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Himanshu Panchal

Candidate ID: 330138

Career Summary

Dear Sir, I have 27 Years experience in MEP-HVAC/PLUMBING/FF-Design, Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance which includes Oil and Gas, High Rise Buildings, Air Ports,Solar Plants(Electronic Industry),Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Pharmaceuticals, Operation Theater

Skill Set

HVAC Specialist

Professional Information

Total Experience : 27

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Engineering

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Curriculum Vitae
Name-Himanshu Panchal
Mobile No.+91-9987576113
C.V.- PMC-Lead HVAC Engineer/Specialist/Superintendent-Oil and Gas-Experience-20 Years-ON Shore-OFF Shore Plants
(HVAC-Experience in Oil and Gas Operating Companies as well EPC Companies)-Total HVAC Experience 27 Years

I have 20 Years of Experience (Total-27 Years) in HVAC/Plumbing–Oil and Gas(On Shore and Off Shore) for Plant and Infra Structure Projects in RCC as well Modular construction buildings-HVAC/Plumbing -FEED, Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance involved in right from Concept, detailed Engineering to Commissioning and hand over the HVAC Plant to the end user for Hazardous and Non Hazardous area in India, Qatar, U.A.E, Georgia, South Korea-Seoul, Kazakhstan, Kuwait for Field Developments-On Shore and Off Shor Green Field and Brown Field),LNG Plants, FPSO, Petro-Chemicals, Refinery, Pumping Stations.

Includes New HVAC System (Green Field) and Modification in existing (Brown Field) for Hazardous area (Zone-Temp-Atmospheric Gas Group Classification/Exd, Exn, Ext, Exi Electrical Equipment requirement suitability for the Haz. applications/Explosion/Flame proof Hazardous/IP Ratings and Non Hazardous area of applications.

I have worked in Oil and Gas Operating Companies(ADNOC-Qatar Petroleum, British Petroleum) as PMC-Senior HVAC Engineer as well in Oil and Gas EPC Companies(Senior HVAC Engineer)-Knows detailing of the HVAC System towards-FEED, Engineering, Fabrication, Construction and Commissioning of the HVAC System in Oil and Gas for the New as well Revamping/Up Grading the existing HVAC Facility can justify the role.
HVAC/Plumbing -FEED, Detailed Engg.-15 Years
HVAC-Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance-12 Years
PMC--10 Years in Oil and Gas Operating Companies

(A)Experience with EPC Companies-Senior HVAC/Plumbing Engineer
Worked in EPC Companies knowing all the related content of HVAC/Plumbing/FF Works-Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning of HVAC System. This includes,
? Heat Load Calculations-Carrier-HAP-Ver.-5.4,
? Calculation of the static pressure for chilled water pumps motor HP and Air Handling Unit fan Horse Power,
? Sizing of the Expansion tank Calculations, ,selection of the CHILLERS/ACCU, AHU’S, Chilled water pipes and Refrigerant copper pipes sizing, Duct/Grills sizing,
? HVAC-Instrumentation-Calculation of the HVAC-Instrumentation-Digital and Analogue Input/Out put points list as per approved Duct and Instrument Diagram for the HVAC-DDC/PLC- Control Panel Detailing. Instruments-Temperature Thermostat, Humidistat, Fire Dampers, Differential Pressure Switches, Local Control Centre(ON/OFF/AUTO) Selection switch, Switched Over- Generator Power/UPS/Battery Room, Fire and Gas/Smoke Dampers, Hydrocarbon/H2S detectors Inter Locks, Selection of the DDC/PLC Panel based on-Two# One Working and
One Stand by Processor, Relays, Earthing- DI/DO/AI/AO HMI/MIMIC Diagram Touch Screen Panel detailing etc.

