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Debasish Debnath

Candidate ID: 2238227

Career Summary

Having obtained triple FRCS and CCT, I now have 9 years of experience as consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon in the NHS. My job involves full clinical management of all breast conditions, teaching and training, audit, research, presentation and publication. I am a GMC associate as PLAB examiner.

Skill Set

oncoplastic breast surgery; breast reconstruction; audit; research; teaching; training; presentation; publication

Professional Information

Total Experience : 9

Nationality : United Kingdom

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Health & Safety / Environment

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

In support of the application
For the post of Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon
GMC Registration 4459282 (Registered with licence to practise and as a recognised trainer)
Specialist registrar rotation London Deanery (LDN/021/011/N)
CCT (General surgery) 02 January 2013

FRCS Gen. Surg Intercollegiate Speciality Board in General Surgery, Edinburgh 2010
MD (Research) Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, 2009
FHEA Higher Education Academy, UK; 2009
PG CertMedEd Dundee University, Dundee; 2009
FRCS Eng The Royal College of Surgeons of England, London; 1999
FRCS Edin The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow, Glasgow' 1995
FRCS Glasg The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Edinburgh' 1995
PLAB Test General Medical Council' 1992
DNB (Diplomate of National Board) National Board of Examiners of India, New Delhi 1994
MS (General Surgery) Calcutta University, Calcutta; 1994
MBBS Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta; 1988

Winner Frank Taylor Memorial (Best Presentation) North Middlesex University Hospital, London; 2006
Co-Winner Bianca Bosco (Best paper) 8th International meeting of Coloproctology, Italy;2004
Grant Research project (MD); TENOVUS, Scotland;2003
Winner National Essay competition (Ethicon ®); Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT), Sheffield' 2003
Second place MS in General Surgery' Calcutta University, Calcutta' 1994
Winner Clinical Photo Quiz' Medical College Ex-students’ Association, Calcutta' 1992
Runners-up Students’ Medical Quiz; Medical College Ex-students’ Association, Calcutta; 1987
Gold Medal Forensic and State Medicine; Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta; 1986
Sr. Class Assistant Forensic and State Medicine; Calcutta Medical College, Calcutta; 1985

CURRENT APPOINTMENT (commenced in February 2014)
Consultant Breast, Oncoplastic and Reconstructive surgeon at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackpool

My job involves attending clinics, MDTs, theatres, and ward rounds. I am the lead for the breast MDT and service. I am also the clinical audit lead for General, Colo-rectal and Breast surgery, and Research and Development (R&D) lead for General surgery, Orthopaedic, Urology, Ophthalmology and ENT. I supervise (both as clinical and education supervisor) trainees and teach medical students. I chair audits, journal clubs, breast operational and divisional meetings. I participate in audit projects and academic activities including presentations and publications.

External positions held:

• Audit lead for the Lancashire and South Cumbria breast Clinical Reference Group (CRG).
• GMC associate as a PLAB examiner
• Honorary Clinical Lecturer, University of Liverpool


I cover 1-stop breast clinic for assessment of new referrals for the patients with breast symptoms, in liaison with radiologists and breast care nurses. I perform full range of oncoplastic and reconstructive (including implant and pedicle-based reconstruction) surgery independently. I provide pre- and post-operative care, take part in the MDT, follow national guidelines, and provide a comprehensive breast service.


Experience leading effective change within own organisation, or across organisations-
• Introduction of regular breast oncoplastic meetings
• Effective time management and facilitation at breast MDT
• Teaching of community nurses for post-op breast management, leading to improvement in care
• Introduction of various pathways, and guidelines, some of which have been appreciated across the region (such as referral proforma to breast MDT and Re-commencement of immediate breast reconstruction at the Covid-19 era)
• Creation of breast procedure specific consent forms (55 in total) and customising them according to 4 consultant’s specifications (220 in total).

Works with own Trust cancer lead clinician and executive team to effect change in cancer services-
• Instituting changes in the breast referral guideline for improved understanding and better utilisation of resources
• Regular peer-review.

Experience of skilled negotiation and persuasion; influencing professionals at the highest level-
• Successful in putting forward business cases for Faxitron (miniature in-theatre x-ray machine for breast specimen assessment), SCOUT (lolalisation device for occult breast lesions)
• Introduction of breast abscess pathway, streamlining assessment of such patients in one-stop new patient clinics.

Consistent, regular attendee at relevant professional/clinical meetings, with demonstrated engagement in CRG led service improvement and clinical audit-
• Regular participation in GIRFT, Trust cancer board and wider breast cancer meetings
• Participation and presentations in Trust R&D, clinical audit, breast education away day and various national/ international meetings/ conferences and webinars
• Regular participant in Clinical Reference Group meetings, contributor in changing guidelines and relevant issues
• Current audit lead for Clinical Reference Group (CRG), completed and presented audits in CRG meetings.

Chairing meetings at which all the business is discussed; everyone’s views are heard; clear decisions are reached-
• Chairing general surgery M&M audits, and journal club, Breast and Urology divisional, and breast operational meetings, focussing on reaching a consensus-based outcome and listening to everyone’s viewpoints.

Demonstrates impartiality and acts as a champion for patients rather than for individual organisations-
• Introduction of risk stratified follow-up for breast cancer patients, but with modifications to reflect individual patient’s requirements and wishes.
• Raised concerns about individual practices not consistent with CRG guideline/ practice with useful feedbacks.

