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Mohammad Abdul Qayyum

Candidate ID: 385461

Career Summary

A well-seasoned, all round Mechanical Engineer with overall 12 Year of good experience in the field High Rise Building and Other Mixed type used buildings of MEP Construction Projects with a good knowledge in all Mechanical system (HVAC-Plumbing-Fire Protection, Irrigation System),

Skill Set


Professional Information

Total Experience : 12

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Engineering

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile


Contact No:

Date of Birth:19-Oct-1985

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU

Total Experience: 12 Years.
Saudi Arabia:9.10 Years
Dubai:1.2 Years
India:1.2 years

Personal Data:
Passport No: R2444186
Iqama No:2374835391
Iqama Type: Transferable

Registered Member of
Saudi Council Of Engineers

Marital Status: Married.

• English
• Hindi
• Urdu
• Arabic
Mohammad Abdul Qayyum
Senior Mechanical Engineer


Seeking a challenging carrier in a progressive environment where learning, innovation and creativity are encouraged, where my skills and knowledge can be enhanced to their maximum potential to contribute to the overall success and growth to the organization.


A well-seasoned, all round Mechanical Engineer with overall 12 Year of good experience in the field High Rise Building and Other Mixed type used buildings of MEP Construction Projects with a good knowledge in all Mechanical system (HVAC-Plumbing-Fire Protection, Irrigation System),
Expertise in Project Engineer, Site Engineer, Mechanical Inspector, MEP Coordinator and Mechanical Design Engineer.
Worked in Dubai for Project (Dubai Cricket Stadium) in Saudi Arabia (PNU, KSU, SADARA, KAP4, KAFD).

• Team Leadership and Project Management.
• Problem Solving Ability on Site.
• Making Quality of Work on Site.
• Project Management.
• Willingness to learn new things.
• Heat Load Calculation (HAP 5.0)
• Design review of all MEP Services.
• AutoCAD, BIM Revit, Elite
• Familiar with Codes and Standards like ASHRAE, SMACNA, NPFA, IPC, SBC, UPC etc.

Year Designation Company Country
2019-To Date Project Mech
Engineer PARSONS Saudi Arabia
2014-2019 Mechanical Engineer PROGER S.P.A Saudi Arabia
2010-2014 Mechanical Engineer Hamad Ali Al Alawi Electromechanical Saudi Arabia
2008-2009 Mechanical Engineer Ramtech Software
Solutions Pvt.Ltd UAE
2007-2008 HVAC Design Engr Superior Technologies INDIA


1. Working as a Project Mechanical Engineer in PARSONS (SAPL) Riyadh (K.S.A) since June 2019 till Present.
• Client: PIF
Project: KAFD
Contractors: AL LATIFIA
Building Category: High Rise Building Area 4
Assigned as a Project Mechanical Engineer for KAFD (King Abdullah Financial District) in Riyadh for all Mechanical Systems.
? Responsible for making sure that project activities get completed on time.
? Responsible for quality assurance of the project.
? Cooperate and communicate effectively with Construction manager and other project participants to provide assistance and technical support.
? Monitoring Safe and clean working environment by enforcing HSE rules and regulations.
? Holding preconstruction meeting with contractors and sub-contractors for pre-planning, Equipment’s requirements and HSE requirements to avoid any delay of work on site
? Monitoring project progress, coordinating activities and resolving problems.
? Verifying NCRs and Site Instruction reports.
? Checking Dilapidation report and verifying on site.
? Coordinating with Testing and Commissioning team and Contractors for pre commissioning and flushing of the system.
? Checking WIR and MIR on site.

2. Worked as a Mechanical Engineer (Site Engineer and Technical Engineer) in Consultant PROGER S.P.A ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT (J/V) ITALCONSULT in Riyadh (K.S.A) since September 2014 till June 2019.
• Client: Ministry of Interior (MOI)
Project: KAP4
Contractors: RTCC and ACC
Building Category: General Directorates, Dormitories, Civil Defense High Rise building, Sport Training Centers, Admin Investigation and Technical Affair
Assigned as a Mechanical Site Engineer for Sites General Directorate of Civil Defense and Dormitories in Riyadh for all Mechanical Systems of the KAP4 Projects.
? Responsible for supervising the execution and monitoring of all mechanical related works for internal and external services of the building i.e. for HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting and Irrigation Network at site as per approved drawings, methods statements and safety rules.

? Responsible for checking the execution of work and inspection of RFI for all MEP services as per approved method of statements and standards.
? Responsible for checking all the material receiving (MIR) and installing on site should be as per approved material submittal and specifications.
? Responsible for checking the installation of Materials like Chillers, Air Handling Units (AHU), Fan Coil units (FCU), Package Units, Pumps (Fire Pumps, Chilled Water Pumps, Domestic Pumps), Expansion Tanks, Air Separator, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Dx-Split Units, Water Heaters, Valves.
? Assist the Contractor to carry out work on site with QA/QC Plan and procedures and report any deviation to the Area Manger/Construction Manager.
? Participate in site coordination meetings with contractor to solve the site issues by coordinating with other service departments like Arch, Structure, and Electrical etc.
? Providing Site instructions and NCRs if the work done on the site is not as per approved material and method of statements.
? Provide technical support and assessments of variation and claims when raised by contractor.
? Responsible to implement all aspects of the quality management systems and control site supervision activities provision related to the Mechanical Works across the projects, to deliver quality installations in accordance with the contract documents, relevant international standards.
? Synergize with the project commissioning team to ensure that all projects are meticulously commissioned to deliver world class standards of quality.
? Checking the IPC (Interim Payment Certificate) along with BOQ raised by the contractor, So that it should matched with the approved RFI and Material
? Responsible to Ensure that Contractor adhere to HSE regulation on the assigned project.
? Maintaining and controlling project records such as Daily RFI/MIR Logs, Weekly meeting logs etc.