HVAC Control Panel wiring to HVAC Equipment’s Electrical Panels, Field mounted selection switch(AUTO/OFF/MANUAL),
Earthing Grid, UPS System, Field Mounted Instruments, DCS/ICSS Notifications, Auto Generator Power switched on upon main power
failure, Interlock with Fire and Gas Panel.
Ensuring auto starting of the HVAC Standby system upon reduction of the Air Pressure, Increase in Temperature or any other Mechanical
or electrical failure in the running HVAC System.
Above HVAC-Instrumentation related details to be Informed/Coordinated with Discipline-Instrumentation
Automation Authority Discipline Concerns.
? HVAC-Electrical-Woking out the Electrical Power Input(IKW) for the HVAC-Electrical Equipment’s-Packaged Chillers/Dx. Condensing Units, Exhaust Fans, Battery Room Exhaust Fans, Air Handling Units, Heaters, Fresh Air Handling Unit, HVAC Control Panel(415 Volts)
Total Power Inputs(IKW Details) to HVAC System-3-Phase-4 Wire- 415 Volts/50 Hz. and 220-240 Volts(A.C.)/24 Volts (D.C.) 50 Hz. Power supply to field mounted Instruments details.

Electrical Power Out Put from HVAC Control Panel to Field installed-Thermostat, Humidistat, Motorised Dampers, Fire Dampers, Humidifiers, The decision towards HVAC System to be operated on Generator in case failure of the main power coordinated with Electrical /Process/Safety Authority.
Above HVAC-Electrical related details to be informed/coordinated with Discipline-Electrical Authority/Concerns.
? Preparation of Detailed HVAC-Duct works and Chilled water piping Lay outs, HVAC Plant room lay outs.
? Above HVAC-Electrical details to be informed/coordinated with Discipline-Electrical
? Duct and Instrumentation Diagram, Attending witnessing-FAT-Chillers, Condensing Units, AHU’S, Chilled Water Pumps.
? Arranging/Checking availability of the Material and Man Power, Crane, Pallet Jacks, Shackles, Lifting Hook, Fabricated Ducts, Fire dampers, Motorized Fire and Gas Dampers, Back Draft Damper, Chilled water Pipes, Copper pipes, Insulation, Material
? Take Off-MTO, BOQ, Technical Bid Analysis-TBE for ordering HVAC Equipment’s and Accessories, Data Sheets.
? Pressure Testing of chilled water-Balancing Chilled water/Refrigerant Pipes,
? Electrical Panels-Torque Test, Power/Control Wiring-Loop Test /Resistance checks/Continuity Checks. Testing Adjusting
? Balancing-TAB, Commissioning of the HVAC System.
? Organized site walk down, Preparation of Punch list, Mechanical completion check list/Related Documentation
? Testing Adjusting, Balancing-TAB, Commissioning of the HVAC System.
? HVAC Run/Performance Test(Summer and Winter).Compliance report as per approved project Documents.
? HVAC-Fire and Gas(H2S/Hydro Carbon)-The HVAC-Fire and Gas interlocks with HVAC Control Panel and Fire Alarm Panel for Fire, Smoke detection-the HVAC System required shut down through signal received from Fire Panel to HVAC Control Panel In case Hydro Carbon/H2s Detection-the HVAC System switched over to re circulation mode closing the motorized damper at fresh air inlet through signal received for Fire and Gas Panel to HVAC Control Panel.
Above HVAC-Instrumentation related details to be Informed/Coordinated with Discipline-Process Safety
Discipline Authority Concerns

