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Satish Ekbote

Candidate ID: 501102

Career Summary

Mr. Satish Ekbote is a Graduate Civil Engineer has19 years of experience in construction supervision of Road & causeway projects especially in bridges and drainage structures. Experienced in project management of offshore and onshore projects. Bridge Engineer, Section Engineer, Construction Manager

Skill Set

Construction supervision of Bridges, Bridge engineer, Resident engineer, Field engineer

Professional Information

Total Experience : 19

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Engineering Graduates/PG

Job Function : Site Engineering / Projects

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

Proposed position : CIVIL ENGINEER/MANAGER/Bridge Engineer/Site Inspector Satish Ekbote
Bridge Engineer/ Manager

Hubli-Dharwad, KA 580021

+91 9535097355 240312143029/726r

As an accomplished Civil Engineer with over two decades of experience. Specialized in construction supervision for various types of infrastructure projects including Roads, Infrastructure and Causeways. Extensive work history includes managing National Highways, State Highways, Interchanges, Flyover bridges, ROBs, and Underpasses, utility structures, both nationally and internationally. With a strong track record of success in overseeing complex projects, Well-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise in the field of construction.

Structural Inspection

Construction management Expertise in [Software] AutoCAD Software
Cost Estimation
Safety Planning

Construction supervision of major bridges, ROB, Flyover bridges, Underpasses, reinforced concrete box culverts, pipe culverts, utility structures & erosion
Overseeing the execution of the works to ensure adherence to the approved design, shop drawings, specifications, contract terms, and sound engineering principles.
Design Review of the working drawings
Resolving technical problems on site, issuing of site instructions.
Checking reinforcement, formwork, and piling operations, supervising cable profiling, pre- stressing, and grouting activities.
Calculation of work quantities for billing according to BOQ. Prepare weekly & monthly progress report of the works.
Supervise manpower on site and check material and equipments used for construction. Finalize the location and type of drainage structures as per Topographical data, site conditions and discharge calculations.
Improved bridge safety by conducting thorough structural inspections and assessments. Provide environmental, social, health and safety.
Prepare project completion report) Supervise maintenance activities during defects liability period.
Reduced construction costs by optimizing material usage and implementing innovative design solutions.
Achieved timely project completion by diligently monitoring progress and addressing any issues promptly

Work History
2021-09 - 2023-10 Bridge Engineer
Pan Arab Consulting Engineers (PACE), Tanzania, Africa
Consultancy services for construction supervision of Dodoma city outer ring road (112.3km) construction project, LOT2: Ihumwa Dry Port - Matumbulu - Nala (60.0km)/Client: Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)/ Cost: TSHS 120,860,638,209
Primary characteristics of project include 7.0m x 2 dual carriageway spanning 60km, 12.0m median, and 2.5m x 2 cycleway/walkways, resulting in total road width of 32.6m.
Project encompasses minor bridges, ROB, box culverts, pipe culverts, utilities, and water storage tanks.
Bridge substructure is supported by bored cast in situ pile foundations, while superstructure is composed of simply supported cast-in-situ I girders and deck slab.
Additionally, project features both single cell and multi-cell box culverts to facilitate efficient water flow and drainage.
Supervisor's responsibilities include reviewing designs and drawings, determining location of structures based on topographical data, drainage calculations, and site conditions, supervising construction of major bridges, ROB, and box culverts in accordance with working shop drawings and specifications, as well as quantity calculation and billing.
2018-11 - 2021-05 Structural Engineer
SATRA Infrastructure Management, Dholera, India
Design and construction of roads and services of activation area in Dholera special investment region area Dholera/ Client: Dholera Industrial City Development Limited, Cost: INR 7800 Crores
The primary components of the project include the development of roads (2, 4, and 6 lanes) featuring multi-cell box bridges supported by open raft foundations, box culverts, sewer and stormwater box drains, box power ducts, elevated service reservoirs (ESR) with cast-in-situ bored pile foundations, and various other utilities.
As part of duties, supervisor is responsible for reviewing designs and drawings, overseeing construction of major bridges, box culverts, elevated service reservoirs and other structures according to working shop drawings and specifications.
2017-07 - 2018-09 Bridge Engineer
Pan Arab Consulting Engineers (PACE), Sudan,Africa
Toker – Garora Road Project, Project cost (USD 1.2 Billions,/Client: National Highway Authority, Ministry of Roads & Bridges/Eastern Sudan reconstruction & Development Fund (ESRDF), Cost: USD 1.2 Billions/ Total Road length is 179.8km & consists of construction of new 2 lane carriage way.
Bridge constructions under supervision vary in design and structure. For instance, one bridge has a length of 225m with 9 spans of 25m each, supported by pile foundations at 7 locations and open raft foundations at 3 locations. Superstructure is made up of Cast-in-situ RCC T girders and a deck slab. Another bridge, with length of 125m, consists of 5 spans of 25m each, supported by spread footings. Superstructure are similar to first bridge, with precast post- tensioned I girders being used. Additionally, there are bridges of lengths 60m, 45m, and 125m in project, along with 73 box culverts and 398 pipe culverts.
As part of duties, supervisor is responsible for reviewing designs and drawings, overseeing construction of major bridges, box culverts, pipe culverts according to working shop drawings and specifications, reviewing the work program, quantity calculation and billing.
2014-10 - 2017-05 Bridge Engineer
Dar Al-Handasah, Kuwait

Kuwait's Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway,/ Client: Ministry of Public Works (Kuwait)/ Dar Al- Handasah/ Cost: USD 2.5Billions
Primary features of main project include total bridge length of 37.5 km, with 27 km of that length spanning over sea. Each span measures 60m, with a total of 1186 spans in place for this 6-lane causeway bridge project. Structure is of simply supported type, utilizing mono cast-in- situ bored piles for foundation and precast post-tensioned box girders for superstructure. Top slab width of box girders, including crash barriers, is 17m, with height of 3.52m. Precast post- tensioned box girders are launched using incremental launching gantry.
Duties for this project involve supervising construction of bored cast-in-situ piles, piers, PC houses, and pedestals, as well as overseeing installation of bearings and launching of precast post-tensioned box girders. Additionally, responsibilities include supervising casting of box girders in casting yard, steel fabrication of various components, and repair works of RCC girders and PC houses.

