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Mohamed Elhimadie

Candidate ID: 2249660

Career Summary

Medical Professionals with 6 years experience in Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors functional area

Skill Set

consultant family medicine

Professional Information

Total Experience : 6

Nationality : United Kingdom

Qualification Level : Medical Professionals

Job Function : Doctor / Medical Research / Dean / Medical Professors

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

I’m a hardworking, reliable, enthusiastic and highly motivated and experienced general practitioner with special interest in musculoskeletal medicine and Rheumatology. I’m currently doing a Diploma on this which is due to finish in June 2021. I have a back ground in adult medicine and I did my core training in the UK. I’m clinically competent with experience caring for patients from a range of cultural background. I’m committed to pursuing a role in which I can help patients maintain their health and quality of life. I would like to join a lovely friendly practice/ hospital which will help me pursue my career objectives.I chose the UAE for the following reasons. The main reason being, we have strong ties with UAE, my wife’s family live in Abu Dhabi and they lived there for the last 35 years. We visit the UAE on regular basis and I’m really impressed with the amazing modern facilities, new technology and evolution of primary care in UAE. Arabic is my first language which is very helpful in an Arabic speaking country and similar cultural background.Since starting my medical degree, I have been privileged to work in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings, in various specialties. As medicine has progressed and changed, my career objectives have evolved. As an undergraduate as well as a postgraduate I have always aimed for high standards of clinical care, and this I feel has furthered my career aspirations.I have always been driven by the challenges and rewards of the clinical practice which are abundant in primary care. I have always been interested in medical training and education and always happy to teach juniors doctors. I am also interested in service design, delivery and improving patients’ experience in health service.Gaining experience in different aspects of medicine with patients of different ages and social backgrounds has helped focus my career choice. General practices have given me this opportunity to get exposed to different cultures, age groups and backgrounds.Since medical school I always took the initiative to organise medical trips to rural areas. This gave me more skills in team work and leadership. Excellent communication skills developed through doctor-patient relationship. I also managed to organize few nights out while working in general practice. I was very successful to create a positive atmosphere outside the field of medicine.