(B)Experience with Oil and Gas Operating Companies(ADNOC-Qatar Petroleum,British Petroleum)-PMC-Lead HVAC/Plumbing Engineer-Worked for Oil and Gas Operating Companies PMC-Senior HVAC Engineer-from the HVAC Concept to the Commissioning of the HVAC System and Maintenance of HVAC System during warranty period,
? Review and Approval of EPC Contractor’s Engineering Technical Documents to the Project compliance for the Indoor air temperature, Relative Humidity and Inside air pressure requirements that fits most appropriate HVAC system(Drawings and Technical Documentations), ensuring Consultants and Contractor detailing are in line with Project requirement compliance with required codes and standards.
? Review and approves suitability of the HVAC Equipment’s/Electrical, Instrument’s based on Hazardous area(Based on Zone-Gas Group-Temperature)Ingress Protection(IP Rating) and Non Hazardous Area- Covers HVAC-FEED, HVAC Design Criteria, HVAC Specifications Compliance.
? Review and approves HVAC Drawings looking in to criteria such as Clashes with other disciplines-Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire Fighting ,Plumbing etc. Civil and Architectural details like Beam, False Ceiling, Column, Opening/Closing in the Walls.
? Coordination of the HVAC-Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire Safety scope details in Paragraph/Section (A) above
? Review and approves HVAC-Process and Instrumentation-P and ID/Duct and Instrumentation Diagram, above.
? Review and approves All the HVAC Interfaces/Inter locks-Fire and Gas, Smoke, Hydro Carbon,H2S Detectors(Fresh air/Exhaust air), Corrosion/Hydrogen (Battery Room) detectors, Fire Damper, Fire and Gas Dampers, Back Draft dampers, VCD’S for the HVAC Works.
? Review HVAC-ITP Plans/Checks documents(Support to QAQC), NCR, Preparing/Replying Site Query, raising Punch List, Vendors Co-Ordination during Commissioning, handing over of the HVAC System to client till completion of the one year warranty for the HVAC System.
? Review and approve -Technical Bid Analysis TBE-HVAC Equipment’s and Accessories
? Attending and Preparing report for the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the HVAC Equipment’s and Accessories.
? Review and approve HVAC Sub contractors document/BID
? Monitor the HVAC Installation in line with approved completion project scheduled
? Coordination with Suppliers, Sub contractor and Other discipline (Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, HSE, Plumbing and Drainage during HVAC System commissioning works.
? Coordination during preparation of HVAC System operation(Auto change over working and stand by Plant functioning of HVAC Control Panel as per approved Cause and Effect requirements) in compliance with Project requirements towards, Temprature, Air Pressure and Humidity, Automation and Interlocks, Site walk down, Punch list, Mechanical Completion, Site Acceptance Test(SAT) for summer and winter.
? Monitoring/Ensuring HVAC Plant hand over with Documentation and Approved /Red Mark up Drawings.
? Monitoring/Ensuring the HVAC Plant continues running without tripping during initial One Year warranty Period.
HVAC System/HVAC Control Panel-Interlocks-Configuration and Connectivity with other Disciplines(Fire and Gas, Smoke System, H2S/Hydro Carbon detection, DCS/SCADA System, Electrical, Instrumentation, UPS, Drainage, Emergency Generators
Experienced in HVAC Interlocks with other Disciplines involved-Fire/Smoke Sensors connected to Fire and Smoke Panel interlocked with HVAC Control Panel, H2S/Hydrocarbon sensors connected to Fire and Gas Panel Interlocked with HVAC Control Panel, DCS/HVAC Control Panel for sending data related to Temprature, Pressure and HVAC Running/Tripping of the system, Generator Emergency back up/Electrical Panel/HVAC Control Panel-Interlocks, Battery Back up for the HVAC Control Panel, UPS, Earthing, ELCB, HVAC Control Panel, Ladder Programmed-Up loading/Down Loading, Touch Screen Panel Page by Page set up for the HVAC Control Panel.

Name: Himanshu Panchal
Health: I possess a sound health and good physique.
Date Of Birth 12 December,1965
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Married
Passport Valid till 2030
Driver’s license Valid Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar driving license
Primary Language
English/Hindi Read, write and speak fluently
Nationality Indian

1.Qualifications and Membership
Highest Qualifications: Degree

Qualification Subjects Establishment/Country Year
Degree/Bachelor Of Engineering-Mechanical
Thermodynamics, Heating,
Ventilation and Air--Conditioning (HVAC),Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Strength Of Material, Metrology and Instrumentation. Indian Mumbai University 1989

