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Muhammad Wasim

Candidate ID: 2040778

Career Summary

Graduate with overall 7 years experience in NDT inspection including 3 years as QA/QC inspector,2 years as Inspection technician Apprentices,1 year Shutdown in Qatar,Pakistan.Currently working as QC Inspector from the past 1 years in Oil and Gas Sector with relevant international Certifications.

Skill Set

Inspection Technician, QA QC Inspector, Piping Inspector, Static Equipment Inspector,NDT (DPT, UT, MPI, RT, PMI, Thermography Testing) MS office 365, SAP, ERP

Professional Information

Total Experience : 7

Nationality : Pakistan

Qualification Level : Graduate

Job Function : Quality / Testing

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

1. Sendan International Company Ltd Saudi Arabia/ Client Sabic

Inspection of Major repair work ( Replacement of DEG, MEG, TEG LINES)
Piping fit up inspection
Welding Inspection
Hydro testing/ PMI
Monitor all quality related activities on the project Perform all internal and external audits on behalf of the companies management
Verify contractor quality requirements are specified to vendors and contractor documentation submittals.
The preparation and control of project quality system management documentation prior to project commencement.
Review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements Monitor the disposition of all issued non conformance reports.
Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the project quality management system.
Recommend and implement improvements when required.
Coordinate all QA/QC activities with the site QC manager.
Control all achieve documentation upon the completion of the project.

2. Bureau Varitas Group Ltd. Pakistan
weld Scanning, UT/UFD
UTG of pipping, Plates by normal/straight beam brobes
A-Scan of HSD-tank's/LNG storage tank's plates normal/straight beam brobes
A-Scan of shafts up to 10 meter normal/straight beam brobes
A-Scan of weld by angel probe
Reading isometric drawing
Prepare reports

3. Grey Machenzie Ltd. Qatar/ Client Qatar Energy
PSV's and PRD's inspection
Documents control
Checklist updation
Dossier submit

4. ENGRO Fertilzers Ltd Pakistan
Data collection from Isometrics and P&ID’s
Interpret Drawings and other documents.
Verifying Documents such as Material Test Certificates, NDT & Dimensional Reports.
Review of NDE Reports & coordinating with NDT subcontractor.
Perform ultrasonic flaw detection (UFD) of weldments of piping and equipment to detect and size different nature of defects.
Access acceptance / rejection of defects identified in ultrasonic flaw detection as per applicable codes and standards and preparation of ultrasonic flaw detection (UFD) reports.
Perform different non-destructive testing (NDTs) i.e. Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Dye penetrate Testing (DPT), Magnetic Particle Testing (DPT) and Radiography Testing (RT).
perform solution film testing (SFT) and hydrostatic testing of plant equipment and piping as per requirement and generation of inspection reports mentioning details of findings
Assist Inspection Engineer in visual inspection and other inspection activities pertaining to condition monitoring of plant equipment and piping.
Perform positive material identification of incoming material to warehouse using alloy analyzer to ensure accuracy of technical specifications of material and conformance to codes and standards
Witness valve testing and pressure safety relief (PSVs) testing as per codes and standards.
Nonconformance report analysis & Rejection analysis for monthly and annual.
Incoming inspection as per purchase order& Drawings.
Stage vise Inspection of finished component as per drawings & Parameters.
Maintain professional working relationships with all employees, management
Calibration of P.S.V and P.R.V. breather valve (calibration experience both Manual and ventil machine )
Witnessing Hydro testing and leak testing
Witnessing hydro test in erection field.
Witnessing all testing activities like Hydro and Pneumatic test, Chemical cleaning, and Oil flushing
Verifying the Piping test pack to undertake Pre-hydro test inspection activity and initiate punch list.
Dye penetrate Testing (water washable, solvent removal and fluorescent)
Magnetic Particle Testing (With permanent Yolk, DC (Direct Current) Yolk)
Positive Material Identification with Innovex
Hardness Test (with Equitip Schneider, TH170, TH130)
Pipe to soil potential of underground Piping.
NDT Inspection (MT, PT & UT) methods on welded parts, Boiler drums as per Customer Quality Plan.
Finding the surface defects in weld joints and parent metal areas with PT, MPT.
Interpretation of Ultrasonic Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing
Prepared reports like UT, MPI, PT.
Performing Radiographic Exposure and Film Processing.
RT films interpretation and reports.
Conducting inspection of Raw materials and review of MTC and the specification requirements.
Surveillance and monitoring the contractor’s Process activities like fit-up, Preheat , DPT as per FQAP/ITP and WPS Preparing inspection report for day-to-day activities.
UT of Safety Critical line (Thickness) with DMS GO+, DM-05 ,37DL plus and 38DL plus ultrasonic thickness gauge
UT Flaw Detection check on raw materials of pressure vessel process piping and Weld Joints with USM GO+ ultrasonic flaw detector
UT Lamination, check on raw materials of pressure vessel and process piping.
Functional as UT Gauging Inspector for doing corrosion survey of machine vessels according to classification rules.
UTG of Safety Critical Piping.
Fulfill identification and traceability requirements & Corrective and preventive actions.
Conducting and witnessing the welder qualification skill test in accordance with the approved WPS and prepare Welder performance qualification record (WQT).
Monitoring the welder performance based on acceptance of NDT testing of joints and maintaining the record as per Line History.
Witnessing and Reviewing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) activities in Welding compare with codes and standards.
Coordinating with clients for QC issues and coordinate with third party inspection agencies for offering the stages as per Inspection Testing Plan (ITP).
Under Ground Piping Check for the Wrapping Holiday Test and Back Filling.
Witnessing of blasting, painting, DFT check and Adhesion test.
Preparing welding inspection report on daily basis.
Preparing of WPS and witnessing PQR & WPQ for various projects.
Preparing the weld history according to the NDT requirements and project specification.
Monitoring welding activities during the fabrication in shop and erection in the site as per the approved WPS and specification.
Monitoring the welding parameters and the heat input as per the WPS.
Checking of welding consumables for the storage conditions and site usage.
Fit-up inspection as per approved drawing.
Preparing inspection reports and construction quality procedures.
Ensuring welding procedures qualification and implementation.
Familiar with welding process such as SMAW, GTAW, GMAW etc.
Inspection of Cooling Tower
Inspection of Wrapping and Holiday testing with Elcometer
Thermography with digital FLIR Camera (FLIR-T335 AND FLIR T-540
Inspection of Waste Heat Boiler
witness load testing of gear trolleys, winches, cranes, fork lifters and other load lifting equipment as per work instructions and procedures
Carry out quality control of painting / wrapping and coating works in the plant i.e. paint DFT wet film thickness measurement, surface profile measurement, holiday testing to ensure adherence to codes and standards.
Inspection of CO2 Absorber and Stripper
Inspection of Urea Reactor, Carbamate Condensers (CC1 & CC2)
Tank Inspection, Exchanger Inspection.
Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies and procedures.
Ability to lead the peoples, and act like a supervisor.

5. SAZO International Company Ltd. / Client ENGRO Pakistan
DPT of welds and plates etc
MPI of welds , shackles, beams and plates
UTG of pipe lines, tank's course and bottom Plates
Hydro testing above ground and under ground pipelines
PMI and Hardness test
Frrite testing
Holiday testing
Prepared inspection reports