Assigned as a Technical Engineer in the Technical Department of the Company Head Office in Riyadh and performing the design of Mechanical System of the KAP4 Projects.
? Design reviews of all Mechanical Works for HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection as per approved calculations and Contract drawings.
? Review Materials for HVAC, Plumbing and Firefighting like Chillers, AHUs, FCUs, Dx-Units, Expansion tank, Pumps, Fans, VAVs, CRAHU, Package Units, Ducts, Ducts accessories, Air outlet selections, Pipes, Sprinklers, Valves, Floor Drains, Fire Hydrant, Fire Hose Cabinet, Fire Extinguishers etc.,.
? Design review Complete Firefighting system (Wet sprinkler system, Dry sprinkler system), Fire suppression system like NOVEC 1230, CO2.
? Design review complete plumbing system including Sanitary waste, Vent Storm, Domestic water distribution system as per IPC Codes.
? Design review complete HVAC drawings (Duct sizing, Chilled water Pipe Sizing as per ASHRAE) and Heat Load calculations with HAP 5.0 Software. Effectively communicate and co-ordinate between all mechanical team members and all other disciplines, to ensue mutual awareness of requirement and sharing of information and common resources.
? Doing Value-Engineering to reach clients requirements and getting the best system.
? Provide technical support to site works if there is any clarification in accordance to project requirement.
? Reviewing of Operation and Maintenance(O&M) manual and Testing and Commissioning format (Check list Form and Functional Form)
? Review Pump head Calculation, ESP Calculation, Air Balancing and Equipment Schedule as per Manufacture Data Sheet, Noise criteria (NC).

3. Worked as a Mechanical Engineer in HAPCO (Hamad Ali Al Alawi Electromechanical Company) in Riyadh (K.S.A) from Feb 2010 Till July-2014.
• Project: SADARA
Consultant: TECHNIMONT
? Study the Design Drawings, Shop Drawings, Schedule of Equipment’s, Project Specifications and raising RFI (Request for Information) to the consultant for Technical details and Clarifications.
? Execution of HVAC (Ducting and Chilled water pipes and Equipment’s), Fire Fighting and Plumbing works as per approved Shop Drawings, Method of Statements, Specifications, Standards and Codes.
? Prepare technical proposal to the supervisor to execute the work effectively at site.
? Rising RFI’s for executed work of HVAC Ducting & Chilled water piping, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, when advised by construction in charge/site supervisors.
? Ensuring that inspections are carried out in time and quality of installation and delivered materials is maintained as per the relevant specification /standards as well as relevant local authority regulations requirements
? Preparing Inspection Test Plan (ITPs) by discussing with team.
? Issuing NCRs if the site work is not as per approved method of statement and approved materials.
? Coordinate with the construction manager, project manager and sub-contractors for the inspection of all respective systems.
? Maintain inspection and testing records.
? To ensure that all site works are done accordingly to all applicable standards.
? Making Quantity take offs for Mechanical and Plumbing Services.
? Review all drawings as per Issued for Construction, making the necessary modifications and submit to the consultant for approval.
? Monitors the quality of work performance by contractors and the quality of materials used on site.
? Preparing MEP Coordination drawing with other trades and attending the meetings with the concerned engineers to make the necessary modifications and resubmit the drawings for approval to consultant.
? Duct sizing for HVAC systems using velocity method or Equal Friction for duct design layout as per SMACNA.
? Pipe size calculation for chilled and hot water pipes.
? Calculate Pump Head Calculation and External Static Pressure (ESP) Calculation.

4. Worked as Mechanical Engineer Under BRAYAN ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORK L.L.C DUBAI from Feb 2008 Till July 2009 (C/O RAMTECH SOFTWARE SOLUTION PVT LTD).
Consultant: SKM (Sinclair Knight Merz) Australia
? Preparing of schematic drawings for ducting and piping.
? Making MEP Shop drawings using Xref files & reviewing of architecture and structural drawings to update the related Shop Drawings.
? Preparing of Builders works drawings in accordance with the consultant drawings & site requirement.
? Making plan and sectional drawing of HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting, Electrical Cable trays and getting approval from consultant.
? Modifying the drawing as per revision based on Architectural, Structural and Mechanical drawings.
? Preparation of equipment/Grille schedule.
? Responsible for making complete co-ordination drawings with all Plumbing, Firefighting, HVAC and Electrical Cable Trays.
? Preparation of Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP) drawing by co-coordinating with other services like PAVA/Diffusers and Grills /Fire Alarm/Fire Fighting System/CCTV/Access Control/Access Panels/Lighting/EIB (European Installation Bus).
5. Worked as a HVAC Design Engineer in SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD HYDERABAD INDIA Done Project on Venenburg IT Park from June 2007 till Dec 2007.
? Calculating heat loads in accordance with BLOCK LOAD & E20-II form as per ASHRAE Standard.
? Selecting desirable machines for required zones by taking required values from the catalogue.
? Calculating the Pump head, External Static pressure (ESP).
? Selecting the chillers.
? Pipe sizing of chilled water pipes for roof riser and floors.