(i)Bachelor of Engineering-Mechanical from Mumbai University with Grade ‘A’, having attestation from Secretary of State Maharashtra-University Of Mumbai, India, Ministry of foreign Affairs U.A.E. and Kuwait. Ministry of external affairs India/New Delhi.
-Society of Petroleum Engineers-UAE
-ISHRAE-Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers
-Institution Of Mechanical Engineers-U.K.-Applied.
2.Computer Skills and Software Used
Commercial-MS Word, Excel, ETAP, Power Plot.
CARRIER-HAP-5.4-Heat Load Calculation Hourly Analysis Programmed
HVAC Equipment’s selection-Chillers-AHU’S FCU’S-Dx./Chilled water coil selection-YORK International
3-D Modeling-Revit and Navis work
I have experience in working with following HVAC System,
?Window air conditioner
?Packaged units
?Split unit(Wall type, cassette type, Ceiling suspended, Central air handling Station Direct expansion system)
?Chilled water system/Direct Expansion System.(Dx.)/Forced Ventilation/Exhaust system
4.Codes and standards,
Mechanical-SMACNA, ASHRAE-62.1,Carrier Handbook,DW-144,BS-2989,-Fundamental and Application, ADNOC-SHELL-DEP’S- ISO-14161,Lower Explosion Limits, Exxon Mobil, Qatar Petroleum ARAMCO,IP, ISO, Ventilation (Fuel storage) NFPA 90A/30, Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, NFPA 90A/37, and NFPA 110,Living Qtrs-NORSOK-S-002-Working Envr,NORSOK-S-001-Tech. Safety, GOST and NIP Standards, SOLAS, ISO15138, ISO7547, ISO8861.
5.Training and Certification(On Shore/Off Shore)
1)Sea Survival Certificate (Valid)/Helicopter under water Escape Certificate(Valid)/ H2S/Breathing apparatus training certificate(Valid), for oil and Gas Industry safety requirement, off shore approved by Venture Gulf, Qatar Petroleum, MAERSK Oil, Exxon Mobil.
2) HVAC works for Laboratories, Switch gear rooms, Control Building at Blue Star Limited, Mumbai, India.
3) Study of Energy Conservation/Optimization techniques in HVAC conducted by Asian Institute of Technology. Mumbai.
4)Attended safety HSE courses conducted by British Petroleum, Georgia and pass necessary exams of HSE, Hazard identification (HAZID),
Hazard and Operability studies (HAZOP) as endorsed in British Petroleum HSE passport.
HSE Certification:
H2S/ PTW/HUET Competency Certification :Gulf Venture-Qatar
Leadership, Organization skills, Business and commercial awareness, Communication, Cultural awareness,, Judgment, Open mindedness, Self management, Strategy, Team working.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited-IOCL-PMC Lead HVAC Engineer-ON Shore-2021-2022
HVAC /Plumbing Works-Responsible for FEED, Detailed Engineering for the Sub Station, Control Building, Compressor House, Pump Room, Chemical Laboratory,
Dosing Building, Workshop and Ware House.
Type Of Buildings: Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House, Security Gate House Bldg, Battery Rooms, Sub Station, Control Building, Analyser Bldg.
Projects-Oil and Gas-Green Field Developments.

Kellogg, Brown and Root-KBR-UAE-2019-2021-PMC-Lead HVAC Engineer-Oil and Gas Projects-
RCC/Modular Construction Buildings for the Green/Brown field Development responsible for HVAC/Plumbing-FEED, Design, Detailed Engineering, Construction/Fabrication, Commissioning and Maintenance works(During Warranty).
Type Of Buildings:
Central Control Building-Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House Bldg.-Jetty Harbor Bldg.-Security Gate House Bldg.-Pump House Accommodation Building-Sub Station-Office Bldg.-Drilling Office-Clinic Bldg.-Kitchen and Laundry Bldg, Analyser House ,Battery Rooms.Sack Room Shale Shaker, Mud Pit, Diesel Engine, LCR-Local Control Room, LER-Local Equipment Room, Main Sub Station, Process Sub Station, MTR-Module Technical rooms, Wellhead and STP Building HVAC Works, CNIA Central Island, IFCC Electrical Sub Station, IFCC-Building, 132 KV Power Generator Building, Gas Compressor Sub Station.

Projects-Oil and Gas-Green Field and Brown Field Developments
BOC-Iraq-Basra Oil Company-Sour Gas Treatment Facility-SGTF/WELLPADS/Central Processing Facility-
CPF-2-On Shore. ADNOC-U.A.E.-Dalma Gas Development-Gas Processing and Compression units, power generation units, utilities and other associated infrastructure, includes three new well-head platforms, removal and replacement of an existing topside related HVAC Works.-On Shore and Off Shore.

