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Khandaker Abdul Mubin

Candidate ID: 2516039

Career Summary

-B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc in Mathematics with 19 years experience in Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty functional area. -Teacher of Mathematics in International Baccalaureate Diploma and Middle years program at an IB world school.

Skill Set

mathematics, communication. coordination, teamwork, leadership, motivating others,.

Professional Information

Total Experience : 19

Nationality : Bangladesh

Qualification Level : Post Graduate

Job Function : Teaching / Education / Languages / Faculty

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

I am a teacher of Mathematics teaching IBMYP and IBDP (Application and Interpretation, Analysis and approaches) (higher and standard level) Mathematics at an international school in Bangladesh. I am currently teaching in an IB world school where I see myself as a facilitator where learners have active roles who enjoy learning. I am also heading the mathematics department where I collaborate and coordinate with my colleagues as I believe collegiality is the key to success. My enthusiasm and interest in learners' learning behaviour motivated me towards teaching. I found that young adults have got merit and it is the right guidance that could lead them towards achieving success. It has been an honour for me when a student at Pledge Harbor International School achieved the top mark in mathematics in IGCSE exam and was awarded by the British Council in the year 2016. Students in IBDP and IBMYP e-assessment Mathematics exams achieved very good grades.
In the U.K, I have taught adult literacy- numeracy, Functional Mathematics, Application of number and key skills (level1, 2); GCSE and students achieved good results in the exams. Students in key skills produced good portfolios. Students at GCSE achieved grades between A+ and C. I have taught students with mild to moderate learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, visual impairment, autism) and provided them 1 to 1 support. I believe that self-integrity and perseverance are the keys towards achieving success. I have Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Masters of Science (M.Sc) in Mathematics. Both of these qualifications have helped me significantly in teaching Mathematics home and abroad.
Furthermore. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies studied in the U.K. I have also acquired the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) teaching qualification with a good grade which will be helpful for me as a reflective practitioner in teaching profession.
In the classroom, I try to establish a good rapport with the students and identify their learning needs. This helps me manage my classroom more effectively. I make sure that classroom rules are followed strictly so that learners know what are expected of them. The lessons I deliver are learner centered where learners participate with enthusiasm and take responsibilities of their learning. The tasks are differentiated and set according to the needs of learners.
I have developed unit planners taking learners’ needs and the requirement of IB and local curriculum into consideration. In the school, I have developed curriculum mapping that showed the link between the assessment tasks, content and the statement of inquiry mentioned in the unit planners.
In the middle years programme, I have prepared the formative and criteria based summative tasks. I have made sure that, learners were familiar with criteria based tasks and provided them task specific clarifications for them to be enable to understand and complete the summative tasks. In addition, I have developed Inter disciplinary unit (IDU) in MYP and helped students with their personal projects as their supervisor. Students in personal projects achieved very good grades.
In Diploma Programme, I incorporated theory of knowledge, international mindedness, and leaner profile in mathematics lessons. Once I graded the summative and formative tasks and the term end exams, I posted these marks in managebac, write the subject specific and general comments in managebac as a homeroom teacher. I have found managebac very useful interface to record learners’ attendance, update unit planners, attach tasks, grade learners’ assessment and put the comments. During the pandemic, I have taught online lessons where I used online whiteboard, Desmos graphing and Ti-Nspire software calculator. I found theory of knowledge (TOK), as a core element, helps learners to broaden their knowledge and I have integrated TOK in math curriculum. As the Head of Mathematics, I coordinate with colleagues and organise departmental meetings to share practices, resources. In addition to the support provided to the learners in classroom, I arranged the preparatory study duties in the evening that were designed to cater meeting learners’ learning needs. I have always been respectful and committed to provide one to one support to exam candidates to strengthen their preparation for IB or Cambridge exams. As a musician, I have played very important role in organizing and participating in cultural programmes to mark the national and international events. I have helped the learners in organizing club activities, house assemblies, and annual sports.
I am well abreast of the development in education including the IB world. I have attended online, in-house and face to face IB workshops as continuous professional development.