects during initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, delivering & closing.
17- Project quality management
18- Project Risk management
19- Responsible on all quality Activities in NASS
20- Designing all processes activities to meet with ISO 9001:2008 Standard
21- Prepare & conduct internal audit.
22- Ensure that all processes/graduates meet with customer requirements.
23- Manage the monitoring measurement and review of internal processes, especially those affect the quality of training or graduates skills.
24- Work with customer, employees and partners to develop training requirements.
Ability to:
25- Project Stakeholders management
26- Project scope management
27- Project time management
28- Project communications management
Technical and Personal Skills
Item Description
1 Computer Skills General Computer skills such as Word, Excel, etc
Internet Skills
IBM Lotus Notes Program
SAP System (warehouse stock status, reading drawings, production Engineer & PDI)
AutoCAD (2D)
Catia Program (Viewer)
Auto Data
2 Automotive Skills Actually Automotive field is not just my work but it is my first favourite so, I worked in private work shop during the period of my technical school, and I took several trainings in Automotive service canter, during that time I faced and learned a lot of problems and its solution related to suspension, engine (CRD Engine and Gasoline Engines) as follow:
• Diagnosis and repair suspension systems.
• Diagnosis and repair steering systems.
• Diagnosis and repair brake systems.
• Diagnosis and repair tires including wheel balance and wheel alignment.
• Diagnosis and repair engine systems overhauling.
• Diagnosis and Repair power train (Clutch, gearboxes with different types, differential with different types, propeller shaft and CV joints).
• Diagnosis and repair modern vehicle systems such as ABS, ESP, SRS, Vehicle telematics, ASR, TSC, … etc .
• The ability to self-study the new systems and working on it in the vehicle and also transfer knowledge to the other.
• Diagnosis and repair alternator, starter motor and all electrical systems in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
• Diagnosis and repair pneumatic system in commercial vehicles such as (Brakes, suspension and Pnumatic accessories).
• Diagnosis and Repair Retarder and Intarder.
• Excellent in using diagnostic scanners with (different models for passenger cars and commercial vehicles).
• Excellent in using Multimeters and all diagnosis devices such as compression test, vacuum test, … etc).
• Excellent in reading repair manuals, wiring diagram and piping diagrams, … etc.
3 Quality Skills Using and calibrating measurement devices and tools
Reading mechanical drawings
I conducted Several Internal audits and one external Audit - (QMS ISO 9001:2000)
I Built a quality management System based on ISO 9001:2000 Requirements in NASS Academy
4 Safety Skills I Joined Quality team to build a Safety management system in our Factory according to OHSAS 18001 Standard Requirements - Giving awareness to employees and Safety training in NASS Academy
5 Personal Skills Ability to work Hard Under pressure for long periods
Ability to work through team or individual
Communication skills & Time Management
Strong Problem Solving & Strong Conflict Management
6 Training Skills I conducted More than 3500 hours of training by the end of December-2016 in Automotive sections (Technical and nontechnical).
Ability to completely establish Sallybus, DTC, STC & TNA
Training of Trainer/Train the Trainer Certified trainer
Certified Assessor in NASS Academy, City and Guilds and German champer
7 Ability to learn to increase my experiences and to increase my working fields which meet with my personality and my old experience.
Favourites and Interests
1 Automotive news and studying new systems in automotive fields
2 Reading
3 Walking
4 Music
5 Movies
Item Description Level
1 Arabic Mother Language
2 English (Read, Write and Talk) Excellent
Contact Me

Mobile 00201000482739