PI Limited-Kuwait-2016-2018-HVAC Superintendent-(ON shore and Off Shore) HVAC/Plumbing- Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning, Maintenance of HVAC Project related to Project-having 3# Engineers,6# Supervisors, and 125#Trade People- Ductmen, Pipe Fitters, Welder, Millwright Fitters, Electricians, Helpers, DDC/PLC Programmers.

Punj Lloyd Ltd.-(On Shore)-Qatar-ON SHORE-2014-2016-PMC- HVAC/Plumbing Manager-On Shore-Oil and Gas Projects
responsible for HVAC-FEED, Detailed Engineering, Construction/Fabrication, Commissioning and Maintenance works having workforce 4# Sr. Engineers,8# Supervisors,3# HVAC Cad Person/Balance Trade People(250#)-Ductmen, Pipe Fitters, Welder, Millwright Fitters, Electricians, Helpers, DDC/PLC Programmers.
Type Of Buildings:
Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House, Security Gate House Bldg, Battery Rooms, Sub Station, Control Building, Analyser Bldg.

CH2MHILL/AMEC/JACOB-PMC-Senior HVAC Engineer-UAE/South Korea-2009-2014-RCC/Modular Construction Buildings)On-Off Shore Oil and Gas Projects for the Green field Development was responsible for HVAC-FEED, Detailed Engineering, Construction/Fabrication, Commissioning and Maintenance works(Both Plant and Infrastructure Projects)
Type Of Buildings: RCC/Modular Construction: ON Shore and Off Shore, Artificial Island, FPSO, Living Quaters
Central Control Building-Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House Bldg.-Jetty Harbor Bldg.-Security Gate House Bldg.-Pump House, Accommodation Building-Sub Station-Office Bldg.-Drilling Office-Clinic Bldg.-Kitchen and Laundry Bldg.
LCR-Local Control Room, LER-Local Equipment Room, Main Sub Station, Process Sub Station, MTR-Module Technical rooms, CNIA Central Island, FPSO, IFCC Electrical Sub Station, IFCC-Building, 132 KV Power Generator Building, Gas Compressor Sub Station, Analyser House,
Battery Room.
Sack Room-Shale Shaker, Mud Pit, Diesel Engine ,Central Control Building-Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House Bldg.-Jetty Harbor Bldg.-Security Gate House Bldg.-Pump House, Accommodation Building-Sub Station-Office Bldg.-Drilling Office-Clinic Bldg.-Kitchen and Laundry.
Projects-Oil and Gas Green Field Developments and Brown Field Modification:
On Shore-Green Field Developments-Shah-ASAB-Sahil-SAS-BAB-BQ-Qusahwira
Off Shore-Brown Field Modification and Development-UZ-750-SARB-4

Petrofac International/British Gas-Oil Gas-Fourth Train-Senior HVAC Engineer-ON SHORE-CIS Region-Kazakhstan-On Shore- 2008-2009-Stabilising and Sweetening Train Project-HVAC Works-Responsible for FEED, Detailed Engineering for the Sub Station, Control Building, Compressor House, Pump Room, Chemical Dosing Building, Workshop and Ware House.
Type Of Buildings:
Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House, Security Gate House Bldg, Battery Rooms, Sub Station, Control Building, Analyser Bldg.
Projects-Oil and Gas Green Field Developments.
Karachaganak Operating Company-KPO-Kazakhstan-Fourth Train-Stabilization and Sweetening LNG Project-Oil and Gas-On Shore

Qatar Petroleum-2006-2008-Middle East-ON SHORE--Sr. HVAC Engineer-Construction, Commissioning of the HVAC System for the Green Field and Brown Field Projects(Modification in existing HVAC System) containing Chilled water system and Direct expansion system, Packaged Chillers, Coqndensing units, Evaporating units, AHU’S, Fresh Air Handling unit(Twin Fan), Chilled water Pumps, Fan coil units Packaged units, Split units, Fire dampers, Back draft dampers, Motorized volume control dampers, Anti blast Valves/dampers, Pressure relief dampers, Humidity transmitters, Thermostat, Analyzer room specialized air conditioners, Relays, Temperature and Pressure transmitters, Humidifiers, Heaters, serving air conditioning need for Sub Station, Control
building, Pump room, Process interface buildings, Process management system.
Projects-Oil and Gas Green Field Developments:
Petro chemical products manufacturing Plant EPC Works and Maintenance-On Shore associated HVAC Works including Maintenance.

