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Suresh babu

Candidate ID: 2178502

Career Summary

I am a result driven Food Quality Assurance professional with 16 years' experience in Meat, Poultry, Seafoods, Spices, Mayonnaise, Sauces, Sushi, and Vegetable Processing, laboratory Management, Food Equipment and Machinery, 200+ pieces of training on HACCP, FSMS, health & safety

Skill Set

HACCP/ ISO 22000:2018; Quality management; Food Science; Laboratory management; Supply chain management; Food R&D formulations and validations; lengthen shelf life; nutritional and special diets analysis; Health & Safety

Professional Information

Total Experience : 20

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Graduate

Job Function : Quality / Testing

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Profile: More than 16 years of remarkable technical expertise in meat, poultry, sea foods, mayonnaise, cold sauces, sushi and vegetables processing, operations-statistical process control, food equipment and machinery, QA/QC-Foods safety, Food R&D, menu engineering, supply chain-procurement management, hygiene & sanitation, 200+ HACCP/FSMS/ISO 45001 staff trainings.
<> 4+ years of experience in Microbiology & analytical chemistry laboratory compliance to ISO 17025.
<>Ability: Excellent Knowledge and strong business written skills on food manufacturing policies, procedures and standards in compliance with HACCP/ISO-GSO/BRC standards and proficient to build FSMS for any food chain <>Achievements: <> enforce business unit's Quality Management Food Safety system in compliance with ISO 22000:2018 standards <> devised Food Safety manual for Masami Sushi restaurants <> supply chain financial & operational plans <> procurement, approved raw materials and suppliers <> staff trainings on HACCP/ISO 22000:2018/SCM-Logistics <> devised Food Safety Quality audit manual for Shawarmer foods <> structured Quality Management Food Safety System for IFI <> structured central kitchen to industrial scale operations <> HACCP and ISO 22000:2018 accreditation for IFI
- Trained 700+ staff on health and safety/GMP/GHP/GLPs
- Trained 200+ staff on Supply chain management systems
<> improved production efficiency whilst industrial best practices <> budgeting, planning and productivity strategies<> operative teamwork & supply chain process management <> annual budget and strategic growth plans including forecasting, cost control and monthly inventories <> optimized logistics, warehousing, transportation on receiving, storage & distribution whilst FEFO/FIFO system<> integrated QC process, Food R&D formulations & validations<> devised innovative ways to deal with scrap trimmings<> designed raw materials, FG & packing materials specs<> integrated CAPEX and OPEX, point of cost and cost of quality, <> menu costing, PL and POS for restaurants operations<> lengthened shelf life, nutritional analysis, 120-130% Yield gain<> improved franchise food safety manual for Domino’s Pizza<> food testing & analysis of chemical, microbial and organoleptic <> PCR analysis, laboratory instrumentation and calibrations<> Hematology - blood sampling, testing, diagnosis of tuberculosis meningitis by smear microscopy AFB<> emergency first-aid nursing and postmortem care<> electrical & non-electrical lab equipment operating skills<> IQF - Ready to cook products yield achievement 120% - 130%<> Devised ways to cut costs without reducing product quality<> Devised ways on coated (predust-batter-breading - frying - steam cooking) products<> Smoked meat/poultry/turkey deli meat products formulation and processing<> Fermented sausages (Pepperoni and salami) probiotics and cultures formulations<> Sustainably package, storage and transportation of perishable foods<> Moisture/steam injection and retention of tender and juiciness on fully cooked products<> Innovative ways to deal with scrap, spoilages and waste creating by-products with food safety<>