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Francis Moral

Candidate ID: 1786938

Career Summary

• Making Procurement Planning and procurement and Expediting Procedure. • Following Project plan and expediting Engineering deliverables related to Procurement to meet the plan dates. • Work allocation to team members and Expediting to get the offer and get the Technical and commercial approval.

Skill Set

Procurement contract and Logistic officer

Professional Information

Total Experience : 26

Nationality : United Arab Emirates

Qualification Level : MBA / Management Post Graduates

Job Function : Purchase / Stores / Spare Parts / Buyer

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Mobile: +971 (0)50 4176705 / +971 (0) 55 6693128
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Career Objective

Managerial or Lead role in Procurement Manager ,Expediting, Contracts, Logistics and Projects Coordination over all Supply Chain Management with company growth in challenging environment portraying my skills and rich of
26 years of Professional experience and knowledge.

Professional Experience

Excel Industries Group of Company Sharjah,
Ground Supports air Ports project, Scaffolding, ERW Pipes, Galvanizing, steel fabrication.
UAE Period: Nov 2020 – Apr 2022
Designation: Procurement Manager
(Project Procurement /Expediting /Contracts/Logistic)

Job role Responsibilities:

• Responsible for full stream Supply Chain Management activities covering Sourcing, Order placement and expediting, reporting, Contract management, Warehousing & logistics.
• Procurement Objective formed, Supplier Evaluation form send to Supplier, Supplier Rating given By Formula for each line item, Supplier rating given in supplier Master excel Sheet.
• Getting Offer to support Estimation team for tender stage.
• Contract is been raised for Galvanizing Zinc Supplier, Gas Suppliers, Tires used for Airport supplier from India, Testing and Calibration Supplier and Machinery Maintenance.
• Ensuring the compliance to the Main Contract requirement of the various Projects.
• Ensuring Framework establishment for various consumables.
• Maintaining good supplier management by engaging regular evaluation and meetings.
• Exploring potential new Suppliers and qualifying them to the Company policies and procedures.
• Weekly reporting to the Senior Management and Project Management and Finance.
• Half yearly Report given to Management, with Each End user, How Much Is been Purchased spend. Also, project Cost has been given to Project management.
• Liaising with various internal stockholders for the Organization betterment and progress.
• Worked In EPR Add Pac /Focus.
• Supporting Management doing Panic healing for the Management team and Workforce.

Key Projects Involvement

1. Dubai Airport Cargo handling Project
2. Sharjah Airport Cargo Handling Project
3. Abu Dhabi Airport Cargo Handling Project
4. Galvanize Bins for the Sharjah municipality
5. Galvanize bins for the Oman Municipality
6. Waste management Back loader truck for the Dubai Eco friendly
7. Waste management back Loader truck for the Oman Municipality
8. For Dubai Airports Cabin Trolleys
9. SGB Scaffolding Pipes with top cup four legs
10. Titan Project for Australia for the scaffolding Pipes and Legs
11. DEWA Generator Mobile Van re fabrication.

M/s Dry Docks World Dubai (Gov. of Dubai) Dubai, UAE
Marine New Shipbuilding and Offshore
Period: Apr 2008 till June 2020
Designation: Senior Procurement and Contract Officer
(Project Procurement /Expediting /Contracts/Project Coordination)

Job role Responsibilities:

• Preparing Project Procurement Plan and Procedure and implementation.
• Work allocation to team members and expediting to get the offer and get the Technical and commercial approval.
• Ensuring the compliance to the contract Client approved vendor list for the Equipment and Materials.
• Follow up with Engineering and Supplier to resolve the technical issues to close the Package.
• Negotiation with supplier and Expediting Project packages and Bulk Materials.
• Placing of Purchase order and Liaising with all parties involved for Kick off meeting for packages.
• Follow up with supplier for the timely receipt of PO acknowledgment, VDRL list and Engineering drawings and documents.
• Follow up with supplier for the Progress report as agreed for regular updating of Procurement report to submit to Client.
• Ensuring the timely approval of Engineering drawings / documents by arranging Teleconference / Face to face meeting between Engineering and Suppliers.
• Follow up with the Project team for the Client’s timely approval of the engineering Documents.
• Follow up with supplier for the QA/QC documents, commissioning related documents and Shipping documents.
• Liaising with QC team and Project team for the test witnessing if any.
• Liaising with Logistics team for the timely movement and receipt of material on time to site.
• Follow up with supplier for the final documentation.
• Liaising with all parties involved for final QC inspection of the received packages and Client acceptance.
• Updating the Weekly Procurement Progress tracker to Project team and Client.
• Attending weekly client /PMT meeting for the procurement Relative concern issues.
• Attending Client Audit for the procurement as per the contract.
• Liaising with Client /PMT /Commissioning team / Supplier arranging the FAT/SAT.
• Sending the Flow Chart to Account/Invoicing /PMT with the cost of the equipment and Payment details.
• Liaising with Supplier for Liquidated Damages claim in case of delayed shipments.
• Final Project reporting and closure of all the Project Po’s.
• Sharing the lesson learnt if any from the Project to the senior management for corrective actions as applicable.
• Submitting the after-sales support contact details and Warranty Claim contact details of each packages to the Client and Project team.
• Vendor Management Development to Strengthen the Company Procurement as per the Client Requirement in the contract.
• Facility Management to given to Client requirement as per the Contract for Mobilizing client come to the yard to be settled in the client office in the yard.
• Worked In EPR Mariner -2006 and SAP Aribia

Key Projects Involvement

1. Seismic Vessels (6 No’s) for M/s Polarcus.
2. Seismic Vessels (2 No’s) for M/s Westen GECO
3. Barge Vessel for M/s Oman LLC, M/s SEPOC & M/s Ocean King, India.
4. Aluminum Pilot boat (2 No’s) for M/s Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
5. Self-elevating platform for M/s AFCON, India
6. FPSO Conversion of vessel BW Carman for M/s BW Offshore
7. Modular Capture Vessel (MCV) Eagle Texas, Louisiana for M/s AET
8. Major refurbishment of Offshore Drilling Rigs Delma, Diyina, Yemilah for M/s National Drilling Company (NDC)
9. Offshore HVDC Platform Dolwin-3 for M/s ABB, AIBEl
10. FLNG Turret for M/s SBM Offshore
11. Subsea Oil storage tank, Solan for M/s Premier Oil
12. Upgradation of FPSO Aoka Mizu for M/s Blue Water
13. Turret Mooring system for FPSO Aoka Mizu for M/s Blue Water
14. Offshore HVDC Platform Borwin-3for M/s Top side Petrofac and end client Tennet
15. Offshore Platforms Rashid-C, Rashid-D for M/s Technip-Dubai Petroleum
16. Offshore Platform Aqum deck for M/s Technip-Dubai Petroleum
17. Turret Mooring System for FPSO Johan Castberg SBM and end client M/s Statoil
18. HKZ- Alfa 700 MW HVAC Offshore Platform Top side Petrofac and end client Tennet

M/s Bridgeway Electromechanical LLC
Dubai, UAE - MEP Contracting Company.
Period: Jun 2007 till Apr 2008
Designation: Senior Procurement Officer

M/s Vali Electromechanical LLC
Dubai, UAE - MEP Contracting Company
Period: Aug 2005 till Jun 2007
Designation: Senior Procurement Engineer.

M/s Corodex Agencies Est. Safety Center
Dubai, UAE –Fire and Safety Contracting Company.
Period: Mar 2003 till Aug 2005 Designation: Procurement Officer.

M/s Damas Electromechanical LLC Abu
Dubai, UAE –MEP Contracting Company
Period :Aug 2001 till Mar 2003
Designation: Purchase Officer.

M/s India Meters
Tamil Nadu,Chennai –KWH Meters Manufacturing Factory.
India Period: June 1996 – Aug 2001
Designation: Junior Procurement and R&D Engineer.