British Petroleum/Petrofac Int.-CIS Region-Georgia-ON SHORE-2003-2005-HVAC Engineer-BTC Pipeline Project-Georgia (British Petroleum Project)-Pumping Stations located at Baku-Chehan-Turkey-Responsible for HVAC Detailed Engineering, Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning, Maintenance of the HVAC facility for British Petroleum, Pumping Stations (Four Numbers) project in Georgia, Baku, Turkey and Chehan–BTC-Pipe line.

Type Of Buildings:
Laboratory Building-Work shop and Ware House, Security Gate House Bldg, Battery Rooms, Sub Station, Control Building, Analyser Bldg.
Projects: Oil and Gas-Pumping Station-4#
British Petroleum-BTC Pumping Stations/Pipeline-4# Pumping stations at Baku-Chehan-Turkey-Oil and Gas Pumping Stations

Blue Star Limited-: India-Worked as Assistant Manager HVAC–(1990-2003)-FEED, Concept and Detailed Design Engineering,
Construction and Maintenance.
HVAC Works for -Oil and Gas facility, Pharmaceutical, Clean Rooms,Semi Conductors, Synthetic Fibres, Hospitals, Airports/Aviation Industries-IAAI,-Air India/Indian Air Lines Terminal-I/II,Data Centers,High Rise Buildings, Hospitals in which all critical air parameters like Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure differential, Safety affects comforts of people and malfunctioning of various industrial equipment’s/components/material with respect to condition/quantity of air surroundings with time.
I was responsible for Design, Detailed Engineering Inspection, Construction Supervision, Testing & Commissioning of special HVAC projects related to Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and Gas, Power plants with HVAC-chilled water and Direct expansion system of air conditioning, occasionally chilled brine system of HVAC to cover low temperature and low relative humidity. Also worked on air washer system for forced ventilation which is widely used in power plants.
Objectives achieved,
-Feed-Concept of HVAC system Design and Detailed Engineering.
-Heat load calculations with Carrier USA Corporation Software
-Pressure drop calculations in Chilled water pumps for working out motor Horse power to over come friction loss in pipes, Valves, Elbows, “T”s,
Coils, Heat exchangers.
-Pressure drop calculation to work out pressure loss of air friction in Ducts, Filters(Pre and Bag),Dampers, Eliminators, Elbows, Chilled water/Dx. coils, Sound attenuators, Supply/Return air Grills/Diffusers finally to arrive at motor horse power for Air Handling units/Fan coil units.
-Preparation of Process and Instrumentation diagrams for HVAC System.
-Estimation of HVAC System/Preparation of Bill of Quantity/Material take off/HVAC Equipment’s selection.
-Preparation of Project/Product specification.
Technical specification/Bid/Process and instrumentation diagrams, and Techno-Commercial Evaluation Checking various design data Of Supplier/Vendor/Consultant critical for HVAC functioning- Heat Load CalculationsHAP-4.4-Carrier Corp. U.S.A-Temperature and relative humidity subject to application requirements. Number of fresh air based on ASHRAE-on shore /off shore standard application guide lines, positive /pressure differential to be maintain.-Sensible load-Latent Load/ADP Temperature-Dehumidified CFM & Fresh Air CFM-Tons of Refrigeration Sensible Heating required to maintain desired sensible heat factor to avoid condensation.-Plotting on Psychometric chart, Selection of Refrigerant(R-407C/R-410A/R-134A/R123)Sizing of chilled water and refrigerant pipes based on velocity friction consideration, Pressure drop calculation for chilled water in pipes, in closed chilled water system for selecting pump head. Internal and External static Pressure drop calculation for the equipment’s and connected Plenum/Ducts in order to arrive total static pressure hence BHP of the equipment required. Central toilet/kitchen, Battery room, Fuel storage tank ventilation/exhaust system air changes and pressure drop.
Design, Engineering, Inspection, Construction Supervision Testing and Commissioning HVAC System Systems for -following Projects Completed Successfully,
-HVAC works for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, 75T.R. x 2 Nos. Air cooled Central Direct expansion air conditioning system involving, Air cooled chillers, Double deck air handling units, Variable speed chilled water pumps, Chilled water piping, MCCB/MCB/PCB/ELCB with Automatic expansion tank, Dosing pot Electrical wired to DCS for alarms on equipment run hours, TRIP/FAULT/RESET was working as lead HVAC Engineer
- Air Conditioning facility for Thane Municipal Hospital involving Operation theater with 100 % treated air facility without recirculation of air. The temperature was maintained at 21 Deg. Centigrade and controlled Relative Humidity 50%.The positive pressure were maintained inside operation theater and filtration level was 99.99% down to 0.3 microns (HEPA Filters) .The water cooled condenser chilled water system system with air handling unit were having Chilled water coil back to back Direct expansion coil this coil is connected to condensing units located on the roof. In emergency in case chilled water system trips or fails, the stand by Direct expansion system will start, hence during critical time HVAC facility will not get effected.

