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sheik sulaiman

Candidate ID: 848358

Career Summary

Post Graduate with 12 years experience power and desalination plant chemist

Skill Set


Professional Information

Total Experience : 12

Nationality : India

Qualification Level : Post Graduate

Job Function : Energy /Nuclear /Solar /Power/ Other Energy

Work Location Preference : Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE

Detailed Profile

1) Different kinds of water like sea water, Boiler water, Potable water, cooling water (CCW), DM water and fuel oil like HFO, crude oil, lube oil and Transformer oil analysed with various parameters in the chemical lab.
Coal analysis as per IS: 1350(Part IV/Sec-1)-1994 and ASTM Methods
2) Commissioning & operationof13MLDcapacityofDesalinationplant
3) PLC/Scada operation of the plant. (DM Water, Desalinated Water, potable water, ecp and cpu.
4) Operation and maintenance of water treatment plant
5) Commissioning & Operation ECP (Electro chlorination plant 3*60 m3/hr)
6) Commissioning& Operation CPU (Condensate polishing unit 1614 m3/hr)
7) RO membrane cleaning for scaling, fouling, and pressure reduction
8) Regeneration of MB
9) Pre-treatment sea water
10) Calibration of laboratory equipment
11) Boiler and cooling water treatment
12) Effluent water treatment,
13) Involving erection and commissioning of water treatment plant, boiler,ecp and cpu
14) Preparation of reports and chemical stock maintain and maintain documents
15) Handling of water analysis and coal proximate analysis laboratory equipment
16) Analysis of water samples like Ca,Mg,TH,TSS,SO4,Si,PO4,Na,K, Fe,BOD,DO,COD, etc…Estimation of pH, conductivity, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Sodium, potassium, Ca2+, Mg2+, Residual chlorine, Chloride, Fluoride, Total iron, Copper.
17) Phosphate, Chloride, SiO2, Copper & Iron in Boiler water system
Carried out internal inspection of Boiler drum, MSF evaporators
18) Prepared all kind of Log Sheet to Maintaining data for Process control and Co-ordinate with Chemist, Manager and Operation.
19) Independent judgment taken based on the all analysis results and comparing with standards expected. Daily review of log-sheets for important parameters, as well as interaction with Operations personnel.