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Yusmila Edith Chaple Cantero

Candidate ID: 2007966

Career Summary

Medical Professionals with 9 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area

Skill Set

RCP, EKG, minor surgery, Papanicolaou,Suab ,antenatal and post natal care ,normal delivery assessment,terminal stage patients assessment, elderly care,STD,health promotion and prevention ,prevention non transmissible chronic disease and transmissible disease ,vaccines promotion

Professional Information

Total Experience : 9

Nationality : Cuba

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

I'am specialist un first degree un general comprenhensive , with 8 years and 6 months of experience graduated as a General practitioner in 2013 and as specialist un 2017 .I work at a medical office in which I carry out activities of health prevention non transmissible chronic disease and transmissible disease ,RCP ,EKG, to promute general health, to assess the community health situation , to assist pregnant women during delivery ,children ,elderly people, adults in general, to carry out antenatal care and periculture, to carry out health care to patients in terminal stage , diseases by means of vaccines and profilaxis treatment to eradicate risk factors

To perform educational chats in doctor’s office, in schools and in communities for improving the population's sanitary education.
To perform researches.
To teach pre-grade and post-grade medical students.
Isolation and quarantine

To give psychological support to any patient.
To perform the physical examination to any patient.
Provide emergency and urgency health care
Use preventive and therapeutic intervention effectively
Basics un Hospital Management
Geriatric couseling training
To order several test to confirm several diagnosis.
To perform and control the nurse procedures.
To detect possible biologic, psychological ,social and environmental risk factors that can affect the health of community.
To run Vaccine campaigns.
To prevent risk factors for non- transmissible chronic diseases.
To perform an incision and drainage of abscess.
To perform suture and remove stitches.
To carry out the Papanicolau Smear.
To perform nasal and faryngeal exudate
Care and treatment of covid patients

Isolation rules