A)HVAC-Chilled water system-Commissioning-Entire chilled water pipes are clean flushed for 2-3- hours with plane water with the help of pump, to remove foreign particles, dust debris formed during welding(Pipes).First chemical is added- DEARBONE in to the closed chilled water pipe loop, system pressure is increased to 2-3 BAR with hand pump, run the system for 10-12 hours with continues water circulation with pump as desired by the consultant. Flush entire system, add chemicals(cleaning),inside water circulation check water sample in laboratory for PH value should be between 7-8.Seprate temporary Pump, Butterfly valve funnel assembly is made for this purpose. During flushing care should be taken that water should not enter chilled water coil in order to prevent any damage to coil. Check alignment of pulley for AHU Blower, fixing of Pre and Bag filters, Temperature and RH measurement , CFM fresh/recirculation air measurement etc.
Organize site visits when required, Site walk down, Preparing Punch list/Check list-Preparation of Mechanical Completion Packaged-MCP Documentation-HVAC System Commissioning, HVAC Run/Performance Test (Summer/Winter)/Compliance Report as per Client Documents requirements/System Hand Over/Client HVAC hand over.

B)Commissioning of Direct Expansion HVAC System: Fixing of the filters, Checking thermostat functioning on FAN-COOL -HEAT Mode, Leak test with nitrogen(Halide torch/electronic leak detector/soap solution),.Dehydration and Vaccumisation, Charging oil for compressor, charging with refrigerant-R-407C,Adjusting suction and discharge pressure, Checking various parameter inside conditioned room, Air off temperature from coil, Setting HP/LP Cut outs, Return/fresh air mixture temperature on coil, Checking inside temperature/Relative humidity, cool down time.

Preparation, Checking ,Evaluating, Approving of Project/Product specification, keeping in mind industrial norms and project requirements towards Process and Instrumentation diagrams for HVAC System, Material take off, HVAC Equipments selection, Evaluation of HVAC Vendor/HVAC Contractors, Preparation of workshop drawings with CAD
person, Location of thermostat, humidistat pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter to hook up same with PLC further to DCS for generating alarms on FAULTS /TRIP/RESET/RUN HOUR check for HVAC Equipment’s.
Control logic for HVAC system to feed in to PLC (Further to DCS alarms) for effective and safer sequence of operation of HVAC System on detection of fire, smoke and gas.
The system logic need be set in such a way that all the critical equipment’s, components like PLC, Motorized damper, Pressure and Temperature transmitters running on 24 Volts AC Supply will switch over to Generator/UPS/Battery mode in case of main power from Electricity supply board fails. Few important air handling units are also covered to switch over to Generator mode in case of main power fails.
Dealing with Client, Supervising discipline Engineers, designers, CAD person, various agencies ,Approval/Clearance from consultant/Area authority. Supervise various agencies/Contractors involved. Manpower requirements on installation, Testing, Commissioning front in relation to project completion time/Cost concerns. Supervising interfacing/hook up for HVAC system with major Contractors/Agencies Working , Testing Adjusting and Balancing of the HVAC System.