Understanding and appreciation of the recommendations with Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes/ IOG/other improvement porgrammes-
• Creation of local guideline for streamlining decisions about extended endocrine therapy, based on international publications and practice
• Participation in NIHR or equivalent national research projects.

Evidence of effective leadership skills with the ability to command respect from colleagues at all levels and in all professional groups-
• Re-commencement of immediate breast reconstruction at the time Covid-19 (June 2020), which involved surgical and nursing colleagues, management (division and executive) and patients, with wider support from the region (including CRG) and implemented following existing guidelines. Subsequent audit confirmed the practice to be safe and acceptable.

Demonstration of strategic awareness, political astuteness and leverage-
• Aware of rising breast referral numbers and liaising constantly with colleagues, cancer services, radiology, and management to pursue coping strategies, including triaging of referrals and stand-alone surgical clinics for those unlikely to require breast imaging to free up radiology time.
• Raising concerns and taking steps in liaison with management and cancer services to address various target breaches, prevent MDT cancellation during festive periods and maximise MDT quorum.

Positive attitude; able to engage and enthuse others
• Introduction of changes in practice at the breast unit, involving radiology, surgery, and nursing colleagues-
• Negotiatiating timing of the surveillance mammography, radiology record keeping for ready reference for complicated breast investigations
• Use of Faxitron, SCOUT and ensuring ready availability of sentinel node detection machine in theatre
• Improved recording in SCR
• Introduction of pathways- day case mastectomy, interval breast cancer, extended endocrine therapy, improved recording of clinic and MDT outcomes, immediate implant-based reconstruction proforma, referral to breast MDT
• Dissemination of patient information- pre- and post- operative care following day-case mastectomy and partial breast reconstruction
All the above had been possible by engagement with and involvement of colleagues and management through a ‘can do’ approach.

Experience of, and ability to analyse and interpret complex data
• Interpretation and analysis of Audit data from all participating units and reaching conclusions that apply to all units, despite a variation in practice
• Completion of various quality improvement, audit, research projects that entailed analysis and interpretation of complex data, as detailed in publications (please see below).


Post/ Consultant/ Speciality/ Institution/ From/ To

Oncoplastic Fellow
Prof N Bundred
A Gandhi
Breast oncoplastic and reconstruction
Wythenshawe Hospital, Wytenshawe
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar
R Daoud
I Laidlaw
Breast oncoplastic, General

Frimley Park Hospital, Frimley
05.10.11 02.10.12
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar
ER Inwang
S Smith
Breast oncoplastic, General
Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford
06.10.10 04.10.11
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar
W Ismail
AJ Ogedegbe Breast oncoplastic, General
Queens Hospital, Romford
07.10.09 05.10.10
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar
A Oshowo
AJ Wilson
Breast, General Colorectal
Whittington University Hospital, Highgate Hill
01.10.08 06.10.09
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar

P Frecker
Breast, General Laparoscopy
Whipps Cross University Hospital, Leytonstone
05.09.07 30.09.08
(1 year 1 month)

Specialist Registrar
R Le Fur
F Gonzalez

Colorectal, General Laparoscopy
Newham University Hospital, Plaistow
04.10.06 04.09.07
(11 months)

Specialist Registrar
F Myint
I Kaholics
Vascular, General Laparoscopy
North Middlesex University Hospital, Edmonton
05.10.05 03.10.06
(1 year)

Specialist Registrar
S Jacob
JB Coker Vascular, Laparoscopy

King George Hospital, Ilford
06.10.04 04.10.05
(1 year)

Clinical Research Fellow (MD)
Prof SD Heys Surgical Research
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
29.11.01 05.10.04
(2 yr 10 months)

Staff Grade
KA Gunning R Brookstein General, GI, Breast Darlington Memorial Hospital, Darlington 06.03.01 28.11.01
(9 months)

Staff Grade
& Clinical Attaché D Valerio
EO Amaku
General, Breast, GI, Endocrine Grantham and District Hospital, Grantham 01.02.00 05.03.01
(1 year1 month)


JT Allardice
N Ingram
General, GI, Breast
General Hospital, Jersey
01.12.98 31.01.00
(1 yr 2 months)

Acting Registrar/
Senior House Officer

CD Auld
JSC Mccormick
Upper GI
Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, Dumfries
05.08.98 30.11.98
(3 months)

Acting Registrar/
Senior House Officer 3
DJ Galloway
R Molloy General, Lower GI
Gartnavel General Hospital Western Infirmary, Glasgow
03.11.97 04.08.98
(9 months)

Acting Registrar/
Senior House Officer
NI Markham
General, GI
North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple

02.06.97 02.11.97
(5 months)

Acting Registrar/
Senior House Officer
MA Walker,
DG Richards
General, Urology, Vascular West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven
11.03.96 31.05.97
(1 yr 3 months)

Senior House Officer & Clinical Attaché
IA Eyre-Brook
SM Jones
General, GI Vascular
Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
01.02.95 10.03.96
(1 year)

Senior House Officer
M Cook Accident & Emergency
Maelor Hospital, Wrexham
03.08.94 31.01.95
(6 months)

Junior Registrar/ Senior House Officer/ House Officer rotation
Prof AK Roychowdhury
Prof SM Roy
Assoc Prof DK Ghosh
General Surgery
Accident & Emergency
Calcutta Medical College Hospital, Calcutta
01.08.88 31.01.94
(4 years)


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1. Mr P Kiruparan
Consultant General and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 01276 953813

2. Mr A McKenna
Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 01253 953493

3. Mr P Mcaleese
Consultant Breast Surgeon
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) 01253 953813