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Dr. Abdullah Omran

Candidate ID: 2425581

Career Summary

Doctorate with 2 years experience in Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty functional area I am a U.A.E Biology / Science teacher holder Have both ADEK and KHDA approvals Have experience in medical coding and insurance as well during my time in hospital settings

Skill Set

Interpersonal communication, Classroom management, establishing professional rapport with students . Hard working . Fast paced decision making . Excellent communication skills and an author myself.,

Professional Information

Total Experience : 4

Nationality : Jordan

Qualification Level : Doctorate

Job Function : Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

The Teacher’s social and emotional learning – The university of Colorado Boulder (06/2023 - Present)
Develop an understanding of the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) for teachers, including the impact of teachers' own emotional well-being on their teaching practice and student outcomes.
Psychological First Aid – John Hopkin’s University (06/2023 - Present)
Explore the diversity of psychiatric disorders and their presentations across di??erent cultural contexts.
equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to provide immediate, compassionate, and practical support to individuals in crisis or experiencing emotional distress
Abnormal Pyschology Specialization course ( 3 courses ) - Wesleyan University (06/2023 - Present)
Acquire knowledge about the various diagnostic criteria and assessment methods used in the field of abnormal psychology.
Explore the current research and advancements in the treatment modalities for di??erent psychological disorders.
Study and analyze the major theories and models of abnormal psychology to develop a solid theoretical foundation.
Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, including psychologists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals, to provide comprehensive and integrated care for patients with abnormal psychological conditions.
Positive psychiatry and mental health - University of Sydney (2023 - Present)
emphasizes the promotion of mental well-being, resilience, and positive functioning, while also addressing mental health disorders through evidence-based interventions, fostering strengths, and enhancing overall psychological and emotional flourishing.
Exploring Depression - The open University (06/2023 - Present) Exploring in depth the Signs , symptoms and diagnosis and treatment of Depression
Psychology of domestic violence Certification Course - Udemy (2023 - Present)
? Teaching and Assessing clinical skills - The University of Michigan (06/2023 - Present)
Develop e??ective instructional techniques and strategies to teach clinical skills to medical students, including methods for demonstration, practice, and feedback
Gain proficiency in assessing and evaluating the clinical skills of medical students, utilizing objective criteria and performance-based assessments to provide constructive feedback and support their ongoing development
Staying Positive in the Face of Negativity- Project Management Institute (06/2023 - Present)
Certificate ID: afb2db5c4a18c6a77345e4829479c56cac5e29c03486f6f5296a769cdc330e1e
emphasizes the promotion of mental well-being, resilience, and positive functioning, while also addressing mental health disorders through evidence- based interventions
The Foundations of international Psychiatry – The University of Melbourne (06/2023 - Present)
Analyze the challenges and opportunities in providing mental health care in diverse international settings, considering ethical, legal, and resource-related considerations
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? Autism Spectrum Disorder in Early Childhood – Alison (06/2023 - Present)
Develop a comprehensive understanding of the core characteristics and diagnostic criteria of autism spectrum disorder in early childhood,
Gain knowledge of evidence-based interventions and strategies that can be e??ectively implemented to support the development, communication, social interaction, and overall well-being of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder during their early childhood years
Emotional abuse and what can you do - Certification Course - Udemy (2023 - Present) (06/2023 - Present)
Acquire practical skills and strategies to e??ectively identify, respond to, and support individuals who have experienced emotional abuse, including appropriate interventions, resources, and techniques for promoting healing and empowermentu
T.O.E.F.L Exam: 93/120 (02/2023 - Present)
Emirates Medical Residency Exam ( E.M.R.E.E ) - 76% (02/2023 - Present)
Approved Research Proposal by I.R.B on Prevalence of energy drinks and it’s e??ects on medical students in the University of Jordan
(10/2020 - Present)
Investigating the prevalence and e??ects of energy drinks specifically among medical students can provide valuable information for educational institutions in developing awareness campaigns, policies, and interventions tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of future healthcare professionals
Ø understanding the e??ects of energy drinks on medical students can help identify any negative consequences, such as increased stress levels, sleep disturbances, or potential impacts on academic performance, allowing for targeted interventions and support.
Evolving Heart attack care and response course – NIHS (2022 - Present)
comprehensive training on the latest advancements and protocols in the management and response to heart attacks.
PH555x: Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety – Harvard University (2023 - Present)
strategies and approaches to enhance the quality and safety of healthcare systems worldwide, with a focus on improving global health outcomes.
Providing Trauma – Informed Care – Certification course - Udemy (2023 - Present)
deliver compassionate and e??ective care to individuals who have experienced trauma, emphasizing trauma awareness, sensitivity, and evidence-based approaches to promote healing and resilience.
Healthcare Project Management - NASBA (06/2023 - Present)
develop the fundamental project management skills necessaruy to successfully plan, execute, and control healthcare projects
apply project management principles specifically within the healthcare industry
Diabetes - The essential facts - Københavns Universitet - University of Copenhagen (06/2023 - Present)
Wilderness First Aid - Medical Emergencies specialization – The University of Colorado (06/2023 - Present)
Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and provide initial medical care for common injuries and emergencies that may occur in remote and wilderness environments
Acquire the ability to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to stabilize and manage medical emergencies in outdoor settings, considering limited resources and the unique challenges of wilderness environments.
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The Basics of Trauma Surgery - Technische Universität München (Technical Universityin Munich ) (06/2023 - Present)
Develop proficiency in the evaluation and initial management of trauma patients, including resuscitation, wound management, fracture stabilization, and other essential surgical interventions commonly encountered in trauma cases.
Optogenetics for Inherited Retinal Diseases (07/2023 - Present) The Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
Promote Long-term Retinal Health
Restore Vision Function
Treating metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity with therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (07/2023 - Present)
The Postgraduate Institute for Medicine Improve Metabolic Health
Enhance Long-term Health Outcomes
StressPal Frontline: Essential Resilience SelfCare and Burnout Prevention (07/2023 - Present)
Enhance Self-Care Practices
Prevent Burnout in High-Stress Environments