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Ayman Sadek CA, MBA, CMA, CertIFR

Candidate ID: 1892556

Career Summary

Chartered Accountant, 18+ years of experience in Financial Management in various sectors (industrial, commercial, and services) with different legal structures. An expert in Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, Costing, and financial analysis with proven results in all areas of planning and reporting.

Skill Set

Accounting & Auditing,Taxes, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Finance Operation, GAAP, IFRS, MS office, ERP, Powe BI, Strategic Management, Project Management , Problem Solving, System Implementation, Communication & Presentation, Leadership & Multitasks

Professional Information

Total Experience : 18

Nationality : Egypt

Qualification Level : MBA / Management Post Graduates

Job Function : Accounts / Tax / CS / Audit / Finance

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Chartered Accountant, 18+ years of experience in Financial Management in various sectors (industrial, commercial, and services) with different legal structures. An expert in Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, Costing, and financial analysis with proven results in all areas of planning and reporting for large global organizations. Focusing on strategic thinking with proven ability to support sustainable revenue growth, cost analysis, and develop strategies for processes optimization. Extensive experience in financial modeling, Trend analysis, Budgeting, Expense tracking, Performance metrics, Forecasting, Price/Cost/Margin analysis. Looking to acquire a position that will enable utilizing knowledge, education, and experience. Combining strong interpersonal and communication skills, and committed to continual performance development in the workplace. I am fond of challenges and achieving goals.

• Master in Business Administration (MBA), Banking & Finance (2020).
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt
• Bachelor of Commerce Degree: Accounting (2002).
Alexandria University, Egypt
• Bachelor of Law Degree (2010).
Alexandria University, Egypt

** Professional Certifications
? * Certified Management Accountant (CMA) at IMA
? * CFA Investment Foundations Certificate at CFA
?* Certificate in International Financial Reporting (CertIFR) at ACCA
?* Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) - In progress at CFI

** Courses and Training
? * SAP Consultant Course.
? * Project Management Professional (PMP) at Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.
? * Comprehensive training in Accounting & Auditing Standards, Financial Analysis, and Tax Planning at Egyptian Association for Public Finance & Taxes.

** Work Experiences
* Chartered Accountant (Register No. 29401). (Feb 2007 – Jul 2009) - ( Jan 2018 – Present )
? * Ahmed Sadek Amar - Accounting and Auditing Firm, (Egypt)
- Performing audits for many companies in various operating sectors with different legal structures,
planning effective auditing processes Complying with Auditing Standards.
- Providing guidance on the accounting cycle and the correct accounting treatments that consistent with
the Accounting Standards and Regulations.
- Evaluating financial statements and assessing accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance and
ensures that the entity’s financial statements depict a true and fair view of the company’s financial
position, reporting on errors and fraud indicators, and Investigating and developing internal control
- Tax planning and settlement of tax disputes (income Tax, Vat Tax, Stamp tax, payroll tax, withholding

* Cost Control & Cash Management Supv. (Jun 2015 – Jan 2018)
? * Thrust-boring Construction Company – TCC, (Al-Tamimi Group) (Saudi Arabia)
- Activation for Costing System - Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
- Business Plan preparation and progress follow-up.
- Projects Cost Analysis and control, Monitoring optimal use of Resources.
- Developing Budget, Budget tracking, and Variances analysis.
- Following up on Cash Flow and Securing sources of finance.
- Forecasting and Future Trends Analysis.
- Monthly Financial Statements Closing.

* Deputy Financial Manager (Dec 2011 – Jun 2015)
? * Earadat Transport – (Al-Qahtani Group) (Saudi Arabia)
- Established New ERP system - Oracle
- Directing all aspects of accounting operations, overseeing all transactions related to general ledger,
receivables, payables, payroll, and Financial Reports.
- Following up daily bank transactions, Reconciliation Statements (Bank Token)
- Monitoring cash flows and manage funds to meet short and medium-term obligations.
- Bank Facilities negotiations, Financial Planning (Short and long term loans)
- Performing all wire and online transfers, bank documentation, L/Cs, and L/Gs.
- Management of operation cycle and cash cycle.
- Preparing financial Statements and Liaising with the external auditor.

* Senior Internal Auditor (Sep 2010 – Dec 2011)
* Dumed Egypt Co - Simed International subsidiary (Egypt)
The Dutch grant to develop Alexandria University hospitals. Importing, installing and operating
medical equipment.
- Developing and maintaining internal Auditing, effective Internal control, accounting system, and policies.
- Ensuring adequate documentation/support of transactions and reports.
- Monitoring and verifying the records of financial transactions according to company policies, regulations,
and Accounting Standards.
- Budgeting Tracking.

* Cost Manager (July 2009 – Aug 2010)
? * Alexandria Company for Food Industries Development (Ammco Foods), (Egypt)
- Developing the cost accounting system, documents, and records.
- Reviewing material consumption and matching with the standards of products Recipes. Reviewing the
daily reports on calculating the costs for each product based on production reports, warehouse reports,
and quality reports.
- Variance Analysis, Delimiting of normal spoilage rates.
- Analyzing costs, pricing, variable contributions, sales results, and the company’s actual performance
compared to the business plans.

* Chief Accountant (Mar 2008 – Aug 2009)
?* Al-Tkhasosya Computers Systems -TCS (Egypt)
- Developing and maintaining all necessary accounting policies and systems, including general ledger and
financial reporting. Ensuring that records are maintained in accordance with accounting principles and
- Overseeing all sides of accounting operations, including revenues, expenses, payables, receivables,
payroll, and tax preparation.
- Responsible for providing financial and administrative support in order to ensure effective, efficient, and
accurate financial and administrative operations
- Performing Financial Statements.

* Senior Accountant (Aug 2005 – Jan 2007)
? * Al-Belal Motors for Trading Cars (Al-Mansour Agent) (Egypt)
- Handling full spectrum of financial and cost accounting roles, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables,
and General Ledger.
- Responsible for timely financial reports, payments, cash-flow, and management reporting.
- Supporting budgeting and forecasting activities in accordance with anticipated price movement,
potential market share, and competitors' advantages.
- Collaborating with team members to reach sales targets.

* Project Accountant - Planning & Follow-Up SUPV (Aug 2002 – Aug 2005)
? * Marseilia for Real Estate Investment (Egypt)
- Keeping books for site accounts and Handling site procurement tasks.
- Control the site's expenses, distribute the financial flow according to the project's needs, and settle it
with the financial Department.
- Preparing contractor payment requests & clearances.
- Organizing on-site sales visits, following up on clients' requirements and modifications, and estimate of
the requirements cost.
- Managing the sales process from initial contact up to closure.