Extra Curriculum:

Physical fitness using Pranic Healing:
• Intimate relationship between the energy body and the physical body.
• Healing depression, stress, hypertension, and complete relaxation to enhance once concentration.
• Empowering of human power, working environment.
• Healing all kind of illness from human body, workplace & residence without medication and physical touch.
• Healing Major Sickness, Cancer, Sugar, Blood pressure, cyst, and Back stiffness etc.


• Multitask Personality person in Procurement and Project devolvement.
• Innovative, self-motivated with strong leadership abilities.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
• Expertise in Planning, expediting the project equipment packages and bulk material.
• Work independently and as a team and handle crisis situations in a calm and effective manner.
• Good at logical thinking and time management.
• Expertise in Supply Chain Management key activities start from Planning till Expediting and delivery of materials.
• Team Target fixing, monitoring, and regular alignment to ensure the Target met without any hindrance.
• Team development, making everyone to join and work together to achieve the Management target.
• Empowering Vendor Management to Strengthen the Company Procurement.
• Forcing and Developing Facility Management to Client requirement.
• Procurement Management by Cost Controller, Coordinating and Expediting to Support the Project Management.
• Procurement Planning liaising with Project Procurement
• Coordination with Account Department for the Issuing LC Request Form
• Supporting Account Department Sending the cash Flow for the Equipment supplier to be paid when and inform the Project team.
• Coordinating with Customs Clearances and Supporting the project Requirement
• Coordinating the Commissioning team and supplier for all the commissioning activates.
• Liaising with Supplier for Liquidated Damages claim in case of delayed shipments.

Software Proficiency:

• MS Office suite- Dec -1999
• Oracle -8- Mar-2000
• Basic -6 –Mar-2000
• Oracle ERP

Achievement & Awards:

• Best Innovation & Best Employer Award of the Year 2012 from M/s Drydocks World.
• Excellence Involvement Award from Client M/s Blue Water Offshore.
• Won Think Tank Award of the Year 2010 to 2014 consecutively
• Best Project Procurement Engineer Award from Client M/s National Drilling Company.
• Excellent Project Performance Award from M/s National Drilling Company
• Certification of Appreciation for the procurement Activates for M/s Borwin Gamma
• Certificate of Excellence Award to Outstanding Performance in procurement from Dubai Petroleum and Dry Docks World Dubai
• Certificate of Excellence Award to Outstanding Performance in Procurement from blue water and Dry Docks World Dubai
• Letter of Appreciation from Dry Docks World Dubai from VP Finance and Admin for the achieved First Mile-Stone of Engineering Installation for Bring All the Site driven Equipment to the Yard Well in Advances.

Languages known: English, Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam

Summary of Qualification

1. Master of Business Administration in Procurement and Supply Chain Management Mar-2013
2. PGDBA – Business Management from M/s Magnus School of Business.17-Mar-2006
3. Advance Diploma- Business Management from M/s Magnus School of Business.23- Jan-2006
4. Diploma – Business Management from M/s Magnus School of Business.04-Mar-2005
5. Engineering -- Electrical & Electronic Engineering with A First Class.Apr-1995
6. Level IV Leadership Port Training- By Dry Docks World Dubai-May 2010
7. Diploma in Material Management by National Institute of Labor Education-Apr-2000
8. Diploma TQM & ISO 9000 National Institute of Labor Education.Oct-2000
9. Diploma in Business Administration by National Institute of Labor Education Apr2001
10. Diploma in Sales and Marketing. by National Institute of Labor Education –Oct-2002
11. Diploma in Contracts Management by National Institute of Labor Education-Oct 2002
12. Diploma in Fire and Safety Management by National Institute of Labor Education – Oct-07
13. Diploma in Import and Export Management by National Institute of Labor Education
14. QMS Internal Auditing ISO 9001-2008(DNV) By IRTC-Mar-2014
15. Certificate for Negotiation Skills by Blue Ocean-Oct-2019
16. Certificate DP world Anti - Bribery and Corruption Training Course certificate-May2018

Personal particulars:

• Passport no: M7143057
• Driving License: UAE Light Vehicle License


I hereby declaring that all the above-furnished information’s are true and reflection of my profession.

S. Francis Moral