2010-03 - 2014-07 Asst Bridge Engineer
EGIS INDIA Consulting Engineers, Ahmedabad, India
Construction of additional two lanes for Ahmedabad – Viramgam – Maliya section from Km.11.50 to Km.195.06 of SH- 07 and make it Four Lane Divided Carriage Facility under Viability Gap Funding scheme of Government of India on BOT basis / Client: GSRDC/ Cost : INR 1015.36Cr
The bridges under supervision include a bridge with a length of 580m and a span arrangement of 19X30+1X10m. This particular bridge has an open foundation. Another bridge with a length of 540m utilizes a pile foundation with an average depth of 22m and a diameter of 1.2m for each pile. Both bridges make use of precast post-tensioned I girders. Additionally, rehabilitation and repair works have been conducted on an existing 2-lane bridge with the same specifications.
The ROB (Road Over Bridge) has a total structure length of 63m and a span arrangement of 1x19m+1x31m+1x13m. It also employs a pile foundation with the bored cast in situ method, with an average depth of 20m and a diameter of 1.2m. Structural steel I girders are utilized for the 19m and 31m lengths. POT/PTFE bearings are used beneath the steel girders. Furthermore, there are also minor bridges, box culverts, and pipe culverts.
As part of duties, supervisor is responsible for reviewing designs and drawings, overseeing construction of major bridges, ROB, and box culverts according to working shop drawings and specifications.
2009-02 - 2010-03 Asst Bridge Engineer
Artefact Projects Ltd, Jhansi, India
Rehabilitation and Upgrade to four lane of Jhansi – Lalitpur section from km 49.700 to km
99.005 of NH-26 in state of Utter Pradesh.(Package No NSI/BOT/IC/UP-3 (Client; NHAI),/ Client: NHAI, Cost: INR1020 crores
There are two significant bridges in this project, one with total length of 608 meters and span arrangement of 19X32 meters. It features open foundation raft, post-tensioned I-section girders. Second major bridge has total length of 140 meters with span arrangement of 4 X 35 meters, open foundation raft, post-tensioned I-section girders. Additionally, project includes 10 minor bridges, 71 box culverts, and 7 underpasses. Rehabilitation and repair works were carried out on existing 2-lane major bridge with total length of 608 meters and span arrangement of 19X32 meters.
Scope of work involved reviewing designs, supervising construction activities for bridges and culverts, including reinforcement, formwork, foundation layout, concrete casting, pre- stressing, grouting activities, and ensuring quality control during construction.
2006-03 - 2009-01 Bridge Engineer
S.N. Bhobe & Associates TPF Group, Bangalore, India
Yeswantpur Flyover Project, commissioned by Bangalore Development Authority, involves construction of flyover with total length of 348.75m and 4 lanes. Bridge portion spans 205m,

with top width of 17m. Project utilizes Bored Cast in-Situ pile foundation. Superstructure consists of Cast in situ Post Tensioned Deck slab with length of 205m. Bearings used are POT-PTFE. Project aims to improve traffic flow and connectivity in area.
On the other hand, the Grade Interchange Flyover project, managed by the KRDCL spans total length of 1113.70m. Structure comprises four loops, with substructure is open raft foundation & superstructure featuring a Cast-in-situ Post Tensioned Box Girder. The project also includes arch suspension bridge with structural steel portion consisting of curved slab of span 52m, curved length 82m and width 8m. It has two steel box beams and I section girders and the whole structure is supported by arched steel structure of ht of 31.5m from road level with a high tensile suspended cables
Responsibilities associated with these projects include supervising construction activities of bridges and other structures, aligning structural members with quality assurance.
2003-09 - 2006-03 Assistant Engineer
Afcons Infrastructures Ltd, Hubli, India
Four laning of NH4 from Km.340 to Km 404 at Haveri - Hubli Section Package I in state of Karnataka, /Client: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI),INR 300 Crores
The project includes significant bridges, small bridges, culverts, and utility structures. The scope of the project involved overseeing the construction activities of these structures, including aligning structural members, inspecting formwork and reinforcement according to shop drawings, supervising concrete pouring, cable installation, pre-stressing, grouting, and ensuring quality assurance measures are met.

2003-08 Bachelor of Engineering: Civil Engineering
S D M College of Engineering & Technology - Dharwad, India

Engineers Registration Board (Tanzania), TPEng no. 2793 The Institution of Engineers (India), 2021/ M-1725712
Sr. A.M. ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2018/10947859 Member, Indian Concrete Institute, 2017/ LM-11928
Member, Indian Road congress, 2011/ LM-37803

English Hindi Marathi

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 16/09/1972 Nationality: Indian
Marital Status: Married Gender: Male
Passport: Z7595609 Other: Passport Expiry : 09/11/2033